Running with Idols

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

The Topic for today is: If you could go on a run with any celebrity, who would you go with?

Wow, this is hard. How can I pick one person??

So my first pick would be Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Photo: Tony Duffy/Getty Images

If you have never watched this video, you must (with tissues nearby): Joan Benoit 1984

I’m old enough to remember the 1984 Olympics in LA.  I was actually in Israel at the time.  No interest in running.  I think I watched the gymnastics events only.

Joan qualified for the race 2 weeks after having knee surgery!!!

Then I started running.  And Joan Benoit Samuelson has become my IDOL… She is in her 60s too and she is STILL running and trying for records. (Our birthdays are both in MAY as well!)

I actually met her a few years ago at the Freihofer Run for Women Expo. (I even got her autograph.)

I was also lucky enough to run with her when she came to Albany, NY back in 2012 to premiere her movie.

My second pick may not be someone everyone knows. She is not a former Olympian but she has become my newest idol – Jeannie Rice.

Her Marathon Time Is Astounding—And Not Just for 71 - WSJ

This lady is 72 years old has been running for 37 years without a single injury. She holds the world and/or national record at every distance.

She has run 150 marathons and still runs at least 11-12 miles each day (6-8 marathons a year.)

If you have time, listen to her interview on this podcast.

Both of these older runners have not let age hold them back.  Obviously, they have native ability but we know that just gets you so far.  I’d love to run with either of them and hopefully their zest for life and running would rub off on me.

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Happy Running! Who is your running idol(s)? And whom would you love to run with? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 8.3.20-8.9.20: A SUNFlowery Week with Some Needed Rain

Much of the same.  Working from Home has no end in sight…at least until October but most likely until 2021.

Love WFH for convenience to running/walking/hiking but miss my trips to NYC!!


I have from May 15 until Aug 31 to run/walk 1000k.  Almost there…

Last Week –

  • Monday – #NeverMissaMonday?  Not really but it just happens that my long runs are on Saturday so I run on Mondays most weeks if the weather and work cooperate.  I was able to squeeze in one before work and bumped into a tennis friend running in my neighborhood which was nice.

you can see how tall these sunflowers were, LOVE these!! Another reason to get outside, right?

Not too much time for a lunch walk but I did get out since rain was predicted for Tuesday.

don’t we all love a sign with flowers and more yellow flowers?

Not sure why but I felt very energetic this evening (maybe due to a sluggish Sunday).  So I drove to see a field of 145,000 sunflowers (not exaggerating),


so amazing..this was the first time this farmer (Jerry Boone) planted them. He plans to harvest the seeds and sell them. I even bought a few flowers.

visited a new preserve, then a friend who lived nearby

not too impressive…the trail was very short

and two more preserves that I’ve visited before- Holt and Hollyhock Hollow.

Holt Preserve. I still need to go back when I have more time and do all the trails here… as you can see the sun was starting to set.

I walked along the creek at HollyHock Hollow….so so dry… didn’t stay long as it was getting dark.

  • Tuesday – Finally some rain. We did need it. I was glad it was a rest day. In the morning, I just grabbed my umbrella and headed out. The walk didn’t last long as it was raining so hard that I was getting soaked even with an umbrella. Well’ at least my garden was happy. I was hoping that it would let up by lunch or at least by dinner.

I tried once more when the rain let up but again it didn’t last before it started to monsoon. One last try since thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon and high winds for the evening.

stayed out longer than the first 2 attempts since it was raining hard but tolerable…even the sunflowers were sad 😦

After work, I decided that the only way to get in some dry steps was to head to the mall. Yes, the mall is open.  I wore my mask and didn’t do any shopping (What do I need??)

  • Wednesday – Storm over.  I got in a quick walk before work.

sun is back out but the sunflowers do look sad.

I rushed out to get in my run during lunch.  I only had time to do it in my neighborhood and actually ran in a neighboring development for a change. This run was not one for the record books…my lower back really ached (always something). I wondered why. Was it sitting too much? Nope, I am always at the computer. My shoes? Same as for my 10 miler (though they are getting worn.) Then I remembered the walk in the mall the evening before.  Hard floors!! So I just took it down a notch and walked when I needed to… Got it done!!

I wish the front of my house looked this pretty.

After work, I met my running friends for our weekly trail walk.  We re-visited Five Fivers (where last time we saw the mama turtle lay her eggs). We saw a deer and some cicada killer bees and covered around 3 miles while chatting.

On my way home, I decided to re-visit HollyHock Hollow Preserve. I thought it may look very different from Monday after Tuesday’s tropical storm rains.

it sure did and I’m glad I stopped by for a walk

  • Thursday – I was debating on whether to run before or after work.  I decided on after so I could drive and run somewhere different.

preparing for fall, I guess?

So there were walks before work and during lunch.

keeping with the vegetable theme…a squash flower

I decided to run at UAlbany after work since I hadn’t been there in ages.

ran around the lake since the path was shortened due to Covid testing and discovered a new path.

I followed it with a quick trip to Bozenkill Preserve.

no I didn’t see a bear but the sign did make me nervous…the creek was much more active than last week…worth the visit.

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. As usual. A Rainy Day.

Champ’s rest day…this cat can get comfortable for hours in the most amazing positions.

I did my morning walk near by office since I had to pick something up. I was able to get it done in between raindrops.

My lunch walk on the trails too. The rain had stopped which was convenient.

a little muddy but nice to get out of the neighborhood for a change

And after work, I met my former co-workers on the rail trail as I did last Friday evening. Thunderstorms were predicted but we lucked out. Nothing but humidity. 7 miles and one bag of chocolate cherry gourmet popcorn.

this food truck was stationed along the trail…we couldn’t resist.

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY.  We found out that one of our favorite brunch places does take-out and there’s a place outside to gather. So the Nisky bike path was where we did our runs/walks.  I arrived early and ran a few miles with Alyssa and Karen.  They were too fast so I ran heart rate intervals for the rest of my miles with Jan.  11 miles done in God awful humidity.  Met with with everyone else after for a delicious outdoor brunch (raspberry lemonade French toast).

the best part of this run was NO foot pain wearing my NEW Magnify Topos shoes!!

  • Sunday – Boating on Lake George. Another beautiful weather day and we invited two friends to spend the day with us.

We relaxed, chatted, swam, ate and took a LONG walk on the trail.  Perfect!!

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –run 
  • Tuesday –  rest day
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How are you surviving the summer heat?  Please share.

Four Somethings for July

January 2018 Share Foru Somethings #ShareFourSomethings

Thanks to Laurie from Meditations in Motion, I discovered a link up started by blogger Heather Gerwing. The fourth Saturday of each month (for me a Tuesday), Heather invites other bloggers to share their “Four Somethings”: Something Loved, Something Read, Something Treasured, and Something Ahead. Sharing these four somethings is a great way to recap your month and highlight what stood out to you. If you are a blogger, you may post your Four Somethings too!

1. Something Loved.

At this point in this HOT, HUMID summer, I have loved my Sunday time on Lake George.  It has been peaceful and scenic but more importantly, an opportunity to cool off, relax and read.

Unlike other summers, it has NOT been an occasion to connect with friends and participate in social gatherings.

How have you kept cool this summer?  Has it been different than previous summers?

2. Something Read.

Writers & Lovers

I took a break from my borrowed mystery novel collection since our library has now opened for book pick-up.

This book is is narrated by 31-year-old Casey, who is struggling to finish writing her first novel while trying to handle college loan debts and her mother’s recent, unexpected death. In the mix is a love triangle.

I really enjoyed this book and loved how the main character evolved and how the story ended.

Have you read this or King’s other novels?

3. Something Treasured.

My Friends.  

Of course, our times together are different. We are either 6 feet apart or on ZOOM but they are there for support and share our interests, worries, etc.

college friends with whom I went to France with

tennis friends

running/hiking buddies

They are all respectful of the need to stay safe.  I have felt isolated by working from home.  My friends have definitely added some normalcy to my life.

Have you been able to stay in touch with your friends?  

4. Something Ahead.

A Race-cation??

The Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon & 5k

Hopefully this will be in NH to run the Smuttynose Half Marathon.  Ten of us have rented a house for 4 days.

If not, my next one is in February in Fla.

Publix Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon

Sunday, Feb 14, 2021

Are you looking forward to any races that you have already registered for?

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Happy Running! What are your somethings? Share at least ONE. 

Runfessions for July


It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

Time flies in a pandemic.  This is my 4th pandemic Runfession post.

1. I runfess…

I have a high tolerance for pain.  I’ve raced with a stress fracture and a broken foot.

this was my last painful run

No surprise that that I waited several weeks before I went back to the podiatrist for my neuroma.

Economic evaluation corticosteroid injections mortons neuroma

Next up maybe laser therapy…

Do you seek medical attention right away or procrastinate? Have you gotten laser therapy for pain?

2. I runfess…

Once I experienced foot pain back in November, I ditched my favorite Mizunos and bought:

  • Altras (and returned them)
  • Brooks (and returned them)
  • Hokas (and returned them)
  • Another style of Hokas (for walking)
  • Back to Mizuno Inspires (for short runs)

And now I am trying Topos!!

Did you try different shoes or stick with one brand?

3.I runfess…

I thought I would continue with some virtual races.  For good reasons. Support the racing organization, charity, add to my swag collection or just to motivate myself to run faster.

5k, 10k, 13.1 Virtual Challenge medal

Nope, I’m done!

At least paying money to run them. And who needs another glass or medal??

If they are free, maybe??

Are you still signing up for virtual races?

4. I runfess…

We’re pretty good in Upstate NY with Covd-19 though there are still new cases.  I am considering running a race, any race.

2020 Landis Arboretum 5K Forest Run

Aug 15…maybe? Maybe not?

Anyone else have run a real race or considering doing so?

5.I runfess…

I upped my goal in the NYS Challenge from 500k to 1000K because I would be done too early in the summer.

One NY Virtual Challenge - Race Across New York!

Then my foot started bothering me so I thought I should probably cut back on the walking, hiking running and maybe get my bike out.

can’t remember the last time on this???

Biking miles don’t count!!

And I am stubborn.  So back to walking, running and hiking until I am done with 1000k.

Would you bike even if it did not count?  Do you like biking?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


Weekly Run Down for 7.20.20-7.26.20: Lazy Hazy Days of Summer…

Still warm, humid, lots of thunderstorm threats… a haircut is probably the only new event.


I have until Aug 31 to run/walk 1000k.  Getting there…

Of course this is getting old but another of my favorite summer races has gone virtual.

nostalgic look back to 2019

I also finally got in the mail my swag from the Steel Rail Half Marathon that I chose to run virtually in May:

what? no metal? lol

Last Week –

  • Monday – Another scorcher.  I wanted to get in a pre-work run to avoid the heat and test my new shoes.

still pretty steamy…no verdict yet since the the run was very easy as to break in my shoes

Even warmer at lunch but luckily I did not have much time to sweat on my walk.

more pretty pink flowers (Rose of Sharon?)

After work as usual, I went out in search of exercise and shade. I picked two very nearby preserves that were wooded and went along the creek at some point. It was wonderful!!

Then I met my BFF for an outdoor mall walk and talk. She broke her toe so this week it was a sit and chat.

  • Tuesday – I decided to squeeze in an early morning walk in the ‘hood

hosta time

and then a run at lunch since I had plans every day after work.

I actually drove to the rail trail because I am sick of my neighborhood.. so hot when you run at NOON!!

After work, I had my 2nd pandemic haircut (makes me feel kinda normal). Next week I hope to have my 2nd manicure!!

And I then I explored a preserve that wasn’t too far away followed by a walk on the bike path.

I had visited this trail before but not since the pandemic began

  • Wednesday – I wouldn’t normally run again but rain was predicted for later in the day and for tomorrow.

I woke up to rain but it stopped by the time I was ready to run.

70s for temp but 85% for humidity did not make this feel good (nor is my foot 😦 )

I decided for a change to drive to the park at lunch and walk on the trails there.

and met up with my “deer” friend

Fingers crossed that the storms would hold off so we could get in our weekly trail walk. Unfortunately I was the only one able to do the trails.  And the rain did hold off (though it was so humid, the rain would have felt nice.)

I did the green, blue and part of the yellow trail – would have done more if I knew the rain would hold off so long…

  • Thursday – It was supposed to rain on and off today. It rained during the night but had stopped by morning. So I started the day with my usual neighborhood walk in search of new flowers to photograph.

I don’t think I posted these before?

and then one more during lunch.  Hooray for rest days and no pressure to run between the raindrops.

got caught taking this pic and explained that I was admiring her petunias since they were nicer than mine.

In the evening, my monthly tennis dinner was scheduled.  This was the first time, we were not doing take out and sitting 6 feet apart in a park.  The threat of thunderstorms postponed this until next Thursday.

Of course, the storm never really arrived so after dinner, I decided to go on another trail walk at Normanskill Farm.

It was lovely walking along the creek but I didn’t have time to complete the whole loop since it was getting dark.

You can see from the photo above that I stopped for dessert before heading home.  As I was enjoying my ice cream cone, I realized that across the street, there was an awesome sunset.

I can’t remember the last time I watched the sun set…it’s usually when I travel to NYC or Fla. I need to remember to do more of my walks later in the evening.

  • Friday – Another rest day as always due to my long run being the next day.   I didn’t have much time today for walks but I did squeeze in two short ones in the neighborhood.

One in the morning

dahlia I think

and then one at lunch time

and a hibiscus

I did a repeat walk from Thursday but explored farther on the path.  However, no ice cream or perfect sunset tonight.

back along the Normanskill creek

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Today we were back on the rail trail so that we could meet for brunch after at Emma Cleary’s (It’s all about food lol).

Like previous weeks, it was HOT and HUMID so I arrived earlier to get in a few solo miles. Then everyone else arrived at various times.  I again took advantage of Deidre’s offer to run 10 miles with me.  She runs intervals which is fine with me. It’s all about distance in the summer time. I ran 2 miles before she and Jen arrived and then she wasn’t feeling well so we only ran 9.  11 miles was enough to deserve Emma’s strawberry stuffed French toast with  potatoes and bacon (and chocolate mile  of course).

We twinned with our Skirt Sports tanks

  • Sunday – Boating. For the first time this summer we had company (my hubby’s friend, his girlfriend, his daughter & daughter’s friend) on our boat.

that’s my hubby diving off a cliff.. me? I just floated around in a tube.

The weather was perfect and it was fun hanging out with other people for a change.

Another first was that I slept overnight on our boat.  I haven’t done it in awhile but I had Monday off from work. My hiking plans got cancelled so I decided why not run and hike here for a change of scenery.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – DAY OFF – run, hike
  • Tuesday –  rest day
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday – run, dinner with tennis friends
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going?  Are things opening up where you live? Are things getting more normal for you?  Please share.

Running Success (During Pandemic Times)

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

My Topic for today is: Running Success (during Pandemic Times)

In “Normal” times, as runners, we would most likely define SUCCESS with one or more of the following:

  • Completing a New distance such as your first full marathon
  • Attaining a PR (at a distance or a course)
  • Qualifying for a big race (Boston?)
  • Running a bucket list race (like one of the World Majors)
  • Trying a new type of race – a trail race, a triathlon, etc.
  • Returning to racing after an injury

Well, I doubt any of these have occurred this year.

So how do runners now determine success?

  • No Covid-19

Only one of my running friends has gotten this and she recovered. All others including myself are and have been symptom free.

thumbs up for flowers and feeling good

  • Mileage

Since we are all working from home, there is less travel time and thus, more time to RUN. As a result, we are running more miles each month.

my goal had been 84 miles per month and I often didn’t meet it

  • Varied running routes

In order to stay safe, you have had to avoid those non-wearing masked neighborhood walkers or the bikers on crowded bike trails. So you have discovered new places to run such as secluded trails or quiet park paths.

all alone at Zim Smith

  • Virtual Races

No scheduled races has given runners who want to race the ability to sign up and complete a multitude of VIRTUAL races.

Many are even free.

  • Participation in Challenges

In addition to virtual races, you can join a variety of challenges that will motivate you to complete a certain number of miles or kms.


Many of the states have one such as this.

So of course as running goes in 2020, we may want a do over but it always helps to focus on the positives. I’m sure you can find ones that I didn’t even think of.

Yeah, life is hard, but people get through it, why? Because they ...

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Happy Running! How successful has your running year been? Have you had any of the successes mentioned or any others? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 7.6.20-7.12.20: And the Heat Goes On…

Hot hot hot.

Not complaining because I love summer and it’s better than snow and ice and all those layers.


I have until Aug 31 to run/walk 1000k.  Still chugging along.

Another 5k got cancelled – Silks and Satins.

fondly remembering last year

And of course, another half marathon went virtual…Adirondack Half Marathon in September (hopefully, I can get a refund or defer…I’m done with virtuals).

Last Week –

  • Monday – Too much work drama to get in a run or walk before work. UGH!  Especially on such a hot day.

I also only had time for a short walk during lunch….

no shade in the ‘hood but always pretty flowers (even if they are past bloom)

And so after work, I drove in search of some shade. I decided on The Crossings since there was a wooded loop I could run on. 90 degrees so still a struggle but would have been worse if I ran anywhere else.

definitely worth the trip and I got to shop at nearby Trader Joe’s

  • Tuesday – A little breeze this morning but only had time for a short walk.

part in the ‘hood and part on the trail. gotta bring a container to pick those raspberries

I did my lunch walk on the trail…warmer than this morning but cooler than yesterday.

pushed myself (as my shirt said) later in the day

Since I had plans after work the next two days, I decided to get in a run.  I drove to the Voorheesville end of the rail trail and hoped for a shady route. It was shady but I just wasn’t feeling it but I did enjoy seeing the artwork.

they added new pieces from my last visit…I guess I need to keep returning here

When I was done, I met my BFF to do our walk and talk in an outdoor mall.

  • Wednesday – A rest day!!  I skipped my morning walk (due to work stuff) so I planned to extend my lunch one (if the rain held off)…

I headed to the trails to stay in the shade…still hot and muggy!

2 loops though I had planned 3. Better than nothing.

Then after work, I met two former co-workers for a walk.  It’s been months since we’ve talked so it was nice. We almost didn’t get to do it due to a passing thunderstorm however the rain stopped (but the humidity did not.)

we were too busy talking for me to take any pics except for this one before my friends arrived on the rail trail

  • Thursday – I had grandiose plans to drag myself out of bed to run before work.  But my foot has been hurting (again) all week so I decided to lay low. (Of course, today my foot felt fine. D’uh)

So I just went for a short walk during lunch on the waterline during lunch… (No way I would want to run today.)

the top photo is my house…I used be able to access the waterline (before everything grew in)

And then after work, our weekly scheduled trail walk was scheduled. This week, it took place at Five Rivers. And though it was a small group (like two of us) as usual, lots of fun (and exercise). We saw a doe and her fawn.  And a Mama Turtle laying 5 eggs.  Very very cool!!!

After an ice cream cone, I decided that I needed some more steps so stopped off at a preserve on my way home.

  • Friday – Another rest day.  My 3rd day in a row. Two walks and then I was looking forward to the trails after work.  Of course, there was heavy rain predicted…

I did get to walk this morning before work.

of course, more flower pix

It looked like rain but I also got in a second walk during lunch.  The only water felt was my sweat lol

soon these will be gone

It was raining when I finished work but it stopped. With the predicted thunderstorms, I decided not to hike and get stuck in the middle of the woods. Instead I went for another walk.  And the rain never came.

I parked at the opposite end of the rial trail from Tuesday (9 miles away). It was a lovely walk aside from the oppressive humidity.

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Back to my neck of the woods – the Delmar Rail Trail. Between the weather forecast, vacations and family obligations, my running group shrunk.

I too was wondering if the thunderstorms would hold off and let me get in a few miles. No rain but lots of humidity.  I ran 5 miles solo (though I passed Barbara twice on the path) and then 5 miles with Deirdre.

You bet I rewarded my achy feet and sweaty body with French toast.

Did some housework, a short walk and then watched Hamilton again (this time with the hubby – he didn’t hate it lol).

Ended the day with drinks out with a friend.  What happened to that rain??

  • Sunday – Boating Day!

Same as last Sunday though not as hot…relaxing, eating, drinking and reading in my happy place!!

It was a beautiful day on the lake…even a nice breeze

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday –  rest day
  • Wednesday –  run
  • Thursday – run, trail walk
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going?  Are things opening up where you live? Are things getting more normal for you?  Please share.

Broken Ankle and the Pandemic

It’s Friday so I’m also linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostess and visit some other bloggers.

My Topic today is: My Broken Ankle vs the Pandemic

On Dec 30, 2011, I fell on the ice and broke my fibula and tibia and had to have surgery.

Thinking back to how I dealt with this horrible situation has helped me deal with the current pandemic we’re in.

Here are 5 6 reasons why both are very similar:

1.Happened Unexpectedly.

I was doing a 10 mile training run and then all of a sudden, I was down on the ground.

last run

I was at work on March 16 and then on March 17, I was told to stay home and self-isolate.

my new office

2.Scary Health-wise.

I had never broken my ankle. I had never had surgery before or anesthesia.  Yikes!

not my x-ray – I have 6 screws in the plate

COVID-19 – Would I get it?  Would my friends or family get it?  People are dying from it!!! Holy cow!

New York now has more coronavirus cases than Italy and Spain ...

3. Unknown Duration.

How long would it take for my bones to heal? Weeks? How long until I could walk or run again? Months?

post ankle surgery

How long until I would go back to work? How long until I could see my family and friends?  How long will we be social-distancing??

 our first pandemic post-run brunch

4. Feeling Depressed and Isolated.

I missed a New Year’s Party. I couldn’t go anywhere. Not to the mall, not out with my friends.  I was stuck at home. I was bored and lonely.

Nothing is open.  I can’t even get my hair cut.  I can’t go out to dinner or to the movies. I am tired of running by myself.

ZOOMing with my running friends

5. Changes Happen in Stages

First I would be mobile using crutches.  And then walking with a boot. And eventually walking unaided… and then running!!

first steps

First leaving the house to go to essential places, then more places but wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart.  Eventually more places open up but restrictions are still in place.

first boating outing

6. What will “Normal” be?

Will I run as fast as before?  Will I be able to run long distances? Will there be things I can no longer do?

my first post-injury 5k

Will we be able to hug our family and friends?  Will we be able to attend concerts and movies?  Will there be big races?

running with friends but 6 ft apart

Happy Running! Have you ever had a serious injury or situation which may have prepared you for this Pandemic? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 6.22.20-6.28.20: Things are heating up.

As things have opened up (We are in Phase 3), the temps have heated up.

That means getting up earlier to run before work so I don’t die and looking for shadier trails for after work.

But mostly everything is the same.


I have until Aug 31 to run/walk 1000k.  Still chugging along.

Last Week –

  • Monday – As I mentioned, it was hot and humid.  What I hate about running early is that it is boring to run in my neighborhood.  Looking forward to cloudy cooler temps just so I can drive somewhere to run after work.

running slow enough to admire the landscapes in my NYC outfit…

I went for a walk again at lunch…and almost had heat stroke lol

I need a shadier route but the trails are so buggy…

After work, I waited until the temps went down from 95 to 86 and headed for a shady trail.  I re-visited Hanncroix Creek Preserve. When I arrived, people were leaving in bathing suits. I guess it is a popular swimming hole as well as a trail.

you can jump of the cliff into the creek or climb down the rocks to cool off..there are a few different trails so I still have more to explore on my next visit

  • Tuesday – Today I went for my walk before work instead of a run and then again during lunch.

another hot one…wish I had done my run early this morning

I had planned to meet my BFF for a walk and talk so I squeezed in my run before that at UAlbany.

a steamy run around campus…met two old tennis friends on the way and well. you can see my post run treat

  • Wednesday – It rained all night so the temps were a lot cooler in the morning so I should have run but instead I went for a walk since I was still debating about the evening Ice Cream group run.

had to model my new shirt from the FRW virtual 5k… much cooler out but still humid

I walked again at lunch. This time I drove to the nearby preserve (and put on a lot of bug spray).

two loops of Van Dyke Preserve were a refreshing reprieve from the ‘hood

WTH?…I drove to the Crossings to meet some others to run followed by ice cream.

the run was good since I was motivated to run faster than when I run alone, I met some new people and well, the ice cream was eaten too fast to take a pic.

  • Thursday – Finally a rest day with a few short walks and an evening adventure trail walk with my running friends on tap.

Too much work drama to get my walk in before work and the temps were cool and perfect for a run (figures).  I did get a short walk in at lunch.

Then after work, I drove to Peebles Island State Park. I walked a bit until everyone arrived …

and then we strolled around the island. We didn’t get lost.  It was an island (but that fact didn’t stop us last time.) Lots of fun, as usual (and ice cream after.)

  • Friday – Another rest day. A walk before work and then a walk at the Arboretum since I signed up to volunteer there after work.

no one showed up so I went home did 2 hours of weeding there

Dinner out at an outdoor restaurant (for the 2nd time.) This time locally with a friend. Just a little bit of normalcy.

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY.  This week we picked the Zim Smith Bike Path. Our reason was that we thought that Leah’s Cakery had re-opened and we wanted to buy our brunch items there (then we found out that you had to order your items 2 days in advance so we switched to Lakeside Farms just a few minutes away).

As with every long run, I am running longer than the others so I get there early and run and then hook up with the others.

I ran 4 miles solo and then 6 more with Sherry & Alyssa…as you can tell almost everyone in the group showed up to either run, walk or brunch…Love my running friends!!

Well, we discovered that Leah’s indeed had opened, so we hung out in the park, ate and chatted until the rain came.

  • Sunday – Boating was on my schedule but the weather did not cooperate. Instead I planned an early morning hike with a friend.  But she texted to tell me it was already raining.  I decided to go solo and bring an umbrella and avoid the mud by walking on the rail trail (where I often run.)  I headed to the end and it was no longer raining.  And much to my surprise there was an exhibit of artwork dedicated to the pandemic.  What a treat.

the pictures don’t do it justice since there are words on many of the art.

I walked and discovered some side trails (you see so much more when you are not running) and only truned back when I heard thunder.

Only a few drops of rain so I decided to continue my explorations until the real rain came.  I headed into the city to visit the ground of Ten Broeck Mansion.

another hidden treasure that is located in the worst section of the city

Rain kept threatening so I headed toward home and got in one more walk.  This time at the opposite end of the trail trail.  I walked until I hit the bubbling creek and then rushed back to the sound of thunder.

don’t you love the family huddled under that umbrella (on Pride Day)

Last stop before I got home was to get my NAILS done!!! They took my temp, the salon was empty.  Hair colored and cut and now a manicure. OMG.  My life is complete…only kidding.  (I could have waited since I work from home but self care is important, you guys!!)

While I was getting my nails done, the sky opened up.

It rained several more times but I was able to get in one more walk.  Forecast for Mon, Tues and Wed is showers and thunderstorms!! Oh my…

after dinner on the middle of the rail trail

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday –  rest day, trail walk
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Breathing When Running

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My Topic today is: Breathing.

but NO I don’t wear one while I run

I think that wearing a mask has gotten to me.

Or maybe it’s adjusting to the heat and humidity.

And that awful pollen in the air.

Anyway, I’d had a hard time breathing.

So I got to thinking about Breathing when Running.

I’m not a coach or have any medical expertise.  All I know if what I’ve been told by coaches and what I’ve read so you can take what I say below with a grain of salt.

1.Deep Belly Breathing is better.

Deep belly breathing is also called diaphragmatic breathing. (Here’s how to do it –

How to Do Belly Breathing Like a Pro | Yuri Elkaim

It is said to be more efficient because it uses the entire capacity of the lungs. It helps to increase your VO2 max. (This site will tell you what this is –

VO2 Max: Compare your cardio fitness to your peers.

2.Breathe Through Your Mouth 

You need to take in oxygen and expel C02 as efficiently as possible when you run.

Obviously, you can’t take in as much air through your nose as you can through your mouth. So it makes sense to mainly breathe through your mouth when running.

Image titled Control Breathing While Running Step 4

I remember when I started running, my coach stressed to us to NEVER breathe through our nose.  He said to keep your tongue against the back of you bottom teeth and concentrate taking in air through your mouth.  I don’t always remember to do that but when I am out of breath, I do and it works!

Yes, of course, you can breathe through your nose but it will slow you down!! (Nose breathing is harder.)

3. Slow Down if you are out of breath (or have a side stitch).

If you are out of breath, just slow down your pace, take some deep breaths and then you can speed up again.

How To Ease Painful Side Stitches When Running | Wilderman ...

Many times if you have a pain in your side, it’s because you are holding your breath or breathing too shallow. Just breathe in deeply several times and it should go away.

4.Use Proper Breathing Rhythms

I admit that I rarely do this.  I have tried but as with anything else, it takes practice.

  • Easy runs – 3:3 (three steps while breathing in and three steps while breathing out)
  • Medium-intensity runs: 2:2
  • Maximum and high-intensity runs: 1:1  (For me this is only crossing the finish line at the end of a race lol)

What Is The Best Way To Breathe While Running

5. Do What Feels Natural

In other words, you are more comfortable breathing through your nose, then run that way.  There are many breathing patterns.

Do whatever works for you.

Happy Running! Any other suggestions related to breathing? Do you get out of breath when you run? Do you even think about breathing correctly when you run? Please share.