Running after the Snowstorm


my hubby clearing the driveway on Sat.

The snowstorm was kinda a bust here.  Schools closed on Friday and I even ran on the treadmill at lunch but not much snow came until overnight and then only about 6-8 inches.  CT and LI did get 30-40 inches.

So Sunday I went back to the Nisky bike trail hoping to get in 9 miles. When I got up in the morning, it was 0 degrees so I waited until it warmed up to 15.


unplowed for snowshoers or skiiers?

It was a beautiful sunny day. As you can see from the photo, the trail was not clear…even with yaktrax, you couldn’t run on it.


it was clear in the other direction..yay!

So I headed toward lock 7 which was perfectly clear.  No runners were on the path just some walkers with dogs (on leashes).


pretty empty but peaceful

As I mentioned before, my right foot is bothering me.  There’s not much to do about it…I’ve changed shoes but it seems that my bunion will hurt until it wants to stop hurting.

Unfortunately, this part of the trail ends at lock 7 which is only 2.25 mikes away so in order to get a long run in, I have to do it TWICE!!

So I ran it and then had some Gu & water and then did it again.  My foot was ok and not really bothersome until around mile 7.  Then I had to stop and start because of the pain.

I wound up with 9.5 miles in 2 hours.  I am not focusing on time.  I just want to get my legs used to the distance.

Happy Running!  Did the snow affect your running this weekend?



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