Weekly Wrap for 1.14.19-1.20.19 – Baby, it’s cold outside


48 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 1.14.19-1.20.19 – Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. I share your pain. It has been fabulous up to this point but now the words Polar Vortex are being tossed around by the weather people. The final month of Tokyo training will be interesting. Yay for taking the plunge for NYCM. That’ll be amazing!

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  2. I was saying the same thing about Winter last week. Guess I should have just kept my mouth shut, lol!

    So excited for you to run NYCM. I know it’s scary considering its your first marathon but I did it as my first marathon and it was such an unforgettable experience. I’m sure it will be the same for you!

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  3. Fabulous work out there!

    I just can’t with all that snow! You guys are rockstars for getting out there and getting it done. It was 37* when we were supposed to go out this morning, and we noped ourselves right back to bed!

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  4. I wouldn’t mind running alone with sunset(?) views like that — but for me it would be sunrise. Then, I could stop for photos to my heart’s content. We got the COLD weather this weekend, but thankfully no snow. Stay warm!

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  5. Happy anniversary! I think I might have said that on Instagram. New bathroom sounds fun.
    Love your top photo – something about the winter sun
    I dragged my butt out for sushi, stretch and row today but there’s no way I’d have run outdoors if today were a running day. Wasn’t doing treadmill shakeout. Stay warm and safe.
    November. EEEK.

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  6. It sounds like you got some good runs in last week and so exciting about the NYC Marathon!

    Happy belated anniversary! We are getting ready to remodel our master bath as well. I just finished picking out everything and I’m placing orders this week. They’re supposed to start the demolition in mid-February.


  7. Excited for you to run NYCM! You needed to knock that distance off your list.

    It looks like I have to take my run to the treadmill this morning. We’ve got ice, wind, and falling temps. Boo!


    • Here too. I’ll skip a run rather than run on the treadmill. Yes, that’s how I feel about the tm. I just read someone calling it “satin’s Sidewalk”. LOL

      And yes, 26.2 will hopefully be ONE and done. Then back to the shorter distances.


  8. How awesome you received a guaranteed entry into NYC. I threw my name in (again) but don’t expect to be chosen. I’m glad you survived your cold, solo runs this week. At least you always have a choice of pretty places to run. (I wish for a rail trail around here!) Hope you enjoyed the anniversary! Thanks for linking.


    • How exciting. That would be so cool if you got in. And Teresa too. We would have a blast in NYC. Besides I’ll need al the support I can get.

      Solo runs again this week 😦 I’ll survive the cold but it’s not fun.


  9. I entered with my time qualifying race today for NYC Marathon. We will see if I am too late, but I could not register while away on my trip…..still not sure why. Anyway, maybe we will finally meet! 🙂


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