Loving/Not Loving

Welcome to the winter edition of Loving/Not Loving

Loving: HMMRC, a local running club, offers a winter racing series. The races are on Sundays and free.  Each race has 3 distance options.
Not Loving: The distances don’t coincide with the long runs that I need to do to prepare for my half marathon. This weekend is a 15k and I need to run 11 miles. On 1/31, there is a 10 miler and I need to run only 8.


3.5 mile race

Loving: SkirtSports has come out with a new print.
Not Loving: Now I want to order it in everything style. I don’t need any more running outfits!!

free love print

Loving: In the cold weather, I don’t have to worry about my feet sweating and getting blisters after a long run.
Not Loving: Shoes and boots aggravate my bunions and now my foot hurts again. (And it’s a long time until sandal/flip flop season!!!)


Loving: I have found new ways to relax – coloring books, knitting and jigsaw puzzles.
Not Loving: These are all sedentary activities. I found that I can knit and ride the exercise bike but the others, NOPE (gotta sit!).


Loving: You get a free Starbucks item after you get 12 stars. I then always order the most expensive thing on the menu.
Not Loving: I forgot that I used my two “free” items and ordered a venti coconut milk cinnamon vanilla chai latte. (ouch!)

Loving: My FitBit tracks my steps. It makes me take the stairs rather than the elevator.
Not Loving: It’s not accurate on the treadmill and does not record steps while on the bike.

Loving: The days are getting longer. When I leave work to run, it’s still light (for about 15 min.)
Not Loving: The cold weather has just arrived and will be around for awhile.


Loving: Downton Abbey is back on TV.
Not Loving: This is its last season.

Loving: It’s so easy to shop online and find what you what cheaper.
Not Loving: It’s too easy and you may buy what you don’t need.

new shoes

my current Nikes in a new color – $20 less & no tax or shipping – had to buy, right?

Loving: When you are dragging at work around 4 pm, the cold crisp air (while running) certainly wakes you up.
Not LovingMy hands almost froze off.  How can I keep them warm?


Happy Running! What are  you Loving or Not Loving today?


6 thoughts on “Loving/Not Loving

  1. I am loving the bright, winter sun coming through my living room windows. I am not loving all the dirt and rain streaks STILL on the window despite that I have washed it several times.


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