Weekly Update for 2.18.19-2.24.19: On the DL?


41 thoughts on “Weekly Update for 2.18.19-2.24.19: On the DL?

  1. I remember my leg being bruised like crazy after ART, but it definitely helped – glad you have a runner chiro working with you, I’m sure she understands more than the usual chiropractor just how much we need to run, LOL.

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  2. Glad you didn’t feel any worsening yesterday. I’m theoretically doing a long run today, but playing it safe on account of achilles (though mostly feeling good) and this cold so we’ll see
    Love the look on your face on the arm machine “Why?!?! I hate the gym”

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  3. I also had the day off on Monday and really enjoyed getting to complete my workout in the morning.

    You will usually be in some pain after an ART treatment – I usually am! But it really does help and feels great after.

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  4. My hips are often out of alignment when I get adjusted. Most of the time I don’t even know it. It’s why I go every other month, racing or not — just for maintenance. Oh, and even people who are plagued with injuries don’t always know if it’s an injury or not.

    I’m sure if you listen to the chiro and not push things, you’ll do just fine.


  5. Now we know you are human like the rest of us, lol! I’m sorry that you’re injured. Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on what to do. After my massage for that dislocated SI joint, my back was black and blue. But two days later, I felt like a new woman. You will too!


  6. As hard as it is, I think it really is more important to get better than to keep up with your training. I hope you notice results from the ART soon – it’s worked for me, but some injuries took long than others.

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  7. Sounds like you have a good chiro. Continue to listen to her and she’ll have you back running pain-free soon. My chiro has worked wonders for me. ART is painful but you’ll get used to it and it won’t be as bad. Trust me it’s worth it.

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  8. This week sounds like you did well, listening to your body and pushing yourself to what you can do. Although, I know this was about last week I am super curious about Cat Yoga. Looking forward to hearing about that soon.


  9. ah what a bummer Darlene. But you DID get some treatment and you DID get a few miles in. I get that you don’t really want to take risks!!

    I have a very sore left ankle and shin. apparently this is from not wearing my orthotics. I did pick up my new orthotics last week but I suppose it will take time to “fix” the problem. I think it will likely be after I’ve had my surgery and not run for a while…

    I did have a very good running week last week though – I ran 5 days out of 7! that’s really unheard of for me. This week will be less though.


  10. Ugh! I’m so sorry you’re having pain! My leg was jangly feeling the other day (sometimes, that hip just really has something to say), and I was sore all day Sunday, but fortunately, other than that, I’m feeling good. My friend had a sore leg today, but she said it felt better after our miles, so hopefully she just needed to stretch it out.

    I am so excited for NYC for you. Take it easy – I have no doubt you will be trained for it, but you don’t want to aggravate anything futher.

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  11. I’ve been dealing with a chronically sore hip for over a year, but I’m pretty sure it’s arthritis. The funny thing is, I don’t feel pain at all when I run – it’s mostly when I am sitting. I think you were smart to take it easy this week. You will ace your half, no problem!

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  12. I’m glad to hear that your leg was not worse after running. I need to give ART a try, I know it has been helpful for a lot of people!!


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