Weekly Run Down for 5.18.20-5.24.20: Still no races in sight


most likely all summer

Missing my running friends!!

Trying to get outdoors often so I do not go stir crazy in my Office (aka a room in my house). Always looking for new and interesting places to run or walk and practice social distancing. I visited two more this past week.

Un-canceled Project - Run The Edge Store

I signed up again for 6 more weeks…this past week was Kindness Un-Canceled

I signed up for this challenge too. It started on May 15 and lasts until Aug 31. 500k across NYS. I’ll walking AND running this one.

I have not registered for any more races until my three half marathons in August, September and October.

Now I’m not sure what I want to do.  Do I continue to prepare for and run virtual halfs monthly or do I just run whatever??

Socially, things are starting to open up (with lots of restrictions).

The highlight of the week was going out on our boat!!! And running with my friends!!

Last Week –

  • Monday – The day started out with rain. But it stopped and I took advantage and ran at lunch since I had scheduled an appt with my podiatrist for after work.

decided to run a virtual 5k. This one supported a charity for some friends who are running the NYCM. I will also be getting an engraved glass

I have been ignoring the fact that my feet have been hurting. Finally I gave in and went to the podiatrist. She again gave me a B12 shot (which cured me last time) for the neuroma and took xray of my bunion aching foot and prescribed Naproxen (which I had left over from the neuroma) and Voltaren cream (which I also had already).

Since I already had done my run, I decided that there was time to visit a new trail. I found one that was nearby.

I walked the loop and it was much longer than I anticipated. Not technical at all…a good one to run on.

  • Tuesday – A sunny warm day.  Woo Hoo. I had to take an early lunch so could not walk with my friend.

walked part on the hilly part of the waterline and part on the neighborhood

I decided to run on the rail trail after work since it was closer than my other routes. NO foot pain!!!!! (Why did I wait so long to see a dr.??)

I may have had zero foot pain but I also had zero energy to do this run.

After my run, I met my BFF for a masked walk around an outdoor shopping plaza.  You may remember that we used to do mall walks all the time to catch up and chat. I miss that!!

  • Wednesday – Wow. Another sunny warm day!! I had to stop off at work to pick something up so I did my lunch time walk there.

4 years working here and now I found a trail nearby

Then after work, I decided to run near where I used to work for this week’s Un-Canceled 5k and then end up in the park to check up on the tulips.

peonies have started to bloom in a few places 🙂

Sadly I had to say good-bye to the tulips. (Soon they will be replaced by annuals.)

most are gone or past prime but some were still left…

Then after dinner, I put 9 bags of mulch in my new perennial garden (Who needs strength training?)

  • Thursday – Today was my hubby’s birthday!  We’ll celebrate at a later date. I went for a walk before work

I spy a peony!! Not sure why I don’t get up earlier and go for a walk EVERY day before work??

and then during lunch again with my friend. We talked the whole hour so I didn’t get any pix.

they were anxiously waiting for me to get home…NOT!

Then after work, my tennis friends and I gathered for BYO picnic in a park. As we did last Thursday, we sat 6ft apart and chatted and ate. (My friends are retired so were able to play tennis there before dinner.)

last week’s pic. This week, there were 10 of us (the limit, right?)

Of course, my running friends and I continued with our weekly evening ZOOM chat. The focus of our conversation was planning our runs together.

  • Friday – Normally a rest day as I do my long run on Saturday. And the Sole Sisters planned our first social distancing run.  However, the forecast was for rain… Now I had a big dilemma since we wanted to go boating on Sunday!

Anyway, I again started the day with a walk before work.

always new flowering trees and bushes this time of year

Then I took an early lunch walk. Blue skies for the 3rd day in a row…getting spoiled.

the path behind my house is so much more lush…prettier but I no longer have easy access from my house (I have to walk around the block)

I decided keep my fingers crossed for a long run on Saturday and opted for a new trail instead of a run.

This is the same park that I picnicked this week but they have a whole network of pretty trails. I just did part of one.

  • Saturday – So it was raining when I got up so we decided to postpone our long run until Sunday.  As soon as I clicked send on that text, the rain stopped.

Since I was already dressed to run, I decided to just go for my walk.  I intended to walk on the rail trail but I noticed an entrance to the water line (that eventually passes behind my house) so I headed that way.  Two miles later, I came to a dead end with a trail or two (and not sure which one to take).  So I turned back but plan to pursue this from my end.

loving the sunshine and the warm weather (finally)

I stopped off at the grocery store but it was still early (and sunny) so I phoned my hubby and we decided to head up to the lake.

This was going to be our first boating outing of the season and the first during this pandemic. I was wondering how it would turn out. But it was great.  Not crowded. Most of our friends were out on their boats.  We got docks at our two favorite bays.  The weather was PERFECT!!

not any social distancing evident on the lake

It was tempting to stay and sleep on our boat but my hubby had tennis in the morning and I had my re-scheduled long run.

  • Sunday – As I mentioned above, I have no races on my schedule. That leaves me free to train or not to train. I decided to go for 10 miles and decide in future weeks. whether or no to do any virtual races.

My running friends (most of them) have decided to return to our group runs.  We ran or walked just not together. And then we met for brunch and ate (but not sitting together). It worked.  So great to talk to them in the flesh.

If I were solo, I would have done 10 miles but no reason to make everyone wait.

The rest of the day was spent gardening and I may also get in a hike.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – HOLIDAY = DAY OFF, rest day, boating
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday – run
  • Thursday – rest day, walk, tennis friends dinner, running friends ZOOM
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg walk
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, walk, boating

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Virtual Steel Rail Half Marathon Race Recap

Image may contain: night and text

MAY 17, 2020

It seems like I’ve been planning this race forever. As with all my big races, I impulsively sign up way in advance (and then often regret it LOL).

So I signed up for Steel Rail Half Marathon as my 44rd Half Marathon (and 5th of 2020) for several reasons:

(Note: 2 have already been run virtually.)

  • It is a flat course.
  • It is scenic.
  • I am familiar with the course.  I ran it in 2017 and 2016.
  • It is currently my half marathon PR!!
  • It is close after my previous half (4 weeks) so I would be sorta already trained for it.
  • It is near enough so I can sleep in my own bed the night before.
  • There is great post race food.
  • Nice swag.

Half Marathon Training:

If you follow my posts, you also know that I am not strict about following a training plan. I ran my last half marathon on April 19 (a virtual version of the Helderberg to Hudson Half that was postponed.) It was awful!!

😦 😦 😦

During my first two 2020 Half Marathons in January and February, I experienced a lot of foot pain. I ran them but truthfully, it was not fun at the time.

And then the NYC Half Marathon was cancelled so I ran that for fun with two friends.

And then this half marathon was postponed until October!!!

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t already signed up for the Smuttynose Half Marathon as part of a race-cation with 8 friends!! That race takes place the weekend before.

I really had a tough time deciding what to do.  I really wanted to run this race but I was not sure if it would be a good idea to run half marathons two weeks in a row.

I had to decide in advance to run it in October or do the race virtually in May.  No refund or deferral option.  The silver lining was that if you ran the distance in May, you would still get the swag (shirt, medal, pint glass.)

So another virtual half marathon….

I did my long runs on the weekends…and my weekdays runs as well. I ran alone due the “social distancing” requirement.

I admit that my runs were not as enjoyable as when I could do them with my friends. Slow and easy with tons of walking (and photo stops.)

So again my goal for this “race” was just finishing and not injuring any part of my body!! But I also hoped that this race would go better than the last one.  I don’t care about speed but I wanted to feel good while running it and not just drag myself through it.

Pre-Race Activities and Preparations:

Well, since this was a local race and work days were at my home, there was not much movement the days before.  In fact, I did not run Thursday or Friday.

As I normally do before a big race,  I ate pizza for dinner the night before.

Then in addition to what to wear, there was the decision of where to run. The race organizer published a virtual course for this race but it looked too confusing.

2020 Steel Rail Half Marathon Race Route

I did want to run on the Ashuwillticook Rail trail (in Mass.) so maybe I run the 8k there in October.

But instead I chose the Corning Smith Bike Path since it was pretty flat and long enough to get in the 13.1 miles.

Race Day:

I ate my usual breakfast – oatmeal and coffee. Last Saturday it snowed and today it almost 60 degrees when I got up.

Hooray for my first race in a tank top.

wearing my Skirt Sports tank so I could count this run for their Virtual Strong 5k

My plan was to take it slow. Run and when I felt like it, walk.  As much as I hate to admit it, my feet have been hurting.

Anyway, here’s how it went:

Miles 1-4.5:

The Corning Bike Path is very familiar since I run there fairly often. I started around 9 am and there were only a few bikers (who passed me wearing masks) on the path but that was about it. No runners at all.

Here are a few pics of the scenery that I took while I was running/walking:

I started at the boat launch along the Hudson River

there was a highway along my left (you can drown out the traffic noise with headphones) and the river always in view on the right

you can see how empty the path was

at times, the the trees even block the highway from view

you pass under various highway overpasses too

very pretty when the trees are in bloom

The weather was perfect and the route so pretty with the trees and views of the Hudson River. It would have even more enjoyable if it weren’t for my damn painful feet.  But it is what it is (neuroma on the ball of one foot and bunion on the other).

I was planning to turn around at the end of the bike path and then continue back in the opposite direction (past my start) until I reached 13.1 miles.

But I was afraid that when I reached my car, I would be tempted to quit so I just plodded on into town.

What about fuel and water?? I do not carry water and I was ok.  I had carried energy gels and Honey Stinger chews.  I did not eat any of the gels and munched on the chews while I was walking. (That was new since I am a gel person but I wanted to save the gels for a real race..)

Miles 4.5-8.5:

This was definitely not a scenic part of the run. Old apartments on one side and the highway on the other.

I dragged myself 2 miles and then turned around to return to the bike path.

no one outside so very quiet.

noisy highway on the right – ran in the road (cuz I hate sidewalks) but there was very little traffic

I get it but are we safe to yet?

not a #518rainbow…it’s from a paint store

Miles 8.5-13.1

The last part of my virtual race was the same as the beginning.

finally heading back onto the bike path

There were, however, now more people on the trail. But everyone was respectful. Walkers and bikers were wearing masks. I moved over as runners passed me by.  I always felt safe.

At one point, I bumped into a former student. We chatted and then went in different directions.

a social distancing selfie

This run was hard. It was painful. But I did it and earned my medal!

So five half marathons so far for 2020. Three virtual ones. I was planning on running a half marathon every month. That was before my foot neuroma and now the pandemic. So I think I’m done. Best laid plans lol

Additional Race Reflections:

The Good:

  • The weather
  • Flexible start time
  • Slept in my own bed the night before
  • Flat course
  • Scenic for 9 out of 13 miles
  • Not crowed with other runners
  • No clock, no pressure.
  • Great Swag (when they ship it to me)

The Bad:

  • No water stops
  • No crowd support
  • Running alone
  • No mojo to run fast
  • My achy feet

The Ugly:

  • Everything listed in Bad

Would I recommend this race?

Yes. But the real thing would have been a lot more fun. Or if I could have run it with friends.

Next Up:

Not sure.  I think I’ll skip June and July.

Hopefully I’ll be back to a real half marathon in August.

The Good News | My First 5K and More...

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Weekly Run Down for 5.11.20-5.17.20: And so it continues… but with a little social interaction


until probably Fall.

All social activities still cancelled. Missing my friends!!

Trying to get outdoors often so I do not go stir crazy in my Office (aka a room in my house). Always looking for new and interesting places to run or walk and practice social distancing. So far, I’ve been successful and haven’t run out of choices. This past week, I visited two more.

Un-canceled Project - Run The Edge Store

I signed up again for 6 more weeks…they are free so why not? Dreams Un-Canceled, Kindness Un-Canceled, Joy Un-Canceled, Community Un-Canceled, Perseverance Un-Canceled, Life Un-Canceled

And I actually chatted with some good friends this week (in person).

Last Week –

  • Monday – A rainy day…at least no snow. It was a rest day but I wish I had gotten out before work for a walk because it wasn’t raining yet.  Fingers crossed for a break in the rain around lunch because the post work walk looked like a wash out.

It was raining and cold when I left the house at lunchtime so I wore a heavy coat and carried an umbrella. Since the trails would be too muddy, I walked around the neighborhood.

and then halfway through my walk, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Crazy weather! Hopefully you like flowers since this is what I will be posting all summer.

I was right, it was pouring when I finished work. Not able to visit a new trail today.  But after dinner, the rain did stop for awhile. Too muddy and late for a trail walk but I did squeeze in a chilly damp walk in town.

of course, more flower pictures.

  • Tuesday – Cloudy, cool and WINDY but no rain.  My bi-weekly walk at lunch with my friend got canceled. I avoided most of the mud on the trail and had a nice solo walk.

lucky to have a safe and scenic place to walk right behind my house

Still windy after work but a little warmer and sunnier.  It’s always a dilemma on where to run to keep things interesting. I decided do my Un-Canceled 5k at Washington Park.

dreaming of running fast again on a day without WIND

I struggled with the wind but ran around the city first and then hit the park to finish up.

You can see those tulips blowin’ in the wind

I couldn’t leave the park before taking MORE pictures of the tulips.

unfortunately this won’t be the last of my tulip pics

  • Wednesday – Hooray for some sun today.  Still windy (Come on, it’s May not March!!) Decided to take to the trails at lunch (after 2 days of NO rain) to see if the mud was passable.

too loops of Van Dyke preserve and not muddy at all

Then after work, I decided to check out the UAlbany loop since I had not been there since I started working from home.  Due to Covid19 testing there, I was only able to do a 3/4 loop so just added on the lake loop.

  • Thursday – Finally perfect weather,  Sunny, warm, no wind and it was my REST DAY. I wish I had thought of getting up earlier and going for a walk before work. (Oh, you lucky folks who do not HAVE to work!!)

Today was my first real social day during this pandemic. First a lunch walk with my friend.

took a late walk and bumped into two former co-workers (on bikes) from the previous job. Small world.

Then after work my tennis friends and I gathered for BYO picnic in a park. We sat 6ft apart and chatted and ate. Can’t believe that is what my social life has come to but better than not seeing my friends at all.

Of course, my running friends and I continued with our weekly ZOOM chat.

  • Friday – The second day in a row that it was nice before work and I wished that I had taken a walk.  It was another rest day (I don’t run the day before a LONG run.) Heavy rain and thunderstorm were predicted but I was able to squeeze in a short walk in the neighborhood after I dropped my car off for some maintenance.

the lilacs are coming. the lilacs are coming. Love how they smell.

Fingers crossed that the storms would hold off and I didn’t get caught in them as I  had planned to explore a new trail. Can’t believe that less than a week ago, it snowed and today it was humid and 85 degrees.

I decided to go to Hannacroix Creek Preserve.  The first trail went own to the River.

Then the second longer and hilly one went up to the water falls.

Got both hikes done and back home before the rain!!

  • Saturday – The Steel Rail Half Marathon was scheduled for Sunday but I chose to run it virtually rather than on it’s new Oct 10 date.  That meant I could run it today since the weather looked better. I decided on the Corning Bike Path for my 13.1. It’s pretty flat. I lucked out on the weather. It was sunny and warm. I struggled (my feet hurt) but I took my time and walked when needed and got it done.

this may be my last virtual half marathon

After doing some errands, I got home in time for our blogger ZOOM Coffee Date.

always look forward to these chats

  • Sunday – Our second spring temp day in a row. We were thinking of going boating as our marina opened yesterday. But the weather seemed to be cloudy, chilly and breezy. (Don’t trust the weather app. it turned out to be a very nice day.)

Instead my hubby went off to play tennis and I went for a long drive to check out a new preserve – Huyck Preserve. I chose to do the Lake loop and glad I did.This may have been one of my favorite hikes.

love waterfalls, obviously

When I got home, we went shopping for perennials since I decided that this year, I wanted to create a new perennial garden.  (My strength training for the year!!)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday –  run, walk with BFF
  • Wednesday – run
  • Thursday – rest day, tennis picnic, running friends ZOOM
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg walk
  • Saturday – LONG RUN
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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De-Cluttering Your Race Shirts

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

My Topic today is: Race Shirts: Which Do you Keep?

Not a post about the pandemic per se but when you are stuck in the house day after day, you have time to de-clutter your drawers and closets, right?

I am NOT a saver like my hubby.  I am a tosser.

But I have probably run over 300 races.  You know what that means?  A gazillion race shirts.

I have sent many to my running buddy.

I have donated many. I have even had a blanket made from them.

Still, my drawers were full with race shirts!!!!

Here are tips that helped me to decide which ones to keep:

  • Shirts made from breathable material.


No cotton ones!! (Unless you need a shirt to sleep in or garden.)

  • Shirts from memorable races.

Shirts from race-cations or favorite races or PRs.


  • Shirts that are gender-specific.

Uni-sex shirts rarely ever fit right.


  • One Shirt per race.

If you repeat a race, you do not need one from every year.

  • One shirt per color.

No one needs more than one kelly green shirt.

  • Shirts in colors that you like or look good on you.

In other words, if you do not like white shirts, don’t keep them. If you look washed out in a light yellow shirt, toss it.


that’s a no!

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my race shirts.

I often wear shirts from local races when I race elsewhere.  It’s a great conversation starter.

promoting my favorite local race while running a race in NYC

This was harder than it looks. I made attempt #1 at de-cluttering my shirt drawer trying to follow the tips above.

No!! Good-bye.

But I still have too many shirts!!! (And this does not include tanks and long sleeve shirts.)

Yes and Maybe.

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Weekly Run Down for 5.4.20-5.10.20: My First Pandemic Birthday

May 15 can’t come soon enough…but will it be even longer?? Yes, it probably will…. It don’t see it ending for a long time. (NYS is now on pause until June 7!!)

Otherwise things are the same. All social activities still cancelled. Missing my friends!! But keeping in touch via ZOOM.

a hopeful message from my blogger friends (I’m sure you recognize most everyone)

Trying to get outdoors often so I do not go stir crazy in my Office (aka a room in my house). Always looking for new and interesting places to run or walk and practice social distancing. So far, I’ve been successful and haven’t run out of choices. I explored four new locations this week (up to 20 now).

Joined this group.  I’m a big ZOOMA fan after my Bermuda experience and it’s FREE!


my yearly goal is 1000 miles…already met a lot of runners thru FB

I think I’m postponing my birthday this year.  Why not?  Everything else is on pause lol

Last Week –

  • Monday – Made the right call today.  It was sunny and calm when I got up.  The forecast was for increasing clouds and WIND. So I did my run before work for the first time since maybe last summer?

combined my neighborhood and the trails and was only a little late for work

That left me no pressure for two more walks.  Lunch time one nearby at the park

notice the mud and the change in outfit.. it was cold and windy

and after work for exploring a new trail. (#17)

I chose this one because it was not too far away. It was well marked but not as scenic as the others.

  • Tuesday – A chilly breezy yet sunny day. Walked with my friend at lunch

took her to Van Dyke preserve

and then drove to the rail trail and COMMITTED to a Un-canceled 5k.

match my outfit to the theme each week.

  • Wednesday – Believe it not, there was frost when I got up.  It did warm up in time for my lunch walk.  I decided to drive to the rail trail and then realized that it was farther than I thought and if I walked, I wouldn’t get much exercise so I ran.  Then I was too warm to run so I walked.

at least got in those flower pics..chose a road alongside the rail trail rather than on it

These days, if it’s not raining, I feel like running. Basically it is not overdoing it if you run slow and stop and take loads of pretty pictures.  So I drove to Washington Park and finished my lunch run and then of course, did a tulip progress check. The tulips,for the most part, were lacking (either no care due to the cancellation of the tulip fest or today’s hard frost). I did meet a running friend there so that was nice and got in some miles and quick pics.

  • Thursday – I went for a walk again during my lunch with my friend

on the fit trail in the local park

and I had planned to run today as well since it was warm and the sun was shining. Of course, after work, the sun was not shining as brightly and it got very windy. Still it was warm and I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s so I decided to run at the Crossings.

excited anytime it is skirt weather and I bought myself FLOWERS at TJs.

Also had a double ZOOM chat with my local running friends.  This has become a highlight of my week. Miss running with them. I piggybacked on Miranda‘s collage message idea and created my own:

We support each other & can’t wait to bRUNch together again ❤ my “sole sisters”

  • Friday – No lunch walk today due to a dentist appointment.  Yes, they are open once a week and have put so much in place to make you feel safe. (Now if only the nail salon and hairdresser would open…)

But even on a rest day I wanted to celebrate Ahmaud with 2.23 miles:

I was hoping that the rain would hold off so I could do it in a new location (#18). But with the rain predicted, I need to find a trail not too far away.  So I chose Papscanee Island Nature Preserve (about 20 min. away.) First I parked at the South entrance because the trail was a loop.

It was poorly marked if at all and the path along the Hudson was strewn with garbage

Then I drove to the North entrance because I wasn’t yet at 2.23 miles.

it was just an out and back, very flat and boring (good for running, though) so I turned around before the rain started.

  • SaturdayMY BIRTHDAY. In recent years, I was either in Florida celebrating with my tennis friends or home, running a race and celebrating with a visit to the Tulip Fest (with my mentee and her sons) and then out to dinner with the hubby.

Well, obviously during this pandemic year, none of the above could be happening. And the weather (as usual) did not cooperate.  I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground (many nearby places got a few inches), feels like 20 degrees and insane winds. I even decided to postpone my long run until Sunday.

That made it convenient to take a ZOOM yoga class for runners in the morning.  This month’s focus was on the hips. Very hard but worth it.

So as I said above and to my hubby, I am postponing my birthday celebration to a nicer day when I can go up to the lake and eat outside (with others) in the sunshine.

But when you work from home all week, crappy weather or not, you want to escape (at least I do) so I dragged the hubby on a road trip.  South cuz I thought it may be a little warmer.

First was Artists Falls (about 45 min. south)…not sure if we found it because it was not labeled as such but it was near the Clove Inn so maybe.

I was freezing and it snowed on and off…the trails were a little too technical but the waterfall beautiful. (new trail #19)

On the way home, I spotted another waterfall which was even more impressive – near Tumbling Falls House (c1880).

no trail just a BnB

And when we got home, I needed to stop and get my FREE birthday Starbucks which just happened to be not far from another preserve that had a waterfalls.

even colder and more snow, I’ll return here when it is warmer – for more pics and videos, check out my IG posts @dsc59 (new trail #20)

So my coldest birthday ever… dinner out and cake with family and friends TBA

And thanks!! I do appreciate all those who remembered and called, sent me cards or online wishes. ❤ you all.

But I do have to add today one of my favorite memes:

Related image

  • Sunday – Often, it’s a Mother’s Day 5k but today it was a Mother’s Day long run. I decided to taper and only run 8 miles. It was a really nice running weather day – at least in the morning… I was still thawing out from Saturday so overdressed a bit. I drove to the Nisky bike path and everyone must have been visiting their moms because it was practically empty.

shed my jacket early on and could have worn a skirt…but did wear a shirt from a previous Mother’s Day 5k

My post long run treat was a FREE birthday pastry from Paneras and a latte. I enjoyed both while walking around the Pine Hollow Arboretum.

I may be obsessed with flowers this year

We did do a drive by to wish my MIL Happy Mother’s Day. I planned on doing some more gardening but it clouded up, got colder and windier….

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – rest day, walk
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday – run (un-canceled 5k)
  • Thursday – rest day, tennis friends social distancing picnic, running friends ZOOM
  • Fridayrun, mah jongg (SS virtual 5K)
  • Saturday –  rest day, walk

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Four or Five Somethings for April

January 2018 Share Foru Somethings #ShareFourSomethings

Thanks to Laurie from Meditations in Motion, I discovered a link up started by blogger Heather Gerwing. The fourth Saturday of each month, Heather invites other bloggers to share their “Four Somethings”: Something Loved, Something Said, Something Learned, Something Read. If you are a blogger, you may post your Four Somethings too!

Oops I’m a little late… as usual.

1. Something Loved.

Normally I have to narrow it down because there are so many things.

But with no races, no trips, infrequent sunny days, online teaching from home, and self distancing from family and friends… it was not that easy

So what have I loved?

I guess I would have to say –  doing things that I never had time for before…..

  • Taking daily walks to new places. I’m up to 18 so far!!
  • Watching Netflix. I started with Un-Orthodox and just finished season 5 of:

Schitt's Creek' series finale: A delightful show ending at the ...

  • Cooking dinner EVERY night

turkey cutlets with apple cranberry chutney. I also make a mean chicken marsala.

  • Some knitting

but ran out of wool in the middle of the 2nd sock lol

  • ZOOM – I have been chatting with my friends even more often than before

I spent a year in France during COLLEGE with these folks. we laughed about things that happened then like it was yesterday.

What have you been loving during this pandemic?

2. Something Said.

One of friends posted this on my FB page:

I award you the DC medal for tenacity.

I knew what it meant but I wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment so I looked it up:

Tenacious is a mostly positive term. If someone calls you tenacious you’re probably the kind of person who never gives up and never stops trying – someone who does whatever is required to accomplish a goal. You may also be very stubborn.

Yup, I guess that IS me. I am a TAURUS!!

What adjective would your friends use to describe YOU?

3. Something Learned.

I can’t run fast if I am not in a race.

I really cannot…. I am competitive and if it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.

The last time I wore a watch was Feb 15.

my 12 mmish 5k lol

Can you actually RACE “virtual” races?

4. Something Read.

Amazon.com: The Turn of the Key: the addictive new thriller from ...

I recently finished reading this book. It was chosen by one of my tennis friends for the book night of our recently cancelled vacation.

Unfortunately book club night was held this year via ZOOM

It’s basically about a nanny who is in prison awaiting trial for murder. Because she thinks that her current lawyer doesn’t believe her, she begins to write letters to another attorney, with the hope he will see she is innocent of the crime. She explains how she got the job as nanny to this wealthy family in Scotland and how everything went so horribly wrong. There is a lot of creepy stuff going on including all the technology that controls everything in the house. The ending had a few surprise, of course.

I actually didn’t love it.  The story was slow and the ending felt rushed. I thought The Woman in Cabin 10  (which Ware also wrote) was better. I do enjoy mysteries so I may read another one of her books.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? What is the most recent book that you have read? Who is your favorite mystery writer?

5. Something Ahead.

In the near future, there will be flowers. That is something I am sure of.

thousands in Washington Park – unfortunately not as beautiful as past years

I will be running in a skirt (most likely not racing until fall if at all in 2020.)

I can do the coffee and running but really would love to add friends

Anything else is too uncertain to mention (and too negative.)

What does your immediate future look like (in a positive way)?

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Happy Running! What are your somethings? Share at least ONE. 

Weekly Run Down for 4.27.20-5.3.20: So over this social distancing thing

May 15 can’t come soon enough…but will it be even longer??

Otherwise things are the same. All social activities still cancelled. Missing my friends!! But keeping in touch via ZOOM.

Trying to get outdoors often so I do not go stir crazy in my Office (aka a room in my house). Always looking for new and interesting places to run or walk and practice social distancing.

So happy to read this – https://www.businessinsider.com/you-can-still-go-outside-while-quarantining-sheltering-in-place-2020-4 

I know many of you do not agree and are staying close to home and even staying indoors (having groceries delivered, eating only take-out, etc).   Everyone has different levels of comfort.

I am not sure I even enjoy Virtual Races but I keep signing up for them!?

trying to run one of these each week…

I’ve run the 5k and 10K and the 13.1 !!

some friends are trying to raise $$ for their NYCM charity and you get a really cool glass.(Runners and walkers complete any time between May 17th and May 31st.)

another free one

You will have between Saturday, May 23 at 6 a.m. and Sunday, May 31 at 11 p.m. to complete a 5K run by yourselves

It’s not too late.  You can still register the the Virtual FRW 5k until May 5 at  https://freihofersrun.com/virtual-5k/.  Use the code AMBSS5 and for $20, you will get:

  • 42nd annual virtual Freihofer’s Run for Women t-shirt (you can even choose between two different colors) & bib
  • A finisher’s certificate that can be printed out at home
  • Commemorative finishers’ medal
  • Coupons for Freihofer’s products
  • Automatic entry into Virtual 5k Sweepstakes with great prizes!

The t-shirts, medals and coupons will be mailed to participants the first week in June.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Another cold, windy rainy day. I was hoping to get out early for lunch but that didn’t happen (Darn work!) So instead of waiting until after work to do my run (in case it started raining harder), I squeezed one in at lunch instead of my walk.

yes, that’s a banana on the side of the road…it was raining but not too hard.

Then after work, it was still cold, windy and RAINING.  I planned to go for a walk but just couldn’t drag myself out the door. So unlike me 😦 Some days are like that.

  • Tuesday – Hooray for a dry day. Still chilly and breezy but as I mentioned last week, I have a friend who is now only working 3 days a week and she has agreed to DRIVE to my house to walk with me on her off days.  So nice to have adult conversation with someone other than my hubby. (Now that is a good friend.)

The sun was shining and now near 60 degrees after work so I was anxious to get out there. I decided to actually run a 10k at the Corning Bike Path.

It felt hard…well all my runs feel hard these days… but at least it was skirt weather. Wearing purple to summon up the courage to finish this run.

  • Wednesday – Ok, another dry day (before 3 days of predicted rain). I couldn’t wait to get outside for my lunch walk. I quickly drove to one of the closest preserves. (Where I go depends on my afternoon work schedule and how long I have for a break.) Although it was the same temps as yesterday, it was windy and cloudy so felt chilly.  Still enjoyed this time away from my desk immensely.

discovered some new flowers and that someone moved the painted rock

I didn’t really feel like running 3 days in a row but in the NE during April, if it’s not raining, you go for it. I decided to go to Washington Park to check the progress of the tulips. Guess what? I forgot my phone. Please believe me without photos that a 2.5 mile run took place and that the tulips are about a week away.

last week’s pic – same exact route but zero sun today and more wind.

  • Thursday – Yup, rain in the morning. Fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain or rain hard all day long. Even on a rest day, I do like to go for a walk or two. It was pouring at lunchtime so walking was a no go. After work, it had stopped but was insanely windy. Still I needed to escape my house and continue on my quest to explore new places. The Stevens Farm Trail was different than the other preserves. It wasn’t really a well marked loop but it was very interesting. There were empty farm buildings dating back to the 1800’s, a K-9 training unit, a llama farm, a closed very old metal bridge and of course, a muddy trail along the creek.

Isn’t the llama cute? I wanted pet her but the owner said that she was a spitter so… NOPE!

Thursday nights are our weekly running group’s ZOOM night.  I’m not sure if we even talk about running lol.

  • Friday – Day 4 this week with clouds.  Rain was predicted for the afternoon so I was hoping for a lunch walk (although my work schedule would make this one a tight squeeze.) Never believe your weather app, it was pouring around lunch time.  Since it wasn’t that cold or windy, I decided to take that walk in my neighborhood.  Wrong choice.  Even with an umbrella and raincoat, I got soaked!!!

should have stayed home

It was still pouring when I finished work. Only water, right? So I grabbed my umbrella again and drove to Washington Park. The trails would be too muddy and I figured no one else would be there taking photos of the tulips in the rain. Well, I wasn’t alone (other crazy camera buffs like me) and eventually the rain did stop for a few minutes. Most of the tulips have not bloomed but I was treated to some early bloomers.  Definitely worth the trip.

  • Saturday – Long Run Saturday. I was tired and tempted to sleep in but I like to get my LSD out of the way and enjoy the weekend.

12 miles was on my plan as prep for my Steel Rail Virtual Half Marathon. It’s always a challenge on where to go.  I don’t like to run in the same places. And of course, most runners abstain from running on crowded paths. This doesn’t bother me so I drove to Zim Smith. I ran the opposite way from what I normally do just for a change.

and then I walked 1.1 miles so it would count as a half marathon

Of course on a nice day, there were walkers and bikers.  Everyone was cautious, polite and friendly. And for my post run I was hoping for a treat from Leah’s. They were closed so I had to settle for extra thick milkshake from Stewart’s.

I spent the rest of the afternoon pulling weeds until our our 3rd ZOOM Blogger Coffee Date. As with the others, it was so fun to connect with everyone.

  • Sunday – Another dry day.  Not as sunny as yesterday but warm. I was excited to take a long walk on another preserve or two, do my weekly grocery shopping and even get in some more yard work.

loved this place but sooo muddy

a short unmarked trail

Today my tennis friends and I would have been in Naples, Fla. We always get together one night during this trip to discuss a book that we have all read in advance.  So instead, we used ZOOM tonight for our book chat.  We all read the mystery The Turn of the Key.

we starting out discussing the book and then kept talking and talking and talking…

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday – rest day, walk
  • Thursday – run, ZOOM running group chat
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg walk
  • Saturday – LONG RUN, MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sunday – rest day, walk, Mother’s Day

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Happy Running! How is your running going?  How is this virus affecting you and your family? Are you having  hard time finding safe places to run? Are you running in new places or are in a running route rut?  Are you having nice spring weather?  How many VIRTUAL races have you signed up for? Please share.