A Snowy Valentine’s Day


I sent this to my running buddy, John Anthony.

We’ve had another snowstorm…this time a BIG one.

Thursday my work closed at 1:30.  I had planned to run on the treadmill after work so this foiled my plan.


this is my driveway

Then yesterday, we were closed again. I don’t own a treadmill or belong to a gym. What’s a runner to do??

I tried to keep busy and not think about it.

I did some laundry. I started packing for my Feb 26 trip to Florida. (Optimistically I packed shorts & a bathing suit.)

Then I went online.  Both Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffet concert tix went on sale yesterday.  I love The Boss but Jimmy Buffet just reminds me of summer so I waited online for an hour and I GOT TICKETS!!!


I went on at 10am (when they opened for sale) and still only got open air seats (and they weren’t cheap!!)

Happy Valentine’s Day to me and my hubby (who really loves Jimmy Buffet.)

Then I read on FB that my hardcore blogger buddy AJH was going out to run in the snowstorm.

I waited a bit until it looked like the wind has calmed down and out I went.

It was tough going in my neighborhood…slushy slushy.  My feet got very wet immediately and then numb from the cold.


Out on the main road, it was clearer but the wind picked up.  So much so that it was hard to move forward.  I kept turning around and changing my route.


The running was interesting.  Trying not to get sprayed with salt as cars flew by and not get run over by big snow plows (when the road was narrow.)

The sun did come out and it warmed up.  I realized that I am not a fan of ice and slush.  Maybe I should have ran the day before during the snowstorm.

Anyway, it was a…


Glad I got some miles done so I could enjoy the rest of my day off… reading..knitting…Olympics on TV.

Happy Running!  Did you get snow yesterday? Did you run?


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