Double Digits..Oh yeah!

ow cool is this t-shirt!

The last time I ran at least 10 miles was November 6, 2011!!!

I was debating whether or not to run on my own or as part of the HMRRC Marathon Relay. The 1st leg of the relay was 9.7 miles so I would have company running (well, maybe not because I would probably be last..) on this boring course. There would be water on the course and refreshments at the end. Or choose a scenic bike path and run solo at my leisure.

When I got up, it was cold (in the teens) and VERY WINDY!.  UAlbany tends to be windy even when it’s not windy so that decided it for me.

Instead I drove to the bike path that starts at the Colonie Town Park –I figured I would run  2.5 mi in one direction & back and then 2.5 mi in the other direction and back.

I headed toward Cohoes and quickly found that the path in this direction was not plowed and icy so I turned around and went the other way.  I didn’t head in the direction that I usually go (toward Niskayuna) but in the other direction.  It was about 20 degrees but the wind made it feel a lot colder. Not pleasant running weather at all.

I ran 2.5 miles and then turned around and headed back or at least I thought.  Somehow I wound up in a neighborhood that I didn’t recognize & had no idea where I was.

I did find my way back to my car but not the way I had planned and had also added an extra mile to my run.

With 4 more miles to go, I got some GU & water from my car and warmed up inside.

The problem with that is that it’s hard to get going again.

I told myself that I had to do 10 miles so I headed out and this time I went in the direction that I was familiar.


bridge over the frozen Mohawk R.

My foot had bearable discomfort until mile 7. Then it started to hurt (bunion pad & new sneakers were failing me).  I pushed on because I will do it during the half marathon…pain or no pain, I am running 13.1 miles.

Actually the pain got bearable again and I finished the 10 miles.

10 mi

It was not a great run or a fun one. It took me 2 hours which is what I tried for (It was faster than last week’s 9.5)   I walked from time to time and all but 3 of my miles were over 12 min/mi.  The first and last were the fastest at 11:30.

But I am very happy that I got it done.

My cool down was the usual grocery shopping at Target with a Starbucks latte & cheese danish thrown in 🙂

Week 8 Update:

  • Mon – tennis
  • Tues – 3 miles after work (on the sloppy sidewalks & streets of Albany)
  • Wed – 6 miles after work (in less traveled cleaner neighborhoods of Delmar)
  • Thurs – walk at lunch
  • Fri – 3.5 miles after work, MJ
  • Sat – rest (proctored the LSATS, went to a funeral, went out to dinner)
  • Sun – 10 miles

4 weeks to go!!

Week 9:

  • Mon – day off, tennis in the evening
  • Tues – 3 miles after work or before or at lunch (webinar at 6 pm)
  • Wed – 5 miles after work
  • Thurs – stationary bike at lunch
  • Fri – 4 miles after work, MJ
  • Sat – rest
  • Sun – 11 miles


Happy Running! Are you enjoying your day off?


2 thoughts on “Double Digits..Oh yeah!

  1. Good job…not fun or great…BUT really good for your confidence and moral I bet. After a LR that is not the greatest I am always still happy that I got it done..and I know I can cover the distance . Have a great week !


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