Weekly Run Down – 4.22.19-4.28.19 – Chocolate and NYC


This was planned forever ago but our girls weekend to NYC happened and it was a blast. And then next week, I’m off to Florida for a 8 day vacation with my tennis friends.

Last week

  • Monday – So today was week 6 of the Freihofer Challenge Training (FTC) group. I had planned on doing my long run on Saturday so I could tackle the “advanced” drills today. Well, the weather did not cooperate and I ran 4 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. That meant, my legs would protest if I encouraged them to run fast.  Once more, I wimped out and ran with the “Beginner” group – Better safe than sorry is my philosophy (esp. with a 15k and a half marathon coming up.)


  • Tuesday Rest day finally. I hadn’t played tennis in forever so I decided to sub in my old group. It was fun playing and catching up over dinner. I have resumed my short lunch time walks too.

greenery = flowers & Starbucks

  • Wednesday – I had planned to run with the FTC group at 6 pm near where I live. Then, there was this fun event:

But after standing for 8 hours in uncomfortable shoes, I was too pooped to do either.  Instead, I stopped off on my way home at the Corning Bike Path. The run sucked but the scenery was good.

  • Thursday – One more run before the race. I decided on a quick one at UAlbany and then home to pack. A little bit more energy than the day before but not much.

jumping in excitement for my weekend away

  • Friday – Off to my girls weekend away. After checking into our hotel in Brooklyn, we headed to the expo and then to carb load with pizza to prepare for the next morning’s race.

  • Saturday – Today a group of the Sole Sisters ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Brooklyn. Not an easy race but a fun one. We all met our goals and ate lots of chocolate.

not a PR but negative splits, 2nd in my AG and NO PAIN!!

After the race, we spent the rest of the day in Manhattan. This included a Broadway show (Avenue Q), and dinner near Times Square.

If you are wondering who is that guy. One runner in our group got injured so my friend Stan subbed for her (in the ALL of our planned activities).

  • Sunday – Another full day planned for our group. Lunch in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, visit to the Cherry Blossom Festival there, then back to Manhattan.

We checked our luggage in Macys (for free) and then climbed to the top of the Vessel at Hudson Yards before heading home that night.

Such a fun weekend away. We are already trying to figure out what to do for our next one.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down – 4.22.19-4.28.19 – Chocolate and NYC

  1. Mmm chocolate. And beach. That’s a toss up on which is better. Safe travels, happy birthday and have fun!
    While my achilles is glad I didn’t do hot chocolate, I wish my schedule had aligned to join you/say hi this weekend.
    I should see Q one more time before it closes.


  2. What fun – our group has talked about doing the chocolate race one of these years, but haven’t done so yet. How nice to have a group of friends who want to do all the things in one jam-packed weekend! Now rest up so you can enjoy Florida!


  3. What a great girls’ (and guy) weekend! I love all these chocolate-themed races and their “half-eaten” chocolate bar medals 😉 At least they all have different “wrappers,” right 😉 Thanks for linking with us 😉


  4. Love that Hot Chocolate 15K medal! Have so much fun on your Florida vacation. I have recently picked up tennis again since not playing since I was a kid. I am having such fun!


  5. Geez, I’m exhausted just reading this post! You are truly the energizer bunny–do you ever stop?

    Congrats on the Hot Chocolate. Isn’t it a fun race?

    Have fun in Florida! I’d ask if you were racing, but I’m sure I know the answer to that one…

    Liked by 1 person

    • the gardens were perfect. we got lucky with the timing of the cherry blossoms.

      thanks I am positive that I will have a good time in Fla.


  6. OMG I want to do a chocolate run! that medal!! Hey and Stan was a good sport, I see! I am a tad jealous of your fun in the sun holiday… well, I’m doing that soon too so *sticks tongue out at you* 😀

    the vessel looks SO cool! I want to go there!

    I was looking at your upcoming week plans and saw the 6.6KM run and thought “that’s an odd distance!” but now I get it!

    Liked by 1 person

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