Running Update 12.26.16-1.1.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – I was supposed to go out to dinner & movie after work but instead I went shopping to check out the after Christmas sales at the mall. Didn’t spent a lot but got some steps in.
  • Tuesday – I squeezed in a run before tennis. It was 40 degrees – felt like a heat wave.

After tennis, the tennis ladies celebrated with a dinner out (yes another.)

  • Wednesday – Decided to go for another after work run due to the impending snowstorm.

Ran in town where I used to run all the time before there was the rail trail.

  • Thursday– A hair appointment was the only activity I had today. Snow hit us again. But at least we didn’t get as much as predicted.
  • Friday – Despite yesterday’s snow, the roads were clear enough and I did go for a run before my evening mah jongg game.

Alyssa had to cancel so I was back running in town

  • Saturday – A scheduled rest day to do errands, get things done around the house, and rest up for New Year’s Eve. A quiet evening of a movie and dinner with the hubby.

Image result

sad but good

  • Sunday – I ran my first HMRRC winter series run of the season and my first race of 2017. Th e weather was perfect for running (though a little windy).  I loved starting the year off with a “relaxing” free race.

lucky for me that the speedy ladies ran the half marathon option so I won 2nd in my AG 🙂

After lots of refreshments, I dragged myself out for a little over 3 more miles.

 18 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – 3 mile run
  • Tuesday – rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday4 mile run with Alyssa
  • Thursday –  rest day, dinner & a movie with BFF
  • Friday4 mile run, mah jongg
  • Saturday rest day
  • Sunday –  7 mile run
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?


YakTrax Run Review

Fortunately for me, we have had no snow this winter.


Many of you haven’t been so lucky.  During and after snowstorms in previous winters, I was able to go outside and run because of my YakTrax.

This is what the website says about Yak Trax Run:

The Yaktrax Run is an ice traction device anatomically designed for use with running shoes. Run naturally on packed snow and ice with the Yaktrax Run’s combination of removable stainless steel spikes and coils, providing 360 degrees of unbeatable traction. Continue your training during the winter with the same stability you are accustomed to on dry surfaces. 



In winters past, I have been able to run many times when wearing my YakTrax Pros. (pictured above).

You may have expected them to feel clunky but they didn’t at all.  I quickly ran just as normally as without them. The best part was that I was able to run through the snow, slush and ice and I didn’t slip and fall!!!

The big difference between the YakTrax Pro and the YakTrax Run is that on the YakTrax Run, the coils under the forefoot are replaced by two studded rubber and plastic plates. The studs are made of carbide steel and the plates they are attached to are removable. The heel of the YakTrax Run has the same coils as the YakTrax Pro.

Yaktrax Run Snowshoe (Courtesy Photo)

I have heard complaints about the coils breaking.  I have never had a problem.  But then again, I have only run in them on the snow and never on bare asphalt or concrete.  I would think that when you land on your forefoot, you will not be landing directly on the coils and the YakTrax Run will last even longer than the YakTrax Pro.

So in the winter, if you hate the treadmill (like me) but are afraid to run on the slippery roads (like me), Yak Trax are for you!!!

Spring should be here soon!! But I will be using my Yak Trax Run next winter when it snows.

Note: I was sent these  free of charge to review. However, the opinion is solely mine.

Happy Running! Have you tried YakTrax? If so, what did you think of them?

Loving/Not Loving

Welcome to the winter edition of Loving/Not Loving

Loving: HMMRC, a local running club, offers a winter racing series. The races are on Sundays and free.  Each race has 3 distance options.
Not Loving: The distances don’t coincide with the long runs that I need to do to prepare for my half marathon. This weekend is a 15k and I need to run 11 miles. On 1/31, there is a 10 miler and I need to run only 8.


3.5 mile race

Loving: SkirtSports has come out with a new print.
Not Loving: Now I want to order it in everything style. I don’t need any more running outfits!!

free love print

Loving: In the cold weather, I don’t have to worry about my feet sweating and getting blisters after a long run.
Not Loving: Shoes and boots aggravate my bunions and now my foot hurts again. (And it’s a long time until sandal/flip flop season!!!)


Loving: I have found new ways to relax – coloring books, knitting and jigsaw puzzles.
Not Loving: These are all sedentary activities. I found that I can knit and ride the exercise bike but the others, NOPE (gotta sit!).


Loving: You get a free Starbucks item after you get 12 stars. I then always order the most expensive thing on the menu.
Not Loving: I forgot that I used my two “free” items and ordered a venti coconut milk cinnamon vanilla chai latte. (ouch!)

Loving: My FitBit tracks my steps. It makes me take the stairs rather than the elevator.
Not Loving: It’s not accurate on the treadmill and does not record steps while on the bike.

Loving: The days are getting longer. When I leave work to run, it’s still light (for about 15 min.)
Not Loving: The cold weather has just arrived and will be around for awhile.


Loving: Downton Abbey is back on TV.
Not Loving: This is its last season.

Loving: It’s so easy to shop online and find what you what cheaper.
Not Loving: It’s too easy and you may buy what you don’t need.

new shoes

my current Nikes in a new color – $20 less & no tax or shipping – had to buy, right?

Loving: When you are dragging at work around 4 pm, the cold crisp air (while running) certainly wakes you up.
Not LovingMy hands almost froze off.  How can I keep them warm?


Happy Running! What are  you Loving or Not Loving today?


December Recap


  • Run 3-4 times each week (no matter how cold it gets.) YES!



3-4 miles here a few time (unfortunately)




during Christmas break

  • Walk once a day while at work. YES on most days!

we’re inside now. 9 1/2 loops of the building

  • Run with a group when possible. Nope. Not this month. But did run twice with Judy.



  • Complete my 5k race(s) with under 10 min/mile pace. YES!

29:02 in the RAIN

  • Complete a 15K race. YES!

HMRRC Winter Series #1 – 2nd fastest 15K

  • Do long runs on the weekend to train for half marathon on January 17. The last 2 weekends.



  • Run at least 80 miles. YES! 91 miles.


  • Go to the gym at least once a week. NOT REALLY. Lazy lazy lazy. I did a few times the last week.
  • Start back at yoga. Went Once!

new instructor, Maria; my former instructor Lisa has lyme disease 😦

  • Avoid gaining weight (while attending holiday parties). Not sureAfraid to look at the scale!
  • Spend time with my mentee. YES! 3X.

celebrating Amanda’s 25th b-day


celebrating Richard’s 8th b-day


on Christmas Day


  • Spent 2 days in NYC!!

Dec 6 to see a Broadway show …


Dec 29 to see the Matisse exhibit


  • Run 3-4 times each week (no matter how cold it gets.)
  • Walk once a day while at work.
  • Get some strength training or yoga done.
  • Run with a group when possible.
  • Do long runs on the weekend to train for half marathon on January 17.
  • Complete a 10K race.
  • Complete a 15K race.
  • Complete my10th & 11th half marathons.
  • Run at least 90 miles

Happy Running! How was your December?  Anything special planned for January?


Tuesdays on the Run: Running in Snowy Conditions

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Open so I chose – Running in Snowy Conditions

Of course, I live in the Northeast.  This is the story of most of my winters (except for 2012 – the one when I was injured.)

There are several things you can do as a runner when it snows:

  • Do Not Run

This is probably not an option for more than two days — especially if you are training for a race.

I did this my first 2 years of running. I stopped running in Nov and started again in April.  I was not a serious runner, obviously.

  • Run Indoors

This is probably the most logical one.

If you belong to a gym where there is a track, you can run there.  I think a track is boring but it is better for me than a treadmill and you can do some creative speed drills.

You can also run on a treadmill.  I personally hate them but I have used them when it is impossible to run outside.

I kinda run like this.

  • Wear Yak Trax.

You should have a pair if you live where it snows a lot.  They really work. You can run in the snow and not slip and slide.

  • Find a clear road.

Sidewalks are unreliable.  Sometimes they’re shoveled and sometimes they’re not.  The bike paths are the same way.  You never know.  On main roads, there is too much traffic to run in the road.  So you have to look for a road that is plowed and doesn’t have a lot of traffic or a trail that is shoveled.

Perform the following workout on a clean, plowed, well-lit, low-traffic, half-mile-ish stretch of road in your neighborhood, a large parking lot, or on a path.

Begin the intervals on one end of the road. This will be your starting point for every rep and the finishing point for every recovery period.

Repeat this ladder interval set 1-2 times. (Each set includes 8 minutes of hard running.) 

  • From the starting point, run 30 seconds at a hard effort. (That means a pace where you aren’t able to speak, but can still control your form. It’s somewhere between comfortably hard and an all-out sprint effort.) Recover by turning around and walking or jogging back to the starting point. You can walk until you catch your breath and then jog back to the start. The key is to allow your breathing to come back down to an aerobic level where you can talk easily before your start your next interval.
  • From the starting point, run 1 minute at a hard effort, and then walk/jog recover back to the starting point.
  • Run 90 seconds at a hard effort. Walk/jog to recover.
  • Run 2 minutes at a hard effort. Walk/jog to recover.
  • Run 90 seconds at a hard effort. Walk/jog to recover.
  • Run 1 minute at a hard effort. Walk/jog to recover.
  • Run 30 seconds at a hard effort. Walk/jog to recover.

and of course, if you are lucky and able, find a destination race where there is NO SNOW!!

Me on January 17!!

Happy Running!  Any other suggestions for running in snowy weather?



Tuesdays on the Run: Running in tough conditions

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Running in Tough Conditions

  • RAIN

Love Run 2014 in a monsoon

I generally don’t run in the rain unless I have an important race (That’s 2 1/2 half marathons in the pouring rain!!!).  There is no way to avoid getting wet, but I recommend putting your phone in a plastic bag, wearing a cap with a brim and/or a hood and a waterproof/water resistant windbreaker.


Lake George Half 2011 in the sleeting rain

Don’t forget dry clothes for after the race.

  • SNOW

YakTrax 001

In the Northeast, if you run in the winter, you will have to run in the snow. I look for a place to run where the road or sidewalk is clear and if not, I wear YakTrax.




Last Run 5K 2013 in a blizzard

  • ICE


Stay home.  Use a treadmill. I don’t run on the ice.


boring but safe

  • COLD
Polar Cap - February

a cold Polar Cap 2014

Lots of layers but not too many or you’ll overheat.  Wool socks, thermal gloves & a hat are the most important.  I like something I can zip or unzip around my neck.

HMRRC 15K - January

a frigid HMRRC 15K 2014

It was sub zero , I think for the race above & I even used hand warmers.

  • WIND

a windy Runnin of the Green 2014

Wear layers.  You feel colder when it is windy.  Start out running into the wind and end (when you are more tired) with the wind at your back. I also wear sunglasses to protect my eyes (contacts) from the wind.

Cherry Avenue Extension Bridge Over Rail Trail


Run on a trail or path where the trees shield you from the wind.

Run for the Roc - September

Run for Roc 2014 – 11 am start – hot!

Hydrate…hydrate…hydrate and wear moisture-wicking clothes.


a humid Saratoga Springs Half 2014 – almost passed out after this one

Run early before it gets too hot or in the evening.

Happy Running!  Any hints about running in tough conditions? What was your toughest race?


A Snowy Valentine’s Day


I sent this to my running buddy, John Anthony.

We’ve had another snowstorm…this time a BIG one.

Thursday my work closed at 1:30.  I had planned to run on the treadmill after work so this foiled my plan.


this is my driveway

Then yesterday, we were closed again. I don’t own a treadmill or belong to a gym. What’s a runner to do??

I tried to keep busy and not think about it.

I did some laundry. I started packing for my Feb 26 trip to Florida. (Optimistically I packed shorts & a bathing suit.)

Then I went online.  Both Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffet concert tix went on sale yesterday.  I love The Boss but Jimmy Buffet just reminds me of summer so I waited online for an hour and I GOT TICKETS!!!


I went on at 10am (when they opened for sale) and still only got open air seats (and they weren’t cheap!!)

Happy Valentine’s Day to me and my hubby (who really loves Jimmy Buffet.)

Then I read on FB that my hardcore blogger buddy AJH was going out to run in the snowstorm.

I waited a bit until it looked like the wind has calmed down and out I went.

It was tough going in my neighborhood…slushy slushy.  My feet got very wet immediately and then numb from the cold.


Out on the main road, it was clearer but the wind picked up.  So much so that it was hard to move forward.  I kept turning around and changing my route.


The running was interesting.  Trying not to get sprayed with salt as cars flew by and not get run over by big snow plows (when the road was narrow.)

The sun did come out and it warmed up.  I realized that I am not a fan of ice and slush.  Maybe I should have ran the day before during the snowstorm.

Anyway, it was a…


Glad I got some miles done so I could enjoy the rest of my day off… reading..knitting…Olympics on TV.

Happy Running!  Did you get snow yesterday? Did you run?


Sick of Winter

This is what happens when you sign up for a March half marathon.  You have to deal with winter in the Northeast.




running during a snowstorm 😦

I am also tired of looking for places to run that are plowed, have no ice.


nope…not plowed

I hate having to plan my runs around the weather…esp. long runs.  Do I do my long run on Saturday or Sunday!!!  UGH!!!!!!!


so they say..but I’d rather not do it outside in this!!!



So next year, my half marathon will be Jan 5, 2014 so I will be done training by the worst of the NE winter weather!!!!

Running in Orlando (while on vacation)

This is my preferred running weather!!!

Happy Running! How do you feel about training in the winter?


Double Digits..Oh yeah!

ow cool is this t-shirt!

The last time I ran at least 10 miles was November 6, 2011!!!

I was debating whether or not to run on my own or as part of the HMRRC Marathon Relay. The 1st leg of the relay was 9.7 miles so I would have company running (well, maybe not because I would probably be last..) on this boring course. There would be water on the course and refreshments at the end. Or choose a scenic bike path and run solo at my leisure.

When I got up, it was cold (in the teens) and VERY WINDY!.  UAlbany tends to be windy even when it’s not windy so that decided it for me.

Instead I drove to the bike path that starts at the Colonie Town Park –I figured I would run  2.5 mi in one direction & back and then 2.5 mi in the other direction and back.

I headed toward Cohoes and quickly found that the path in this direction was not plowed and icy so I turned around and went the other way.  I didn’t head in the direction that I usually go (toward Niskayuna) but in the other direction.  It was about 20 degrees but the wind made it feel a lot colder. Not pleasant running weather at all.

I ran 2.5 miles and then turned around and headed back or at least I thought.  Somehow I wound up in a neighborhood that I didn’t recognize & had no idea where I was.

I did find my way back to my car but not the way I had planned and had also added an extra mile to my run.

With 4 more miles to go, I got some GU & water from my car and warmed up inside.

The problem with that is that it’s hard to get going again.

I told myself that I had to do 10 miles so I headed out and this time I went in the direction that I was familiar.


bridge over the frozen Mohawk R.

My foot had bearable discomfort until mile 7. Then it started to hurt (bunion pad & new sneakers were failing me).  I pushed on because I will do it during the half marathon…pain or no pain, I am running 13.1 miles.

Actually the pain got bearable again and I finished the 10 miles.

10 mi

It was not a great run or a fun one. It took me 2 hours which is what I tried for (It was faster than last week’s 9.5)   I walked from time to time and all but 3 of my miles were over 12 min/mi.  The first and last were the fastest at 11:30.

But I am very happy that I got it done.

My cool down was the usual grocery shopping at Target with a Starbucks latte & cheese danish thrown in 🙂

Week 8 Update:

  • Mon – tennis
  • Tues – 3 miles after work (on the sloppy sidewalks & streets of Albany)
  • Wed – 6 miles after work (in less traveled cleaner neighborhoods of Delmar)
  • Thurs – walk at lunch
  • Fri – 3.5 miles after work, MJ
  • Sat – rest (proctored the LSATS, went to a funeral, went out to dinner)
  • Sun – 10 miles

4 weeks to go!!

Week 9:

  • Mon – day off, tennis in the evening
  • Tues – 3 miles after work or before or at lunch (webinar at 6 pm)
  • Wed – 5 miles after work
  • Thurs – stationary bike at lunch
  • Fri – 4 miles after work, MJ
  • Sat – rest
  • Sun – 11 miles


Happy Running! Are you enjoying your day off?


Running after the Snowstorm


my hubby clearing the driveway on Sat.

The snowstorm was kinda a bust here.  Schools closed on Friday and I even ran on the treadmill at lunch but not much snow came until overnight and then only about 6-8 inches.  CT and LI did get 30-40 inches.

So Sunday I went back to the Nisky bike trail hoping to get in 9 miles. When I got up in the morning, it was 0 degrees so I waited until it warmed up to 15.


unplowed for snowshoers or skiiers?

It was a beautiful sunny day. As you can see from the photo, the trail was not clear…even with yaktrax, you couldn’t run on it.


it was clear in the other direction..yay!

So I headed toward lock 7 which was perfectly clear.  No runners were on the path just some walkers with dogs (on leashes).


pretty empty but peaceful

As I mentioned before, my right foot is bothering me.  There’s not much to do about it…I’ve changed shoes but it seems that my bunion will hurt until it wants to stop hurting.

Unfortunately, this part of the trail ends at lock 7 which is only 2.25 mikes away so in order to get a long run in, I have to do it TWICE!!

So I ran it and then had some Gu & water and then did it again.  My foot was ok and not really bothersome until around mile 7.  Then I had to stop and start because of the pain.

I wound up with 9.5 miles in 2 hours.  I am not focusing on time.  I just want to get my legs used to the distance.

Happy Running!  Did the snow affect your running this weekend?