Weekly Run Down for 2.12.23-2.25.23: Not How It Was Supposed To Be

My vacation to Florida has come and gone.

It started out so well but quickly went downhill.

Other than my lack of running, in addition to my regular job, I worked as technical support to the NYS Bar Exam takers this past week.

Two Weeks Ago:

  • Sunday – After an early morning flight to Ft Lauderdale, FL, I rented a car and drove to Boca Raton to stay with my college roommate.

The weather was beautiful so we spent the day wandering around some trails at Loxahatchee..

the most exciting part was the huge alligator we spotted

Then we went out for a delicious seafood dinner.

Afterward, we returned home in time to catch the Super Bowl.

  • Monday – Of course, my first goal of the trip was to run at sunrise with a view of the ocean. And I did.

After I ran along the ocean, I finished my run in this park.

It was still early so I took advantage of my free time and visited two local nature preserves.

not much wildlife but very scenic and peaceful.

The weather was cool (for Florida but warm for a NYer) and sunny so we spent the afternoon at South Boca Beach

blue skies and sunshine ❤

Afterward we enjoyed another nice relaxing dinner out.

  • Tuesday – Again I decided to get up early to see the sunrise.

I chose a different beach than the day before and parked far away so that afterward I could run back to my car.

On the way to the beach, I tripped on a curb, went down in pain.

I did watch the sunrise but had to walk back to my car on a foot that was most likely broken.

Now what to do?

There were several options but I felt that although running and hiking were out, I could stay in Florida and try to enjoy myself rather than immediately returning home.

My roommate and I decided to go to a different beach (Deerfield Beach) where I had to do minimal walking.

It was a beautiful day but my mind was elsewhere. However, I did meet a lovely lady who invited me to Houston to run a race there.

the bottom pic is from dinner the night before LOL

My next stop was an hour drive north to Hobe Sound to stay with a friend who had recently lost her husband.

She was as gimpy as me since she was recovering from Achilles surgery.

We enjoyed a peaceful dinner at her home and then watched some TV and chatted.

  • Wednesday – Obviously running was out of question. I was even too depressed to go see the ocean sunrise.

We did eventually go for a drive and sat by Jupiter Island Beach followed by a delicious late lunch in Stuart

and ice cream for dinner!!!

  • Thursday – In the morning, I packed up and drove back south to Delray Beach to stay with a friend.

We spent several hours at the pool where we had lunch and soaked up some needed Vitamin D.

Afterward, she was nice enough to get a wheelchair so we could visit the bird sanctuary we always go to.

it was nesting time at Wakodahatchee..

For dinner, we ate at an outdoor restaurant along the ocean.

  • Friday – Today I had plans to attend the Delray Tennis Open with another friend.

Little did I know that I would have to purchase handicap seats.

First we watched some players practice for their semi final match the next day.

Luckily my friend did not mind pushing my wheelchair up multiple ramps to our seats.

We had a great view and watched an exciting men’s doubles quarter final match and then half of a men’s singles quarter final match.  It started to rain after the first set but we were ready to leave anyway.

Then we joined the friend I was staying with for a pizza dinner in town.

  • Saturday – Another change in plans. I was supposed to meet a former coworker for a nature (birding) walk.

Instead we met for brunch and then I headed back to Fort Lauderdale to return my car and catch a plane home.

we taught French together many moons ago!!

Yes. A day early.

Fortunately I was able to get wheelchair assistance every step of the way.

  • Sunday – A1A Publix Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon=DNS

I looked forward to running this race that I had trained for and also to meeting up with Jenny and her husband who were going to run it with me. (If you read Jenny’s blog, you now know that this half was doomed for all 3 of us.)

Instead I was home trying to figure out how to navigate life at home and at work on crutches.

Fortunately, I was able to locate a walking boot from my broken ankle (in 2012!!)

Last Week:

  • Monday – Luckily I was to get an appt with an orthopedic today (and it was a holiday so I was off from work.)

I was quite nervous wondering how serious the break was and if I would need surgery.

The doctor looked at my foot (which was totally purple but no longer swollen or painful) and said that he doubted that it was broken.  In fact, he asked me to bet with my hubby who agreed with him.

So he ordered x-rays.

Then he came back in the room and said to my hubby “She won!!”

Yup. It was broken.  A small hairline fracture.  He said that it was no big deal and would heal naturally in no time.

The doctor said that I didn’t need to to use crutches or even wear the boot. I could wear shoes and walk (as long as it didn’t hurt.)

One more x-ray scheduled for March 20… and it should be healed!?

I plan to err on the side of caution and wear the boot for a week several days and then try walking… (maybe even use my stationary bike.)

  • Tuesday-Saturday – Just trying to stay positive… (not go insane or think about all those missed races…)

As they say, this too shall pass…

Fingers crossed that it will heal quickly.

that heavy boot was hurting my hip so I have switched to regular running shoes (that I never ran in)

On Friday, I actually walked 2 miles while working the bar exam.

On Saturday, instead my usual long run, I put in 6 miles on the stationary bike..

borrowed that orthopedic shoes from a friend… loved Ali’s podcast!

and then met my running friends for their post run/walk brunch.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • NADA!

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – A1A Publix Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon Race Recap How to Heal a Broken Foot
  • Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date

Thanks in advance for your support.

I may be down but I’m not OUT!!

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any winter big races?  Any warm weather vacations planned for the winter? Please share.






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TT: My Favorite Vacation

Since I happen to be on my “favorite” vacation right now (and it’s even more special since it got cancelled last year), I thought I’d share why it’s my favorite:

  • It’s affordable.

Every year, I go to Naples, Fla. in May. It’s off-season so the flights are not expensive.  We rent two villas that sleep 5 each.  We leave our chairs, umbrellas and beach stuff in the garage from year to year.  We rent 2 vans and split the cost. We eat breakfast in the villa, bring our lunch to beach so we only eat dinner out.

  • The weather is warm and dry.

It rarely rains and if it does, it is only for a short time.  It is warm (and at that time of year, usually still cool in the NE.) The sunsets on the Gulf are amazing, too.

  • I run.

This is one of the best things, of course. I can run around the private communities or on the sidewalk along the main road.  The only downside is that it is not close enough to the beach to run with water views. And you have to get up early since it is warm and humid.

  • I play tennis and take lessons.

The 10 of us (and the make-up of the group can vary) met playing tennis although we no longer play together at home. So every morning we play doubles and take lessons with a tennis pro.

  • I go to the beach every day.

Love the sand…the sun…the water…ahhhh!

  • I eat and drink whatever pleases me!!

Calories do not count on vacation, right?

  • We take a day trip each year to explore a different nearby location or site.

Often, it’s in the Sarasota area to visit a garden park, museum, etc.   Of course, I always try and push for a hike.

  • One evening we stay in for a fun gathering of sorts.

We’ve played games, recorded songs and skits, cook, and now we also have Book Club night.

  • We also try to fit in some cultural event such as a play or concert.

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Friday Five – Running on a Non-Running Vacation

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I just returned from a vacation where the purpose was to play tennis and bond with my female tennis friends.  Not one of them runs but I did FIVE out of 8 days!!

Here’s my topic today:


1. Be prepared.  

Pack clothes for all weather conditions. Cool, hot, rainy, etc. Pack enough clothes to run every day.

This trip was easy for me. It was sunny, warm and humid EVERY DAY. I was also able to re-wear my skirts but the tops got pretty sweaty (but I brought many and we also had a washing machine if necessary)

2. Schedule your runs.

If you leave it to chance, it won’t happen.

I chose not to run the day I arrived, the day before my 5k race and the day of our road trip.

All the other days, I took out my clothes the night before, set my alarm and got my run in between 7 and 8 am before I was scheduled to play tennis.

3. Be flexible.

Sometimes other persons’ needs or desires will come before your running.

It was a tennis vacation first and foremost.  We only had 7 who could play. That meant I had to play twice every morning.

I ran fewer miles than I may have wanted. Some days, I just went for a walk.

one day I even had to run in my tennis outfit.

4. Find a scenic route.

Pretty views make all the difference. If you plan to run often, you need to vary your route.

Sometimes I ran around our community (World Tennis Center) and other days, I ran along the road outside the community (and even in other communities.)

5. Lower your expectations.

Distance & speed goals will probably not happen.

With the heat and humidity, my runs got shorter and slower.  I walked more often.  But it was better than staying in bed.

**Register for a race in the area, if possible.

This is not required but a short race does not take any training or much time out of the day. It is a fun way to get in a run.

Tropicool 5k

Happy Running!  Do you run when you are on vacation (not a race-cation)?


Weekly Run Down – 4.29.19-5.12.19: Sun and Fun


Since I was away in Florida, this is a TWO week run down.

Two weeks ago

  • Monday – So today was week 7 of the Freihofer Challenge Training (FTC) group. All my Sole Sister friends skipped this run. I was proud that I dragged my tired body to it. In fact, I felt great which surprised me.  The “advanced” group was running 5 one mile sprints… tempted but “no,” cautiously downgraded with my friend Deb to the Intermediate group and ran 4 easy miles.  And it was one of my better training runs. Stan said it was because the day before we walked so much as recovery from the 15k on Saturday. Go figure!

  • Tuesday Rest (and rainy) day ’cause I had a much needed hair appt.
  • Wednesday – Had planned on a FTC group run but didn’t want to wait so ran a quick few miles right after work and then went home to pack.

at the Corning Bike Path which was on my way home today

  • Thursday – Off to Florida on a very early morning flight.  After we arrived, picked up a rental car, lunched, we chilled at the pool at our rented villas (the same ones since 2006). Of course we went to our first of many dinners out in Naples.
  • Friday – Started the day with a run,

followed by tennis, the beach and dinner out. Slowly acclimated to the heat and humidity.

  • Saturday – A lot more tennis and beach. Went for a early walk instead of a run.

After dinner, we all went to a show in town (Lost in Yonkers).  A fun time, of course.

  • Sunday – After a late night, I had an early morning race (what was I thinking?) For the 3rd year in a row, I ran the Tropicool 5k (it was anything but cool). Too hot to be speedy but won my age group anyway. Then I rushed back to play tennis, followed by the beach and dinner out. See the pattern?

Last Week

  • Monday – A similar day as the rest. A run,

tennis, the beach and dinner out. Tonight we ate at the Ritz so we could watch the sunset on the Gulf.

  • Tuesday – More of the same. A run,


and beach.

But we stayed in for book club night and birthday party. Lots of laughs and food.

  • Wednesday – Road trip day. Just a walk

and ride north to Osprey to visit Historic Spanish Point,

lunch out, and then a visit to Selby Gardens in Sarasota.

Gauguin was the featured artist this year

For my pre-birthday dinner, I requested pizza and ice cream on Fifth Avenue in Naples. (sorry no pix)

  • Thursday – My Birthday. So I ran with tennis sandwiched in the middle.

had to run in my tennis clothes

Then we packed and hung at the pool. One last delicious meal out before we headed to the airport. The weather had been perfect for the week. Not a drop of rain. That is until we got to the airport. A long thunderstorm caused our plane’s departure to be delayed and so we missed our connection and got stuck in Charlotte sans luggage.

  • Friday – I was supposed to be back at work. Instead had to fly home and skipped work and Mah Jongg. But I did manage to get in a walk in the park.

wanted to get pix before the crowds of Tulip Fest the next day

  • Saturday – Exhausted from my trip but had committed to run the Summer Smith Addiction Awareness Memorial 5k. Felt like crap when I got up (headache & nauseous) but felt better when I arrived and chatted with all my runner friends and STEM participants. Again the pre-race festivities moved me to tears.

the race is dedicated to someone whom I trained several years ago and others who have died due to addiction. No prs today but I did win my age group

I rushed home because I had planned to go the the Tulip Fest with Amanda (my mentee and her sons Richard & Matthew – which is an annual tradition for us.

um…they dyed their hair?! but still the cutest and we had a blast

  • Sunday – I had wanted to do a long run today…I have a half marathon in ONE week and my long runs have been 8m, 9m, 3m, 3m since the last one.  Barbara agreed to run with me but bad weather prevailed. She went to the Y and I skipped the run entirely.

the best gifts are handmade – from Richard (mentee’s son)

Weekly Run Down – 4.22.19-4.28.19 – Chocolate and NYC


This was planned forever ago but our girls weekend to NYC happened and it was a blast. And then next week, I’m off to Florida for a 8 day vacation with my tennis friends.

Last week

  • Monday – So today was week 6 of the Freihofer Challenge Training (FTC) group. I had planned on doing my long run on Saturday so I could tackle the “advanced” drills today. Well, the weather did not cooperate and I ran 4 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. That meant, my legs would protest if I encouraged them to run fast.  Once more, I wimped out and ran with the “Beginner” group – Better safe than sorry is my philosophy (esp. with a 15k and a half marathon coming up.)


  • Tuesday Rest day finally. I hadn’t played tennis in forever so I decided to sub in my old group. It was fun playing and catching up over dinner. I have resumed my short lunch time walks too.

greenery = flowers & Starbucks

  • Wednesday – I had planned to run with the FTC group at 6 pm near where I live. Then, there was this fun event:

But after standing for 8 hours in uncomfortable shoes, I was too pooped to do either.  Instead, I stopped off on my way home at the Corning Bike Path. The run sucked but the scenery was good.

  • Thursday – One more run before the race. I decided on a quick one at UAlbany and then home to pack. A little bit more energy than the day before but not much.

jumping in excitement for my weekend away

  • Friday – Off to my girls weekend away. After checking into our hotel in Brooklyn, we headed to the expo and then to carb load with pizza to prepare for the next morning’s race.

  • Saturday – Today a group of the Sole Sisters ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Brooklyn. Not an easy race but a fun one. We all met our goals and ate lots of chocolate.

not a PR but negative splits, 2nd in my AG and NO PAIN!!

After the race, we spent the rest of the day in Manhattan. This included a Broadway show (Avenue Q), and dinner near Times Square.

If you are wondering who is that guy. One runner in our group got injured so my friend Stan subbed for her (in the ALL of our planned activities).

  • Sunday – Another full day planned for our group. Lunch in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, visit to the Cherry Blossom Festival there, then back to Manhattan.

We checked our luggage in Macys (for free) and then climbed to the top of the Vessel at Hudson Yards before heading home that night.

Such a fun weekend away. We are already trying to figure out what to do for our next one.

Running in a Foreign Country – Part 1

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Since I am currently in France (and hopefully doing some running), my topic for today is:  Five Tips for Running in a Foreign Country

Image result for running in France

1.Download maps.me
maps.me allows you to download maps for offline use – perfect for those trips where your phone stays has to stay in airplane mode. You can even mark places on the map and pull up directions to them later while you’re offline. On the map, note street names surrounding where you’re staying and major landmarks nearby so you can get back to where you started even if your language skills are limited.

Image result for mapsme

In addition to maps.me, you can take screen shots of the map itself to save to your phone, and step-by-step directions of the route you’re trying to run – just in case the app won’t open or in case something else goes wrong with it or especially if WiFi access is limited.

2.Carry something with the address of where you’re staying on it.
Whether you’re staying in a hotel or an AirBNB, grab a card or key that’s imprinted with the building’s name and address. (Or just add this info to your phone). Even if you’re limited in your foreign language capability, you can show this to a friendly passer-by so that they can help you if you’re lost.

Image result for French hotel room key address on it

hopefully you don’t have to carry around this old-fashioned key

3.Follow an out and back route
Keep it simple.  An out and back route leaves little room to get lost, since you’re following a straight line. I don’t know about you but I am directionally-challenged so I easily get lost (even on an out and bar route. LOL)

Image result for map my run paris

4.Do your research beforehand.
Chances are, runners before you have been to the city you’re staying in and have suggestions for running routes. Do a little Googling before you leave the your home or check out routes on Map My Run, and bookmark any routes that you want to try.

Image result for running tours in europe

You may also want to ask locals or the hotel staff about good running routes. Take their suggestions, and then back them up with your own maps, step-by-step directions, and screenshots.

I also recommend taking a professionally-led running tour.  There usually several companies that offer them in larger cities. They may be expensive but I think they are totally worth it.  You get to run and learn about the city while you are running.

Image result for running tours in europe

5.Run without headphones … but take cash and a credit card with you.
Not only is it a safety practice to run without headphones (you can hear cars and horns, etc.) but it also helps you pay more attention to your surroundings.

Image result for running tours in europe

You should also have some local currency on you in case you need to hail a taxi. If you need to stop and purchase food or water, you may want to use your credit card instead of cash.

I will probably have a lot more suggestions when I return from my vacation…so stay tuned.

Happy Running! Have you eve run in a foreign country? If so, any other tips that you can add?



Weekly Wrap for 10.1.18-10.7.18: Packing My Bags


So I unpacked my bags from my trip to NYC, packed my bags to go to Liverpool for work, unpacked those bags and then packed AGAIN to go on my big trip to France.

  • Monday – My Turkey Trot Training Group run (that I missed last Mon and will miss the next two Mondays) was scheduled for tonight. But it was raining and I wanted to upgrade my phone (before my trip) so I bailed and instead walked around the mall with my BFF.
  • Tuesday – Another rainy day. I drove to Liverpool for work and the rain stopped when I got there. So I went for a run. It was a strugglefest – I was too tired…too hungry… and it was too HUMID (96%) and I was overdressed.

Onondaga Lake (East side)

It was still too early for dinner so I decided to explore and I finally found a way to the other side of the lake.

As soon as I got in my car, it started to rain again. Phew!

  • Wednesday – Finally a day without rain. As usual, I decided to squeeze in a short run before driving home. What a difference a day made. Less humidity and a new route – the west side of lake. I can’t believe it took me so long to find this trail. I loved it!!

Onondaga Lake – west side

  • Thursday – Rest day because I needed a haircut before my trip.
  • Friday – Only a short run after work because I needed to PACK for a my trip to France. I even skipped mah jongg.
  • Saturday – A Sole Sisters 8 mile run before a drive to JFK airport and a long flight to Paris.
  • Sunday – We arrived in Paris…Jet Lagged but excited. A rainy, cloudy day so I dragged myself to visit the Fondation Luis Vuitton, had out first dinner in Paris and then night view of the Eiffel Tower.  Great way to start a vacation.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday 3 miles (in Paris hopefully with Karen), train to Sanguinet
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  3-4 miles (in Sanguinet and the surrounding area. Optimistic about getting in a run each day…)
  • Friday – rest day, train to Paris
  • Saturday – rest day, pick up race packet
  • SundayLes 20km de Paris race

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


Running on Vacation

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Today’s topic is: Running on Vacation

Image result for ecard vacation running

And my answer is OF COURSE!!

Some folks may go on vacation for a break in their training cycle or just to run a race. Some may only run during vacation because they are training for a big race and it’s on their plan.

I ALWAYS make sure I run when I am on vacation.  It’s kinda a priority for me.  I would have fun if I didn’t run but running makes it an even better vacation for me.

In this post I’ll talk about my last vacation – my annual TENNIS vacation in Naples Florida.

The schedule was that every morning we play doubles for 1.5 hours and then have a tennis lesson for 1.5 hours or vice versa.

Did I run?

Yes! I made it a priority to do so.

In order to run, I might skip part of the doubles play and run.  After my run, I would change my clothes and join them to play. After playing we would have our lesson.

After the first 2 days, I realized that it was faster to run in my tennis clothes and have someone bring my racket & shoes to the court. I would do that sometimes or just play tennis in my running clothes.

Did I run often?

Yes! 6 times.

  • Friday before tennis- 3.5 miles
  • Saturday before tennis – 3 miles
  • Sunday – 5k race
  • Monday before tennis – 3 miles
  • Tuesday before tennis – 3 miles
  • Wednesday before tennis – 6.5K (My birthday run)

I did not run on the day we arrived or the day we left.

in Naples, FL

Were they good runs?

Nope.  None were.

It was very humid on the first few runs and of course, much warmer than I was used to.  Then it got even warmer.  It was tough to breathe and run.  My running got to be walking/running and slower and slower.

I also found for the first time that I was missing tennis.  Everyone else was playing tennis. I wanted to be with them And I wanted to be warmed up before our lesson.

In past years, I just ran fewer miles. This year I either started out running earlier or if it wasn’t a lesson, I arrived at tennis later (and rotated into the doubles).

Did I enjoy my runs?

Yes. Immensely.

I loved the scenery – the trees, flowers,etc.  I loved the sunshine and even the heat.

During each run I took a different route. I ran around the neighborhoods of World Tennis Center (WTC).  I ran around the pool area and tennis courts.  I ran outside the WTC along the main road in one direction and then another day in the other direction.

What will I do differently next year?

I could get up earlier.  But it’s hard when you go out to dinner late and you are hanging out with friends after that.

I could run every other day. But you never know in Florida when it will rain. You have to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

I could just play tennis but I would have been upset with myself for NOT running.

I could run after tennis but I know I would have been too tired and would be making others wait for me to go to the beach.

So next year, I will probably do nothing different from this year.

Views from my Naples runs:


one of the bridges along the main road


path at WTC to the tennis courts


another bridge on the main road


in WTC


our villa in WTC


one more bridge along the main road


the main road in the other direction


more views of WTC


thought the SLOW sign was meaningful

Suggestions for running on vacation:

  • Be prepared.  Bring clothes for all weather conditions.
  • Schedule your runs. If you leave it to chance, it won’t happen.
  • Be flexible.  Sometimes other persons’ needs or desires will come before your running.
  • Find a scenic route.  Pretty views make all the difference.
  • Lower your expectations. Distance & speed goals will probably not happen.
  • Register for a race in the area, if possible. Then you will definitely run.
  • Have fun.

vacation 5k

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Happy Running! Do you always run on vacation? Would you run on vacation even if it weren’t part of your training plan?



Weekly Wrap for 4.30.18-5.6.18 and 5.7.18-5.13.18 – Back to Reality


Two weeks ago –

  • Monday –  Off to NYC by train.  Once I had set up Queens and returned to Manhattan, I planned to squeeze in a run before dinner. But the weather wrecked my plans. Cold wind and rain. Nope. No run for me.
  • Tuesday After work, I hopped on the subway to run in Central park. Finally spring like weather. Or more like summer. 80 degrees and the Park was packed with runners, beautiful flowers and fragrant smells.

  • Wednesday – Rest day due to having to get the train to return home, pack and get ready to leave on vacation the next morning.
  • Thursday –  8 am flight to Florida. We landed in Ft Myers and picked up a rental car to drive to Naples.  This is our 12th tennis trip here so we have a routine and it felt like coming home – unpacking, grocery shopping, relaxing by the pool, dinner out, chatting, sleep?
  • Friday – My first Florida run – holy humidity! My goal was to run at least 3 miles most days before a tennis lesson and doubles play.  After tennis we pack a lunch and spend the rest of the day on the beach, soaking up vitamin D, reading, playing Scrabble or strolling along the water – heavenly! Every evening we go out to dinner at a different restaurant. Tonight’s choice was the Ritz with a view of the sun setting on the Gulf.
  • Saturday – As I did yesterday, I went for a run, played some doubles and then had a tennis lesson. We thought it might rain (which it never did) so we stayed at the pool rather than going to the beach. Then we went out to dinner, to a play and out for ice cream. I could get used to this life.
  • Sunday – The group played tennis and had a lesson. I instead ran a 5k race. No surprise there. The surprise was how hard it was to run in 100% humidity. Lucky for me, the older ladies from last year weren’t there so I was the women’s senior grand master champion. To celebrate we walked to the Naples Pier and then went out to brunch.  Again it was a busy day (We had to record a song for the ladies who couldn’t make the trip – re-written lyric to You always on my mind) so we relaxed at the pool and then went out to dinner.

Last week

  • Monday – It may sound boring but it was more of the same.  A run, followed by doubles, a tennis lesson and then we packed a lunch and spent the afternoon at the beach.  In the evening, we watched our tennis instructor play in a tournament and then went out to dinner.
  • Tuesday – It’s tough when every day it is sunny and warm. So I ran, played tennis, had our last tennis lesson and went to the beach for the last time. Tonight we had dinner but brought our desserts home because it was book club night (we discussed The Girl Before.)
  •  Wednesday – My BIRTHDAY! And the day was absolutely perfect.  I ran 6.5k and I played tennis after. Then we packed lunches and headed to Oscar Sherer State Park for a picnic and a hike.  Next we drove to Sarasota to visit the Selby Gardens (and see the Warhol exhibit).  We ended the day with dinner on the water.
  • Thursday – Last day of vacation.  No running today.  We played tennis instead and hung out at the pool unitl we had to leave for the airport.
  • Friday – Back home. Back at work. I needed a vacation from my vacation.  Too pooped to even play mah jongg. Instead stayed home, unpacked and did laundry.
  • Saturday – Race Day. Summer Smith Memorial 5K. A cold, miserable rainy day.  So tempted to stay in bed (with my headache) but I didn’t.  Of course, I got soaked but still glad I ran this race.

course PR and 2nd in my AG

I spent the rest of the day (not at the Tulip Fest as planned) but with the girl I mentor and her two sons.

  • SundayMother’s Day! Of course, I had to go for a run. It was cool and cloudy when I started but it warmed up and the sun came out. With a half marathon in less than a week and no run longer than 8 miles done, I thought I might run 12.  Ha Ha! My legs said “no way” and I struggled even getting 9 miles done (with lots of walking). Let’s hope I can rally next Saturday!

50 cents ice cream cone – I couldn’t resist.

Th rest of the day was filled with laundry, grocery shopping, gardening and a late lunch with the family at my MIL’s  house.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  jury duty (postponed), 4.5 miles (FTC)
  • Tuesday jury duty? 3 miles, tennis
  • Wednesday – jury duty? rest day, hair appt.
  • ThursdayCorpoorate Challenge Race (3.5m)
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday –  Brooklyn Half Marathon
  • Sunday – rest day, boating, hubby’s birthday

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Please share.


March Report Card

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Spring did not arrive in March.  There was a lot of snow but I was lucky to escape for a few days to sunny Florida.

Anyhow, here’s how March worked out for me:

Weekday Runs:

I was able to run at least 3 times outdoors each week which is great because I HATE the tradmill. As I mentioned March was a snowy month.  Four nor’easters in 3 weeks!!!!

I ran at UAlbany (near work) or near home.  Unfortunately, my preferred routes don’t have lights but the good news is that it is staying light longer since we moved the clocks ahead one hour. I did run while working in NYC and in Liverpool.  The best thing about my job is running in different places. My weekday runs were usually around 3-4 miles (occasionally more and occasionally less).

Long Runs:

Work and the weather has made it tough to get in my weekend long runs. But since I ran a half marathon in the middle, I did get a few in before I left.  Then I took a break but continued with some extra miles after a race at the end of the month.

Total Mileage:

I ran 92 miles this month.  An increase in miles basically because March is a long month and I ran a half marathon this month. The important thing is that I am feeling healthy so all is good.


I had several races on my schedule this month. I ran the Brew 2 Brew Half Marathon during my vacation in Florida. When I returned, I ran two local races, Shamrock Shuffle, a 5 miler and the Ice Break Challenge, a 5k. Both were fun and I met up with several friends at each. I also had course PRs and won my age group in both races.  A nice perk!

Cross Training:

I only played tennis once indoors.  It’s doubles so not a great workout but better than nothing. I wish I could play more but …WORK WORK WORK!!!

I did NOT work out at the gym at all.

I did not attend a yoga class. The month just got away from me and I was hardly home during the week. Then on the weekend, I was playing catch up.

I did not walk at lunch. But working in NYC does get me a lot of steps. I did go for an after dinner walk in Liverpool.

Other News:

The highlight of my month was my trip to Florida. I especially enjoyed the warm temps and sunshine. I was able to visit with five different friends and as well as my sister-in-law.

Despite all my work travel, I was able to squeeze in some friend time and hubby time. These are usually spent with dinners in a restaurant. I ended the month with a Passover Seder with my Mah jongg friends.

The Freihofer Training Challenge began. I have yet to be able to go since I’ve been working out of town on Mondays and racing on Saturdays. I guess I shouldn’t have signed up this year. (Miss my coach and my running buds.)

FTC – March 2016

Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Looking Ahead:

Half Marathon #31 in May.

It’s a big one and it’s been on my bucket list for years.

Image result for brooklyn half marathon 2018

May 19, 2018

I have some shorter races planned as well. My racing schedule picks up in the spring.

This is my list so far for the next 2 months:

  • 4-14-18 – Code Blue 8K and/or 4-15-18 – Delmar Dash (5m)
  • 4-21-18 – Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k and/or 4-22-18 – Sasha’s Super Hero Run 5k
  • 4-28-18 – Spring Run Off 5k /10k and/or 4-29-18 – Cherry Blossom 5k
  • 5-06-18 – Tropicool 5k (in FL)
  • 5-12-18 – Summer Smith Memorial 5k
  • 5-17-18- Workforce Challenge (3.5 m)
  • 5-19-18 – Brooklyn Half Marathon

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Deb Runs
No monthly goals.

This motto worked for 2016 & 2017 so I’m sticking with it in 2018!

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My Topic is: Give your running month a letter grade.

I’d say overall an A-

Despite the work travel, vacation and crazy winter weather, I did my best to get in my runs. Strength training just never happens so I’ve decided not to beat myself up about it. I ran 2 shorter races and without any speed drills, I had course PRs and won my age group in both. 🙂

Spring can’t come soon enough for this fair weather runner.

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Happy Running! How did your March turn out? Anything exciting planned for April? 

What grade would you give your running month?