Weekly Run Down for 1.18.21-1.24.18: A Week of Celebration

The week started off with a day off to celebrate Martin Luther King Day

❤ this! I remember him saying it but it didn’t mean as much to me then as it does now.

and then in the the middle of the week, we celebrated a new US President being inaugurated.

What Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman Wore to the Biden-Harris Presidential Inauguration

this was even more exciting!

Hope this means good things for all of us.

A four-day work week is always a good thing.

And I also got my first dose of the COVID vaccine. Another reason to celebrate.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Woo Hoo, a day off from work.  I started it with my longest and best Peleton ride.

45 minutes of Billy!!! No callouts, just some stories but mostly music!!

In the afternoon, I was able to take a long hike on this rest day from running.  I continued my quest for easy trails in the winter but ones with waterfalls. I have to say that I am still rather nervous about hiking where there is ice and snow.  But there’s no way around it sometimes (unless I just stay home). So I wore my Yaks, used my poles and walked very slowly.  And I didn’t fall!! Woot! Woot!

it was very icy but going by myself, I could set my own pace and I enjoyed the beautiful views.

  • Tuesday – Back to work and back to running. The temps dropped and it was still cloudy. Not happy about that but I did squeeze in a run before my appointment to get my first COVID vaccine.

and it takes me a lot longer than 30 minutes to run 3 miles these days

The vaccine took no time at all. It was so well organized. I was in and out.  I got the Pfizer vaccine so my second dose was scheduled for 21 days from today.

I felt fine so I went for a work with a friend that evening (The arm was just a little sore.)

  • Wednesday – A rest day so on the bike before work. I got a late start so instead of a Peleton ride, I did work while on the bike. Then I took a short walk during a late lunch (after watching the Inauguration <3). And believe it or not, it was the first day that there was any sun in eons!!! Then all of a sudden, there was a snow squall and I looked like a snowman.  Just as quickly as it started, it ended and it was sunny again.

lots of flags for Inauguration Day and a mobile Pet Spa at a neighbor’s?

and I met my BFF for a longer walk after work.

In the evening, we had a running group ZOOM.  We have some snowbirds in the group and some not being able to do the weekend long runs.  It was great seeing everyone all together.

Judy was also here for a little while earlier

  • Thursday – A busy work day so I had to run after work at Ualbany and then meet my friends for a walk. Both were cold ones.  Brrr!

But first, all the bloggers celebrated Liz’s birthday.

thanks to Cari for the collage

It snowed during the morning and I was worried about the paths at UAlbany being slippery. Happy to report that they were all clear and salted.

loving the extra minutes of daylight

Afterward, I went to meet a friend for a walk.  She told me I looked like Bernie.

she may have been right lol

  • Friday – Rest Day #3 was scheduled. Appropriately since I woke up feeling like crap. Headache, achy, tired.  Not sure if it was a delayed reaction from the COVID vaccine (my friend had a bad one on day 8) or from lack of sleep and stress at work.  A normal person would just rest. Instead I did a Peleton ride (live) during my late lunch. (You know my philosophy – You rest when you die.)

OMG. I forgot how much I loved this musical and it ended with my favorite song.

I was not cured but mentally I felt better and physically no worse.

And then after work, I finally dragged myself outside for a walk with friends. Continuing on my goal to go for a walk outdoors everyday.  Someday, there may even be sunshine. Believe it or not, my headache went away. I felt energized and like a new woman.  The first step out the door is the hardest.  Glad I didn’t just give into my lethargy/sickness.

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday. The coldest temps yet and it was sooo windy. All my friends decided to skip the run. Boy, was I tempted to as well and join the other bloggers for a indoor bike ride ZOOM.  But I drove to The Crossings and got it done. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t pretty.

there was sunshine but the wind overshadowed it.  Listened to some Peleton Rock but the cold was draining my iPhone battery.

After a soak in the hot tub and a hot shower, we headed up north for a Belated Anniversary dinner!  We walked around our marina and then had a cozy dinner in a heated igloo.

  • Sunday – Still cold but not as windy. Started my rest day with a 45 minute Peleton ride.

out of nowhere a ladybug landed on me!! So strange. A sign??

Then I set out for a longish hike hoping to explore a new place, a waterfall and not to fall on the ice!!  Well there was NO ice and several beautiful waterfalls on this crisp sunny day.  Loved this 3.5 mile out and back hike!! So many hidden gems in my area to explore.  What took me so long to find them?

Burden Pond Preserve

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run, walk
  • Tuesday – rest day, bike, walk, hair appt
  • Wednesday –  run, walk
  • Thursday – Day Off, run, hike, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, walk
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Have the winter temps or snow hit? Have you signed up for any races? Virtual or In-Person? Please share.

Fit Friday Five: Winter Lovings

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I just realized that I haven’t posted about this topic since Fall.

So that’s my topic for today.

Here are 5 things that I am loving this Winter:

  1. my Adidas Beanie.

It is warm and comfortable. And most importantly, it stays down over my ears. (and I stumbled upon it at Marshalls!!)

2. My Hot Tub

Even if the temps are frigid, after a long run, it is an amazing reward. I keep it at 104 degrees.  It gets you warmed up and it’s also great for sore muscles. (For added joy, afterward, you need a heavy terry cloth robe, a cup of Starbucks or hot cocoa and a indoor fireplace lol).

3. my new Nordic Track Stationary Bike

On days when I don’t have time to get outside to run or it’s too snowy or icy to do so, this bike has been my savior.  In just a few minutes, I am sweating. It connects to my phone or iPad so I can listen to music, podcasts or participate in online workouts. (Bought for cheap on FB Market Place!!)

It also lets me be part of the Blogger Biker Chicks ZOOM!

4. my old Skirt Sports Toasty Cheeks Skirt

I wear it over tights.  It keeps my butt nice and “toasty” warm. I’ve had it for years and it still looks brand new (since I reserve it for very cold windy days.)

5. the NYCRuns Gaiter

It keeps my face warm (and protected from COVID) and actually stays up when I run. I have some other free cotton ones but they just don’t cut it. This one has Spandex in it. And it was swag from the NYCRuns in person race that I ran back in December. Win. Win.

It is very similar to the ones made by Skida which work well too.

Happy Running! What are you loving this winter?  Please share.


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TT: What I learned about myself during the Pandemic

Since today is Tuesday, I’m  linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

The Topic this week is: What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic?

First, things I learned that surprised me:

  • I could let people see me without makeup.
  • I could spend half the day in pajamas.
  • I could wear the same outfit two days in a row.
  • I could binge watch a Netflix series.
  • I did not hate working from home.
  • I cooked more often.

Yup, I admit it. I’m pretty vain. I used to wear lipstick even when I went out for a run. I plan my outfits and love to dress up.  I rarely sit in front in of the TV yet alone watch 6 seasons of a show. I enjoy being on the go and loved the social interaction at a job. So the option of working in a room at home everyday was something I NEVER considered.

Secondly, things I learned that did not surprise me:

  • I needed to color my hair and have my nails done.
  • I missed shopping and the need to buy new clothes (and shoes.)
  • I missed going to the movies, shows, concerts and other events.
  • I missed seeing my friends on a regular basis.
  • I missed work travel and running in different places.
  • I missed my Friday night mah jongg games.
  • I was disciplined (or stubborn) enough to run all the miles even without races to train for.
  • Even with more free time, I did not work out or cross-train.
  • Running virtual races were just fun runs for me.
  • I was not nervous running an in-person race.
  • I enjoyed hiking as much as or maybe more than running.
  • I’m not ready to retire.

2020 = 1017 Miles
Jan – 83.8 miles
Feb – 76.7 miles
Mar – 91 miles
Apr – 89 miles
May – 86.5 miles
Jun – 82 miles
Jul –  78 miles
Aug – 89 miles
Sept – 75 miles
Oct –  93 miles
Nov – 87 miles
Dec – 86 miles

As you can see above, I ran pretty consistently throughout the year. I usually try for 84 each month but some months are more and some are less. In fact, I ran MORE miles than the years that I was racing every weekend even in 2019 when I was training for my first marathon.

I love to be active so no surprise that when I was stuck at home everyday, I explored a new fitness option – Hiking saved my sanity, for sure.

So now it’s 2021 and the Pandemic is not over yet….

However I’m better prepared this year for the changes and inconveniences it brings.

I’m also linking up here:

with co-hosts Coach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running.

Happy Running! What did you learn about yourself during the Pandemic? Please share.


Weekly Run Down for 1.11.21-1.17.21: Counting Down

Counting down until my THREE day weekend.

Counting down until Biden is sworn in as President.

Counting down until I get my COVID vaccines. (I became eligible this week and after a zillion failed attempts, I got an appt.)

Counting down until I can run an in-person race.

Some years, it’s hard to enjoy the present and you have to look ahead to better times.

That being said, so far, this year I have kept up my fitness goals – running easy, running long, walking, hiking, indoor biking (two activities each day.)

Last Week –

  • Monday – Another cold gray morning. Postponed going outside until lunchtime.  The sun never came out but it was at least a little warmer. I decided to try something new for my run. I drove to the park n ride, ran a mile to the high school, ran a mile around the track and then back to my car.  A really nice diversion. The track was empty, clear of ice/snow and easy on the feet. Maybe next time, I’ll even do some speed work.

It was only in the high 20s and I was cold for awhile but in the end, it was the right choice of clothing.

With a few more minutes each day of light, I was able to explore a local trail after work.

Van Dyke Preserve at dusk

  • Tuesday –  Before work I rode George since it was a rest day.

I decided to try and focus on one nugget said by each trainer (makes the chatter more meaningful) – today was (don’t quote me) -“The way you see yourself impacts what you can do.”

During my lunch break, I went for a short walk. Just out my back door and onto the waterline.

another very dreary cloudy day…at least there was no wind so it felt warmer than yesterday (even walking).

After work, I got in my 2nd daily (and longer) walk with a friend around our outdoor mall.

we always pass this giant Christmas ornament and I finally took a selfie in it.

I spent most of the evening trying to make an appt for my COVID-19 vaccine.  At the current time, it was only offered through April 16 at UAlbany and all the appts were filled or the website kept crashing….grrr!!!

  • Wednesday – After a sleepless and frustrated night, I decided to get out earlier for my walk today.

saw the sunrise but still had to be at my desk by 8 am so a short walk in the ‘hood..

And back to running. I had more time so I drove to do my lunch run. I wish I time for a more scenic location but they are either icy or too far.  I settled for the roads near the rail trail as I did last week.

still cloudy but a little warmer and dry so can’t complain

After work, I got in a second but longer walk with my BFF. But the good news is that I decided to check out the vaccine appts one more time (after checking them ALL day) and miraculously, I found an open slot for Jan. 19!! Super ecstatic.

still holiday decorations at the mall…like the reflection of the outdoor tree indoors

  • Thursday –I debated whether to take a rest day or run. It always depends on which day of the weekend my long run is and that depends on the weather.  I decided to walk at lunch and drive to the trails in our town park. I was wondering if they we would be icy.  Yes in most places!!

I only did one loop. Next time, I’ll wear my Yaks and do the other.

and then went for a run after work at UAlbany before my walk.

finally the paths were clear here and that tent in the top left is where the COVID vaccines will be given.

I met with friends again for a long walk after work (my 3rd night in a row at the same locale.)

decorations will soon be taken down here so I’m enjoying/sharing them.

  • Friday – With Saturday’s weather looking iffy and today being dry, my rest day turned in a run day. Rain was forecast for the afternoon so I needed to get out at lunch (or before work but that rarely happens.). To save time, I ran in the neighborhood. And I think I saw a glimmer of sun through my window in the morning but by the time I got out to run, it was gray and gloomy. I didn’t do a Peleton run because it used up all my data last month.  Instead, I listened to a podcast (that I had already downloaded.)

the poor snowman on the top lost his nose since yesterday

The rain held off until evening so there was time for a quick hike before dinner. And then my walking companion called me and insisted that we do another outdoor mall walk.  (I may have created a monster lol).

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday postponed due to rain/snow. Instead, I started the day with a virtual bike ride (via ZOOM) with some other bloggers.  So fun.

40 min ride. my longest so far. went by so quickly when you are chatting

After housework and errands, I realized that I hadn’t taken my daily walk. It had stopped raining so I decided to seek out another waterfall trails.  I though that I might encounter ice and snow. Nope. Two miles of MUD!!! Still worth it.

It was also our Anniversary (22 years) so I wanted to do something special.  A hard decision since it is the Pandemic and the weather was lousy.  We I decided on outdoor dining… in an heated private igloo on Lake George. Unfortunately, the igloos were all booked but we have reservations for NEXT Saturday.

The Bolton Barrel

doesn’t that look cool?

So instead, take-out at home. And actually, if I run next Saturday am instead of on Sunday am, it will work out better to celebrate (with drinks) on a Saturday night. (Fingers crossed for good running weather next Sat. am.)

  • Sunday – Re-Scheduled Long Run Day. After four weeks running at the Crossings, I wanted to vary the location to the Nisky Bike Path. Rumors had it that the path was clear, at least in one direction but yesterday’s weather might have changed that so back again to The Crossing it was. I was so lucky to have Karen for a few miles, then Chris and Sherry.  It was harder than normal. I rewarded myself with a shopping spee at Trader Joe’s

still cloudy and windy but no ice. My FEET hurt more than normal , though. ugh!

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  DAY OFF -bike, walk/hike
  • Tuesday – run, walk, COVID-19 vaccine
  • Wednesday –  rest day, walk, Sole Sisters ZOOM
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, walk
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Have the winter temps or snow hit? Have you signed up for any races? Virtual or In-Person? Please share.

Fit Friday Five: The Best of 2020

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And let’s go!

My Topic this week, as I and other bloggers have done in past years, is the Best of 2020.

FX Graphix

I seriously considered skipping this post.

But then again, with fewer races, it was easier to come up with my awards lol.

So here it goes:

1. Best Race(s) in 2020:

So what determines a “best” race? Fastest? Best Food? Most scenic course? Most organized? Best swag?

Any or all of the above.

Not many to choose from in 2020.

My vote for the Best In-Person was:

ZOOMA Bermuda Half Marathon

It was my first ZOOMA race. I loved everything about it- the beautiful views on the course, the organization, post race food, the swag and the spending the weekend with great people.

and the Best Virtual was:

Smuttynose Half Marathon

Unfortunately, this race went virtual and it was supposed to be a race-cation with nine of my running friends. We decided to go to NH anyway and run the race on the original course.  We ran together and had a great time.

2. Best Run(s) in 2020:

My runs are not usually very good or very exciting. And since I worked from home for most of year, there were no runs in scenic places around NYS.

But I’d say that my best ones were done with my local running friends. We call our group the “Sole Sisters.”  Except for the first few months at the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve run (at a safe distance) with them every weekend. Without their support, I could never have run at least ten miles for all my long runs. Soooo grateful to them.

3. Best New Piece(s) of Running Gear in 2020:

I have bought several pairs of running shoes. In 2020, I switched from Mizunos to Topos.

I now own 3 pairs of Magniflys

I’ve tried almost all brands but with foot problems (particularly a painful bunion and neuroma), I fell in love with Topos’ wide toe box.

I have, of course, bought the usual Skirt Sports running skirts.  The only new item would be Lioness Capris.

I have 3 pairs of these.

I liked that short skirt had capris with pockets that cover things and that they are longer than most capris so perfect for fall and spring running and hiking.

4. Most Inspirational Runner(s) in 2020:

First: Chris Nikic

Athlete with Down syndrome makes history in Ironman triathlon - CNN Video

He was the first first Ironman finisher with Down Syndrome. Amazing feat for anyone (even if you do not have a disability).

Second: Sarah Hall

Sara Hall celebrates second place in the Elite Women's Field of the London Marathon.

At age 37, this mother of four adopted children, came in second and had a PR in the London Marathon.

5. Favorite Picture(s) from a Run or Race in 2020:

Again there are only a few since I didn’t run many races (and I didn’t buy any of them):

Fred Lebow Half Marathon

I was excited to be running in Central Park, NYC in spite of the foot pain and the cold temps.

NYCRuns Winter Challenge 5k

After nine months, I was back in NYC running a race enjoying the experience even with all the pandemic restrictions.

REALLY looking forward to what 2021 brings…

Happy Running! What are some of your Best Ofs/Favorites for 2020? Please share.





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TT: Hiking 2020

Our 3 Favorite Walking Paths in Houston | Houstonia Magazine

Once the Pandemic hit in March, I knew that running 30 or more races including one half marathon each month would not likely happen.

I planned to continue to run hoping that the Pandemic would end but just in case, I knew that I needed an additional goal to stay active. Since I was working from home with no travel plans, I would have extra time.

In April, I decided that in addition to running, I would visit 25 trails in my area.

Before 2020, I had NO idea how many nearby opportunities there were for hiking.

I wound up enjoying my trail walks, both solo and with friends, even more than my runs.

So I made the effort to visit as many trails each week as I had time for. Both after work and on weekends.

By June, I changed my goal to 50 trails and to also re-visit the ones I liked in different seasons.

I won’t bombard you with the zillion photos I have (If you follow me on IG – dsc59  you’ve seen them all), just a few!

So here’s a list of the trails that I have visited:

  • Mohawk Hudson Conservancy-
  • Nature Conservancy –


That doesn’t count the times that I have re-visited many of the places.  Unfortunately, a snowstorm arrived on Dec 17 and my hiking adventures ended pre-maturely.

But don’t worry. I have discovered a new love. And there are many more places that I have not hiked yet.

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

I’m also linking up here:

with co-hosts Coach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running.

Happy Running! Any non-running goals or accomplishments in 2020? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 1.4.21-1.10.21: A New Year but More of the Same

Yes, it’s 2021 and a new year. But not much is new yet.

I will be more hopeful when the COVID cases stop increasing everyday and I get the vaccine.

Until then, the weather has not been my friend either (although it only snowed at the beginning of the week, it has been COLD.)

Happy to note that I will be riding George when I do not run and no matter what, I will walk everyday (and wear Yak Trax to do a little hiking).

Last Week –

  • Monday – I woke up to more snow than they predicted.

No stress when you are working from home…

Happy that it was a rest day and that I had George to keep me occupied. I’m working on getting some cycling legs. It still feels hard at low resistance. lol

chose the 30 min Elvis ride (the trainer was the same as for my Beatles run)

It’s hard after work to get in a long walk since it is gets dark so early still.  I took a chance on being able to hike a bit (with my yaks) at the Pine Hollow Arborteum.

It was pretty but a lot of snow – perfect for snowshoeing or Xcountry skiing lol

  • Tuesday –  .Snow really puts a kink in my routine.  You never know for sure where roads and paths would be clear.  I decided to run in the roads during lunch. It was fine but boring – no pretty flowers, fall foliage or holiday decorations to photograph. So my goal was to seek out snowmen…

and I found 3…also did a 30 min Peleton Hamilton run. I felt the same as with the Beatles. I just wanted to listen to the songs and sing along. Obviously others must enjoy all that chatter lol

Still making sure that I walk everyday.  With working, it’s easier for me to get out after work.  Today, I headed back to Five Rivers for a short walk before total darkness.

so peaceful and quiet

  • Wednesday – I had more time today so I walked BEFORE work. I just went through my yard onto the water line.  Such a great way to start the work day (even if the sky was gloomy and no pretty sunrise.)

no one here but me…so nice but no way to run on it with all the ice and ruts.

And I drove into town to do my run at lunch. I had briefly thought about a bike ride but no rain or snow so I gave it a shot. I scouted out the rail trail but nope, still too icy so I ran on the nearby neighborhood roads.

It was a Red day! (Sorry this was before the chaos broke loose in DC. I should have worn blue.) Lots of Christmas trees on the curbs. I ran my favorite Peleton run so far – 30 min of Madonna. Maybe because I’m a big Madonna fan and I also like the trainer, Matty. Not as much chatter and I enjoyed running intervals for the choruses of the songs. I also heard a new song – I Love NY!!! ❤

  • Thursday – Hooray for sunshine but boo for 20 degrees. I decided against that early morning walk.  But again, I drove at lunch to a location to do my run.  I parked in a different spot than the day before. The rail trail still was too icy in spots so I ran on the sidewalks and on the roads.  I again used the Peleton app for part of the run.  For some reason, it doesn’t show the distance on the watch while I’m running so I ended up with 4 miles rather than the planned 3. It may have been sunny but the wind made it feel awfully chilly.

like my selfie? Told you it was sunny. Today the Peleton run was to 60s music.

My after work (social distanced, masked) walks with friends resumed but today instead of on our usual Friday schedule. I hadn’t seen them in a few weeks so it was great to catch up. We decided to change to Thursday walks and maybe even add in another day.

  • Friday – After three days of running, today was declared a rest day and it was my busiest work day too. That gave me barely time for a 30 min bike ride during lunch (no Peleton, had to do work while I pedaled).

After work, I headed to the mall for a long wall without worrying about the dark.

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday was back. The weather cooperated but still returned to The Crossings because I felt comfortable that I could avoid the ice by running there. I was able to run most of the miles with Sherry and Chris (Deb walked).  We wore our gaiters and kept apart so I felt totally safe.  Too cold to eat outside after our runs so the group brunch will have to wait until spring.

this may have been the coldest temps so far (teens) but once you got going (and chatting), it was fine.. the only thing that was cold were my thighs (need to wear lined tights next time).

  • Sunday – I started the day with 30 minutes on the bike sweating with Miley and Jess.

I really liked Jess and one thing that she said that I remember was: “Hurt doesn’t mean hard but it does mean growth.” 🙂

and then I wanted to get outdoors for a long walk or hike. So I dressed warm, grabbed my poles, Yak Trax and headed to Huyck Preserve. It was such a beautiful day.  The sun was shining brightly and the path was plowed. I didn’t even need my poles or Yaks. And the waterfalls were breathtaking.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run, walk
  • Tuesday – rest day, walk, bike, hair appt, walk with BFF
  • Wednesday –  run, walk
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, wedding anniversary (22 years)
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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I also have exciting news!

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Have the winter temps or snow hit? Have you signed up for any races? Virtual or In-Person? Please share.

My Word for 2021

Will You Take the One Word Challenge This Year?

Below is a list of the words, I’ve chosen so far:

I can’t take full credit for my word this year. I got the idea from Aliphine Tuliamuk (winner of the 2020 US Olympic marathon trials & who will be representing the US at the 2021 Olympics).  During 2020, she was sidelined with a stress fracture. When she couldn’t run, she started crocheting and made thousands of AllieT Resiliency Beanies.

AllieResiliencyHats on Etsy

Here is why Allie decided to crochet these beanies:

“I realized that crocheting saved me, it saved me from worrying about my return to running, it lifted my spirits and gave me something to focus my attention to, hence RESILIENCE! I hope that everyone wearing my beanies feels resilience from whatever knockdown life has handed them, for there is light at the end of the tunnel!”

Hence, my word for 2021 is:

resilience definition

Re: Misfortune –

I experienced quite a few losses during 2020 (several friends and my grandson).

Re: Change –

There was the lack of a social events, little travel, working from home, isolation from family and friends, and very few races in 2020.

I also can’t take credit for the strategies I explain below that will help me build resilience in 2021. (They come from https://www.apa.org/topics/resilience).

But the gist from this article (and how I can relate it to running) is this:

  • Prioritize relationships.

Sometimes it feels easier to run alone but being with others can help you get back on track.

However, try to surround yourself with those who either share your goals or support you on your own running journey.

with my crazy friends who ran 13.1 miles even though the race was cancelled

These relationships also include your VIRTUAL running friends!

  • Join a group.

As I said above, it’s often easier to just run by yourself on your own schedule.

I am fortunate that my area already has many running groups formed.  You just have to join them on their runs.

Virtual groups count as well!

  • Take care of your body.

Proper nutrition, ample sleep, hydration, and regular exercise can strengthen your body and help you adapt to anything life throws at you.

Hello Running!!

and of course I need the other things too.

Meet George!

  • Practice mindfulness.

Journaling, yoga, prayer, or meditation can help. And when you do any of these activities, remember to focus on the positive aspects of your life and remember the things you’re grateful for.

Truthfully, I am not really into mindfulness and the closest I get to it is during my solo hikes or runs in nature setting.

  • Avoid negative outlets.

In stressful times, you may often turn to overeating, alcohol or even over-exercising.  You may feel better but it’s like “putting a bandage on a deep wound.”

Find ways to manage your stress in healthy ways.

I admit that an ice cream cone or a glass of red wine does make me feel better. But I’ve never had a problem over-indulging with either.  Running or hiking with friends has been (and will be) my regular stress-reliever.

with my Friday evening walking buddies

  • Help others.

Whether you volunteer or simply support a friend in need, you will gain a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Again I feel fortunate that there are many local opportunities to volunteer as a runner: being a mentor with the Frehofer Run training group, or with STEM or with GOTR. You can also informally mentor/help your running friends.

  • Be proactive.

In other words, acknowledge and accept your past (unhappy) situations. But more importantly, take initiative in recognizing the strengths that you possessed and the successes you achieved during those difficult times. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll rise up again if you happen upon painful times.

I certainly shocked myself by running SIX half marathons virtually in 2020.

 half marathon 8 out 9 and 6th virtual run during 2020 

And without any races to train for, I ran over 1000 miles.

Both these should be a confidence boaster for 2021 even if I set different goals.

  • Move toward your goals.

You need to set realistic goals in addition to a BIGGER (possibly unachievable) goal.

This goal should be something that you can do regularly. Even if it seems like a small accomplishment, it can enable you to move toward the bigger goal that you want to accomplish.  Your big goal may seem unreachable but it can help to focus on smaller tasks or activities related to that goal.

TWELVE half marathons in one year when half marathon after marathon was being cancelled. How will I continue to do long runs on the weekend without any race to train for??

Simple. Just stay healthy and run.

Every run counts and could lead to the bigger goal of running 1000 miles for the year

  • Look for opportunities for self-discovery.

Runners can find that they have grown in some respect as a result of having faced adversity.

Maybe by running fewer miles, they have fewer injuries. Maybe by not running any races, they have improved their form or pace. Maybe by not worrying about speed, they have added endurance.

9 months after the Fred Lebow HM, I ran this hilly half 3 minutes faster (and without wearing a watch)

Not sure which one happened for me but I think it was the latter. Nevertheless, I hope to improve as a runner in 2021 as well.

  • Keep things in perspective.

“How you think can play a significant part in how you feel.”

Try to be a “glass half full” or optimistic kind of runner.

It’s not the end of the world if you never PR again or you do not qualify for a prestigious race or you do not win any age group awards.

Focus on what you CAN do.

 This may be the last time I time qualify for a NYC race so I guess I will have find other big races to run.

  • Accept change.

Accept that change is a part of life.

As runners get older, they get slower.  This is often hard to accept but it’s a fact.  After a year of not racing, our finish times may have declined at an even faster rate.

And even when in-person races return, they will probably be different.

I wonder how many races in 2021 will I look like this?

  • Maintain a hopeful outlook.

Expect that good things will happen to you as a runner in 2021.

Visualize what you want, rather than worrying about what you fear.

races with ice cream at the end?

  • Learn from your past.

What did last year’s negative experiences teach you?  What strengths did you discover that helped you deal?

Use them to make this year your best running year ever. (Best does not have to mean fastest, most races, most PRs, most awards.)

Running Happy! With Friends!

I know that many of you have experienced a difficult 2020.  Hopefully, some of the strategies mentioned above will help you be “resilient” in 2021.

Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

I’m also linking up here:

with co-hosts Coach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerMile by MileRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running.

Happy Running! Do you choose a Word each year? If so, have you chosen one for 2021?  Please share.



Weekly Run Down for 12.28.20-1.3.21: Happy New Year!!

Loving these four day work weeks.

This is the last one for a few weeks. No need to take a day off for hiking in the winter so I will wait until I can go on a vacation (or am going insane lol)

2021 has arrived. Hope it is a better year for everyone than 2020.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Rest day.  I did get out for a lunch walk on the water line (nothing interesting to photograph but the snow had at least melted).
  • Tuesday –  A cold day but the wind made it feel even colder.  I decided to run at lunch since at least the sun was out. I hate to run in my neighborhood unless I am pressed for time.  So I drove to the rail trail to see if I was able to run without slipping on ice.  It was ok at the beginning but then I ran into ice so I continued onto the road parallel to the trail.

my face, hands and feet were freezing…wind makes a huge difference. loved finding a HNY rock

  • Wednesday – Another cold windy day (not as sunny as yesterday but not as cold). Again I decided to avoid darkness and run during lunch. I drove to the trail trail but parked in a different location to see if it was less icy. It was but still not all clear.

still figuring out this clothing thing – cold into the wind but too warm with the wind at my back. Remembered my buff so at least my face didn’t freeze.

After work, I met my BFF for our walk around the outdoor mall.

  • Thursday – Another rest day on the schedule.  But I did go for a lunch walk.  I had thought briefly (very briefly) about going for my last run of the year but I had already passed my yearly goal.  So my mileage total stands at 1017 miles for 2020!!

Hard to believe it was New Year’s Eve.  Obviously not going out to celebrate or going to a party. We debated about what to do but since we didn’t see our sons and daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we decided on a low key take out evening and gift exchange at my son’s house. It was so nice to be around family (get out of spandex and into dress up clothes lol).

  • Friday – DAY OFF for New Year’s Day. And my first run of 2021. Technically it was a virtual blogger run and a virtual 5k (NYRR Resolution Run). It’s always nice to have a real reason to run and to have the day off so you can run whenever the weather is at its best. So happy that there was no wind. In hindsight, I should have probably run 10 miles since a storm was predicted to be on the way. But I like my weekend long runs to be on the weekend and I don’t enjoy running them alone.

found another rock and a dry path 

and jumped with all the other bloggers – such a great bunch of ladies. I feel fortunate to have their virtual support.

  • Saturday – Saturday weather lately has not cooperated for my long run. No problem. No races scheduled. I can easily run on Sundays.  So last night there was a few inches of snow and then it rained on and off most of the day… fingered crossed for clear roads for Sunday.

This weather has made re-think my lack of cross-training and with possible limited outdoor running locations, So I added a new member to my family:

I’m going to call him “George.” I have it set up in a spare bedroom (decorated with a Lake George theme) opposite a TV (so I can watch Netfix) and it also connects to my ipad and iphone for podcast listening.

Now that I have a bike, I enrolled in a free two month trial of Peleton and did a 30 min 90s bike ride.  Holy Moley! I was dripping in sweat.

Even though it was a rest day, I needed some fresh air so I decided to check out Five Rivers.  It was slushy, muddy and icy but so peaceful at dusk.

  • Sunday – Rescheduled Long Run. The roads and paths were iffy. Slushy at best so I decided to return to the Crossings (again) and run on the neighborhoods roads near the park. Unfortunately I was solo today.  But surprisingly, all the paths were clear. I did a few loops and then the last few miles on the roads.

It was harder and slower than running with my friends but I was able to sing along with the Beatles on a Peleton run

After a bagel, chocolate milk and a soak in the hot tub, I was energized to take a hike before the next storm arrived.  I decided to wear my Yak Trax for the first time hiking. I was nervous But No slipping and sliding.  I may hit the trails more this winter (to walk not run.)

It started to snow pretty hard so my hike got cut short. This was at HollyHock Hollow.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  rest day, walk, bike
  • Tuesday – run, walk
  • Wednesday –  rest day, walk, bike
  • Thursday – run, walk
  • Friday – rest day, walk, bike
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, walk
  • Sunday – rest day, walk/hike

I am linking up with Kim and Deborah for

I encourage you to do the same. Grab the graphic, drop your link on the host blogs and play along! Please be sure to always comment on the HOST’s blogs, as well as visit and comment on as many other blogs as you can.

Happy Running! How is your running going? Have the winter temps or snow hit? How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020? Do you hike in the winter?  What do you wear on your feet? Please share.

Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2021

It’s that time of the month…

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

And it’s the first one of 2021!  What a difference a year makes…

1.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am glad, like most of you, that 2020 has ended.  It wasn’t all bad

seemed like it was going to be the best year…

but for me, personally, there were quite a few sad things that happened during this year. I’m demoting 2020 from 5 starts to one star.

Funny 2020 Sucks 1 Star Amazon Review Parody Coffee Mug 15 oz Black Accent

2. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that that in 2019, I was so excited to be running my first full marathon.  In 2020, I was so excited to try to complete one half marathon each month.

HM #1 in 2020

2021? I wonder what I should be excited about (related to running)?

new year goals

in limbo

Do you have any big running goals for this year?

3. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that it’s getting harder and harder (in the cold weather) to do my long runs without big races on my schedule.

this was HARD!

Do you still do your weekend long runs?  Are they shorter than pre-pandemic?

4. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that that although I want to go on a race-cation in Florida in February, I don’t want to be uncomfortable or make my family and friends uncomfortable. So if the race actually happens and I go, I’ll be staying in hotels rather than with people that I know. (Fortunately I still have hotel pts for free rooms from 2019’s work travel.)

my 3 good friends who live in Delray Beach, FL

Any vacations planned for 2021?  Will they be different than in the past?

5. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I can’t wait to get my COVID vaccine!! (My hubby got his yesterday!!!!!!!)

It’ll be the first sign that things are moving in the right direction on containing this virus.

I do hope people do get it. I know there are those to do not get the vaccines that are recommended (like their flu or shingles shots (if over 50))

A health-care worker injects a masked person with a vaccine.

Credit: Dogukan Keskinkilic/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Will you be getting the vaccine right away? Or are you worried about the side effects?

One more for good measure:

6. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I have registered for two mileage challenges for 2021 – both for 1000 miles:

ZOOMA Run Club Logo (1).png

I’m a Skirt Sports/ZOOMA ambassador so of course, I participated in this one (even though I signed up for the free version + the beanie)


you get this super cool medallion, a great looking quarter zip for winter running, and a short sleeve techie for when it warms up.

Have you signed up for a 2021 mileage challenge? If so, which one?

It’s also Friday so I’m also linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostess and visit some other bloggers.

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

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