Weekly Run Down for 12.12.21-12.19.21: Let the Holiday Eating Begin..

As the title indicates, there was a whole lotta eating going on this week.

Dinner out to celebrate my BFF’s birthday, dinner out to celebrate with my walking buddies, my annual holiday tennis party, dinner out with my stepson & his wife (since since they will away for Christmas) and then the re-scheduled anniversary dinner with my mah jongg friends (to celebrate 13 years together.) ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!!

I’m pretty sure I did not run enough miles to offset those calories.  Hey…tis the season, right?

The good news is that this started. I hope you joined us (and if you haven’t, it is not too late):

Last Week:

  • Sunday – I had run a 5k race the night before but I had registered for a local 3.5 mile race today. The race was free so I almost skipped it  in favor a long run. But glad that I did not because I got to chat with many of the runners that I didn’t connect with the night before (in a much bigger race).

After some refreshments, I went out to run some more miles so I could call it a “long” run.

  • Monday – Due to the weekend mileage #nevermissamonday run almost did not happen. But looking at my busy schedule, I was not sure if I would have any time to run during the rest of the week.

the only good thing about going to the office

I had to go into the office for a while so I packed some running clothes and stopped on my way home (at Six Mile Waterworks) to squeeze in a lunch run.

balmy 50 degrees (over dressed!!)

  • Tuesday  – No time to run today. But I did squeeze in my workout during lunch.

are you participating?? It’s very fun.

And after work, I went out to dinner with my BFF to celebrate her birthday.

a delicious Italian pasta dinner with my friend from college

  • Wednesday – Another busy work day but I was able to squeeze in a run at lunchtime

quite breezy and chilly today

and then go out to dinner with my walking friends.

another delicious dinner + wine and dessert

  • Thursday – I actually ran before work!  Yes me!

There was no other time to run since my annual holiday party with my tennis friends was scheduled for tonight.

that tree was beautiful – best sight on the run

I loved it!! Why don’t I do it everyday? Well, today it was warm and my online training started a little later so why not? The downside was the fog and clouds so no pretty sunrise. Just means I need to go out another time.

The true test of friendship is even if we do not play tennis together anymore, the bond between us stronger than ever.

As usual, I had a blast with my friends- eating, chatting, singing, gift-giving… Even more grateful for this occasion because it didn’t happen in 2020.

  • Friday – Another rest day because I never run the day before (and day after) a long run. But why is the nicest weather day of the week on my rest day??
  • SaturdayLong run Saturday. 9 miles on my schedule. This week, we headed to the rail trail.  Unfortunately snow was predicted so fingers were crossed that I could get in my miles before the weather got crazy.

getting pelted with freezing rain does make you run faster lol

I got there early and ran 2 solo miles and then 8 more with some company. No snow at all during the run but it did sleet most of the last 4 miles.

Instead of exchanging gifts with my family, we decided on go out to dinner together at a new upscale restaurant in Saratoga.

my stepson & his wife

  • Sunday –  A early impromptu afternoon hike with a friend to work off some calories.

muddy in spots but we stayed upright – 3.5 miles

because today I planned to attend my mah jongg book club followed by our re-scheduled anniversary dinner – 13 years and counting!! (Have you read The Plot?)

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday –   run, volunteer
  • Tuesday – run at lunch, walk
  • Wednesday – rest day, walk
  • Thursday – run at lunch, walk, mah jongg
  • Friday -rest day
  • Saturday – Christmas Long Run (10 miles), dinner with the fam
  • Sunday – rest day, hiking

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – 2021 in Photos
  • Friday –  Everyone Should Volunteer More

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any in-person races planned? Have you been doing any celebratory holiday eating? Did you join the bloggers’ 12 days of fitmas challenge or any other challenges? Please share.

Weekly Run Down – 4.29.19-5.12.19: Sun and Fun


Since I was away in Florida, this is a TWO week run down.

Two weeks ago

  • Monday – So today was week 7 of the Freihofer Challenge Training (FTC) group. All my Sole Sister friends skipped this run. I was proud that I dragged my tired body to it. In fact, I felt great which surprised me.  The “advanced” group was running 5 one mile sprints… tempted but “no,” cautiously downgraded with my friend Deb to the Intermediate group and ran 4 easy miles.  And it was one of my better training runs. Stan said it was because the day before we walked so much as recovery from the 15k on Saturday. Go figure!

  • Tuesday Rest (and rainy) day ’cause I had a much needed hair appt.
  • Wednesday – Had planned on a FTC group run but didn’t want to wait so ran a quick few miles right after work and then went home to pack.

at the Corning Bike Path which was on my way home today

  • Thursday – Off to Florida on a very early morning flight.  After we arrived, picked up a rental car, lunched, we chilled at the pool at our rented villas (the same ones since 2006). Of course we went to our first of many dinners out in Naples.
  • Friday – Started the day with a run,

followed by tennis, the beach and dinner out. Slowly acclimated to the heat and humidity.

  • Saturday – A lot more tennis and beach. Went for a early walk instead of a run.

After dinner, we all went to a show in town (Lost in Yonkers).  A fun time, of course.

  • Sunday – After a late night, I had an early morning race (what was I thinking?) For the 3rd year in a row, I ran the Tropicool 5k (it was anything but cool). Too hot to be speedy but won my age group anyway. Then I rushed back to play tennis, followed by the beach and dinner out. See the pattern?

Last Week

  • Monday – A similar day as the rest. A run,

tennis, the beach and dinner out. Tonight we ate at the Ritz so we could watch the sunset on the Gulf.

  • Tuesday – More of the same. A run,


and beach.

But we stayed in for book club night and birthday party. Lots of laughs and food.

  • Wednesday – Road trip day. Just a walk

and ride north to Osprey to visit Historic Spanish Point,

lunch out, and then a visit to Selby Gardens in Sarasota.

Gauguin was the featured artist this year

For my pre-birthday dinner, I requested pizza and ice cream on Fifth Avenue in Naples. (sorry no pix)

  • Thursday – My Birthday. So I ran with tennis sandwiched in the middle.

had to run in my tennis clothes

Then we packed and hung at the pool. One last delicious meal out before we headed to the airport. The weather had been perfect for the week. Not a drop of rain. That is until we got to the airport. A long thunderstorm caused our plane’s departure to be delayed and so we missed our connection and got stuck in Charlotte sans luggage.

  • Friday – I was supposed to be back at work. Instead had to fly home and skipped work and Mah Jongg. But I did manage to get in a walk in the park.

wanted to get pix before the crowds of Tulip Fest the next day

  • Saturday – Exhausted from my trip but had committed to run the Summer Smith Addiction Awareness Memorial 5k. Felt like crap when I got up (headache & nauseous) but felt better when I arrived and chatted with all my runner friends and STEM participants. Again the pre-race festivities moved me to tears.

the race is dedicated to someone whom I trained several years ago and others who have died due to addiction. No prs today but I did win my age group

I rushed home because I had planned to go the the Tulip Fest with Amanda (my mentee and her sons Richard & Matthew – which is an annual tradition for us.

um…they dyed their hair?! but still the cutest and we had a blast

  • Sunday – I had wanted to do a long run today…I have a half marathon in ONE week and my long runs have been 8m, 9m, 3m, 3m since the last one.  Barbara agreed to run with me but bad weather prevailed. She went to the Y and I skipped the run entirely.

the best gifts are handmade – from Richard (mentee’s son)

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