Weekly Wrap for 9.3.18-9.9.18 – Holiday Week and Back to You Know Where


A short work week. Yay! And my last trip to NYC until November. This time, I did run there.

  • Monday -Love me a holiday so I can run in the morning on a weekday!!  I thought about a race but the Sefcu 5k started at 9 am which was too late so I opted to run with some newbie runners. They were training for their first half and did 1/4 mi intervals.  Not the best scenario but nice not to run alone.

love running at Peebles

My hubby was nice enough to wait until I got back to head up to the lake. It was too hot to stay home. It was a quiet day since most of our friends had headed home.

views from our marina and Log Bay Island

  • Tuesday – The indoor tennis season has started. Although I decided not to join the tennis club, I got asked to sub and I happily accepted.  Of course, I had to sneak in a short run nearby. The heat and humidity were back. I tried to find as much shade as possible. First I had to move off the path for the boys cross country meet and then later for the girls.  Then I ran (slogged) out of time.

on the Colonie Town Park Bike Path

  • Wednesday – Back on the train to NYC.  I debated where to run to avoid the heat.  I decided to take the subway to Roosevelt Island and run around the whole island. It turned out to be a good choice. The route was shady for the most part and there was a slight breeze from the water.

The only negative besides the heat was that I was the only runner on the path. After my run, I took the tram back to Manhattan and then walked all the way back to my hotel.10 miles on the feet for the day!!

  • Thursday – After a long hot day of training, I hopped the subway to run in Central Park because I had planned to meet fellow Skirt Sports ambassador Elizabeth. I hadn’t seen her since the spring and we have never run together. As soon as we met, a big storm arrived.  Luckily we were near a shopping mall to take cover and chat until the rain stopped.  We did get in our run and it was great. The opposite of the day before…so many runners and running groups in the park.

After our run,we continued our conversation over dinner and drinks and then I walked back to my hotel. 10 miles covered again today

  • Friday – Rest Day. I had to catch the train home so no time to run. (Darn. Finally some cooler temps.)
  • Saturday – Last long run. 12 Miles with some of the Sole Sisters.  And the weather was perfect. We chose to meet at Nisky Bike Path and pair up since everyone had different distances to cover. I ran a fast 3 miles with Judy and then the remaining 9 miles with Sherry and Chris.  There were some hills thrown in that didn’t thrill me but we got it done and celebrated with brunch afterwards.

  • SundayBoating Sunday. The temps felt more like fall than summer. So I talked (begged) my hubby into going for a hike first.  He enjoyed the view from Pinnacle Point but did get annoyed when I got us lost on the second trail.

We ended the day with a short boat ride and then dinner with a view.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  drive to Rochester, rest day
  • Tuesday   4 miles in Rochester
  • Wednesday – drive to Syracuse, 3 miles
  • Thursday – drive home after work, rest day
  • Friday –  3 miles, mah jongg
  • Saturday –  8-10 miles – Taper Time, boating
  • Sunday -rest day, tennis, Mah Jongg on the Schroon River

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Is the humidity killing your running mojo?Please share.


31 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 9.3.18-9.9.18 – Holiday Week and Back to You Know Where

  1. Are you happy or sad to not be going back to NYC until November? I wanted you to check out the “vending machine” Lululemon/Nuun are putting in with “free” stuff you might need on a run. Maybe it will still be there in November.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also love when holidays fall during a week day so I can get up early and run and then have the rest of the day free to celebrate.

    I used to live on Roosevelt Island a few years ago. It’s a cool little place. Unfortunately I wasn’t a runner when I lived there 😦


  3. How fun that you got to sub for tennis. I haven’t played in years but it sure is nice to mix up the running with other things. It actually got pretty cold here so the running is super appealing!


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