Tuesdays on the Run: Running in tough conditions

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Running in Tough Conditions

  • RAIN

Love Run 2014 in a monsoon

I generally don’t run in the rain unless I have an important race (That’s 2 1/2 half marathons in the pouring rain!!!).  There is no way to avoid getting wet, but I recommend putting your phone in a plastic bag, wearing a cap with a brim and/or a hood and a waterproof/water resistant windbreaker.


Lake George Half 2011 in the sleeting rain

Don’t forget dry clothes for after the race.

  • SNOW

YakTrax 001

In the Northeast, if you run in the winter, you will have to run in the snow. I look for a place to run where the road or sidewalk is clear and if not, I wear YakTrax.




Last Run 5K 2013 in a blizzard

  • ICE


Stay home.  Use a treadmill. I don’t run on the ice.


boring but safe

  • COLD
Polar Cap - February

a cold Polar Cap 2014

Lots of layers but not too many or you’ll overheat.  Wool socks, thermal gloves & a hat are the most important.  I like something I can zip or unzip around my neck.

HMRRC 15K - January

a frigid HMRRC 15K 2014

It was sub zero , I think for the race above & I even used hand warmers.

  • WIND

a windy Runnin of the Green 2014

Wear layers.  You feel colder when it is windy.  Start out running into the wind and end (when you are more tired) with the wind at your back. I also wear sunglasses to protect my eyes (contacts) from the wind.

Cherry Avenue Extension Bridge Over Rail Trail


Run on a trail or path where the trees shield you from the wind.

Run for the Roc - September

Run for Roc 2014 – 11 am start – hot!

Hydrate…hydrate…hydrate and wear moisture-wicking clothes.


a humid Saratoga Springs Half 2014 – almost passed out after this one

Run early before it gets too hot or in the evening.

Happy Running!  Any hints about running in tough conditions? What was your toughest race?


3 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: Running in tough conditions

  1. I just don’t know how people run in the ice and snow! I’m a terrible wimp about the cold and just reschedule my run if the temps don’t break 50 degrees. Of course, I live in Florida, so I guess if I lived in Vermont I would get used to it! Thanks for linking up with us today, even if your photos made me shiver!


  2. I once ran a half in 15 degree windchill and then 2 weeks later ran another one at 80 degrees with 100% humidity. As you know, you’ve just got to be prepared for anything and everything!


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