Weekly Wrap for 2.4.19-2.17.19: Racing and then Recovery


So I went to Florida, ran a half marathon and now I’m back. My next race is the NYC Half Marathon on March 17.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 2.4.19-2.17.19: Racing and then Recovery

  1. Florida sounds damn good about now! I really missed our usual winter holiday there this year. Sorry the race was rainy but at least it’s a warm rain right? Beats anything back home in the tundra.


  2. Looks like an amazing trip.

    I cannot wait to go to Florida in 3 weeks. I’ve had just about enough of winter. I’m considering a half the weekend when I’m there, depending on whether or not I get a few long runs in the next couple of weeks!

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  3. I totally didn’t notice the race bib was shaped like a strawberry when I saw the pics earlier! How cute! We’re headed to Tampa in five weeks…hoping I can find a race that will fit our travel schedule. Billy Joel puts on such an amazing show!

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  4. Oh, no! I do hope your leg feels better!

    I hated that this past weekend was so nasty for your race. It was so cold and windy on Sunday for Daytona, and I imagine you had some of the same weather (although you had rain, which makes it even worse).

    That being said, I hope you had a wonderful time in Delray and visiting in the warmer temps!


    • I had a great time with my friends in Delray. The weather was perfect except for race day.

      The leg is probably ok. I’m not used to discomfort so better safe than sorry. I’m just not running.


  5. You really covered a lot of ground, Darlene! I love that you have friends/family to stay with in so many spots. Going out to eat is nice but a home cooked meal here and there is special, too! Great job on the race, even if it was a wet one. That’s another great race under your belt!


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