Electric City Five Miler Race Recap

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March 13, 2021

This was my second local Pandemic race, It was run by the same company as the last one I ran (and my next half marathon).  So I was familiar with all the restrictions – masks at start and finish, no water stops, staggered start, etc.

Nov 2020

I signed up for this 5 mile race because I am a sucker for a race, any race.  Most of friends have lost interest in racing but I knew that I would know many of the runners at the race from past races. It would be fun to re-connect.

the good old days – no masks and standing close together

Pre-Race Activities and Preparations:

My speedwork has been non-existent and my pace has slowed to a crawl.  So I entered the race will zero expectations other than being out there running with other runners.

I picked up my race packet on Thursday (in the rain) after work but then was treated to a rainbow.

This time of year is tricky to decide what to wear. It could be winter frigid or what they call in “fake spring.”  I tried to remember what I used to wear to race at this time of year.  (I seems to have dressing amnesia.)

Past March 5 mile races:

In the end, I decided on this:

possible additions were a shirt underneath, calf sleeves, DIY arm warmers and maybe a vest or jacket

Race Day:

So I got up early, had my habitual race breakfast (oatmeal & coffee) and hit the road.  I had never been to Mohawk Harbor where the race started so I left early. I arrived around 8:15 and was able to find a parking spot on the street instead of in the parking garage.  I was going to walk to the start and hang out but it was freezing!!! And windy!!

probably should have checked the weather before I left my house

So I just sat in my car to stay warm and watched many of the crazy runners who was doing their warm up runs while I finished a book that I was reading:

Bravey by Alexi Pappas: 9781984801128 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books

Loved it!! if you haven’t read it yet, you should!

I texted my friend Karen and she was doing the same thing, staying in a car until the last minute.

Around 9:00, I had to head to the race start area. On the way, I bumped into Karen.

obligatory pre-race photo

She headed to the restroom and I shivered with all the other runners waiting for my corral to be called.

courtesy of The Daily Gazette

At 9:30, corral 1 started.

and yes the fast runners did wear shorts…

Things moved so quickly that I almost missed my start. I was in corral 4 and ran over just as they were saying: “Last call for corral 4!”  In each corral, you lined up by your letter – 6 feet apart and 6 feet from the runner in front and behind you. Masked had to worn all the time except when you were running (if you were not within 6 feet of someone else).  Every 10 seconds, another group of 6 started. I was in position F and started around 9:37.

Course Map:

It was advertised as “mostly flat and relatively fast course uniquely includes 2 crossings of the Mohawk River.” But we all know that means there are hills.

Believe it or not, I actually wore my Garmin, I didn’t look at it at all during the race since it was only 5 miles and there were mile markers and no water stops.  But I wanted to see my splits afterward.  My goal was to run consistently and not hard.

I don’t remember the course in detail since I had never run here. But it was varied and lots of river views.  If it weren’t for the insane wind, I would have enjoyed the scenery even more:

Mile 1:

and I’m off…

I must admit that I was cold.  My hands and feet were numb and I didn’t warm up until mile 4. I am rarely cold when I run but it was so windy.  We started out near the water and I think that made it feel even colder. We even crossed the river during this mile.  I made sure that I didn’t start out fast.  Actually I’m not sure I remember how to run fast.  So I just sauntered along enjoying the sunshine and views of the Mohawk River.

Mile 2:

It was still windy but not as cold during this mile since we were no longer running along the water.  Of course, there were some hills during the race but nothing that was so steep that I had to walk.  Remember I rarely do any running on hills.

Mile 3:

I didn’t see this photographer so I’m surprised that my form isn’t too bad lol

This mile has a few downhills and again we headed toward the river. In fact this mile ended on the bridge going over the Mohawk river.

Mile 4:

The bridge was uphill but then there was a nice downhill.  We were also finally running with the wind at our backs.  I almost warmed up.  (I may have taken off my gloves at this point.) Of course, one of the course marshals announced that “it was downhill from here.” Not true. It’s never true. Next we ran through the old Stockade area before we hit riverside again

Mile 5:

I felt like I was getting slower but I hadn’t walked yet. There were no water stops so no temptation to walk. I considered walking for a bit now since it might have given me a second wind. But I wanted to get to the finish line so I just kept going.

Finally it was in sight and you had to put on your mask.  My gaiter was all twisted in my hair so I did have to stop and try to pull it up over my month and nose (not sure if I succeeded lol).

very excited to see that finish and maybe chick that guy!

priorities … gotta stop that watch!

done!!! smiling under my mask!

I bumped into a few runners that I knew and we hung out cheering the other runners on.  I wanted to wait for Karen anyway.

cute outfit and probably kept him warm.

Finally she was in sight.

We even made the highlight video!!

One of her friends handed me this since it matched my outfit, she said:

it was yummy

I was getting pretty chilled so I proceeded to get my food (which was a bagged lunch of a turkey/cheese sub, potato chips, cookies, and fruit) and headed to my car.  It was just too cold to eat outside or to go have a beer.

On the way home, I decided that I had enough energy to run 5 more miles.  That’s crazy.  But I did it on the “flat” rail trail with lots of walking and a stop to eat my post-race lunch.Additional Race Reflections:

This was a first annual race.  All of the other local races are still cancelled so this racing company has been trying to hold a few races. I am so glad they are. It was so fun to be out there and soak up the racing atmosphere again.


  • Safety restrictions in place (staggered starts).
  • Ample parking.
  • Real restrooms (in Druthers restaurant)
  • Well marked course.
  • Varied scenery including river views
  • Lots of course marshals
  • A real race.
  • Well organized.
  • Familiar faces (under the masks)
  • Post-race food.
  • Free Beer (in Druthers)
  • A real race.


  • No water stops
  • The Wind
  • The Cold Temps
  • The shirt (white cotton blend)

Would I recommend this race?


It was super well-organized. Special attention was paid to EVERY detail. It will be even more fun when there are no COVID restrictions and there is nicer weather conditions.

Here’s some media coverage of the race:

MacAdam: Electric City 5 Miler was a breath of fresh air

Final Stats:

My finish time was more than 2 minutes slower than both 5 milers that I ran two years ago. In fact, this was a PW for this distance. It was slower than my first 5 mile race in 2010.

But I was thrilled with my time.  I wasn’t expecting much.  I did exactly what I had planned.  Just run. I wasn’t ever tired so I definitely think I could have run faster.  But there didn’t seem to be a reason to.  No age group awards. I was just running for me and because it makes me feel good to race.

and he didn’t run ten miles!!

Next Up:

There is a local 5k but I have not registered so as of today, it’s the Druthers Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon. (on a revised course – same course as the Fall Classic)


April 17, 2021

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Happy Running! Have you run a real race yet? If so, how did go? Are you planning to run one soon? Please share.


Weekly Run Down for 3.15.21-3.21.21: Welcoming Spring and My One Year Anniversary!

March 17, in addition to being St. Patrick’s Day was my ONE year anniversary of working from home.

my office and co-worker have not changed.

Spring also officially began.  Still waiting to see those blooms… And for those temperatures to rise!!!

But I am loving the extra hour of daylight.  Let the after work hikes begin….

And so I completed another milestone in my 52 Hike Challenge:

9 new ones and 15 from last year

Last Week:

  • Monday – Winter had returned with 0 degrees wind chill so I waited until after work to do my run. Still chilly and windy.

looks pretty with that blue sky but I was cooold!!!

  • Tuesday – Busy work day so only two walks. One at lunch and a longer one after work with a friend.
  • Wednesday – Still busy at work but I did have time to squeeze a run in at lunch.  A little warmer and less windy but pretty dreary out.

I made sure to wear my green for St. Patrick’s Day. Did you?

The best part of my day was my after work hike to Five Rivers… no snow, flowing water, deer, etc… so relaxing.

  • Thursday – I should have run before work but I was hoping that the rain would hold off. Nope. it was pouring at lunchtime so NO run for me. That also meant we were back at the outdoor mall for our after work walk.
  • Friday – Rest Day! It was sunny and since I skipped my run on Thursday, I was tempted to run but I never run the day before my long run so I walked instead.

I was hoping for some sign of spring at Pinehollow Arboretum…none seen but still beautiful

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday returned.  With the snow all melted, we were able to choose one of the bike paths. Six of us met at the rail trail.  Some running, some walking and various distances and paces.  I seem to be dragging the caboose these days so still glad to have company for most of the miles.  It was even warm enough to have brunch outdoors.

the sun made it feel so much warmer than the temps…overdressed lol

Though my legs were a little tired, we were getting a new roof put on our house.  Too noisy to stay home so I set out on another hike, a nearby one.

sooo sooo muddy. Will not repeat this one for a while. (Normans Kill West)

  • Sunday – It was even nicer today…that meant it was a hiking day!!! I have a new challenge too. Columbia County Hike 5 (or 10) Challenge. I had two new ones on the plan for today.  I LOVED them both.

Ooms Conservation Areagreat views of the mountains and the lake and more… could have stayed all day

I got a recommendation about this trail while I was at Ooms.

Hand Hollow Conservation Area – wooded trail with creek views and a lake

Six miles for the day and I didn’t finish all the trails.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run, walk
  • Tuesday – rest day, bike, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – run, walk
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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FFF: Five Uses for a Tennis Ball

I used to play tennis almost everyday.

Now it’s just my hubby who plays. IOW, we have lots of tennis balls. lol

I am also an advocate on not spending all the $$ on all the gadgets. (I don’t even own a foam roller.)

So that’s my topic for today: Five Running-Related Uses for a Tennis Ball

Disclaimer: I have not taken any myofascial release therapy courses nor do I have any medical background. My knowledge comes from tips from my PT, from my chiropractor and from websites and blogs.

1.To Relieve Tightness in Your Fascia

I don’t have PF but I do suffer from a multitude of foot issues.

All you need to do is place the tennis ball on the ground and step on top of it. Roll it along the length of the bottom of your foot. Apply as much weight as you can on any tight spots.

2. To Stretch Out Calf Muscles

Mine get tight because I sit at a desk all day long and I just have tight calf muscles (in my right leg.)

Place the tennis ball on some books and then put one calf on top of the ball. Start with the ball at the bottom part of the meat of your calf. You can cross the other leg on top to help apply more pressure if you need it. Then rock slightly side-to-side a couple of times and then move the ball to another spot on your calf, working over the entire meaty part of the muscle right up to below the back of your knee.

3.  To Dig Out Those Peroneals

The Peroneals are the muscles down the outside of your lower legs. Place a tennis ball on the ground in front of you and then bend your knee and place the side of your lower leg on top of the tennis ball. Start with the ball below and outside your knee. Press down on your lower leg with your hand to apply more pressure so that the tennis ball digs in. Then move your leg so that you make small circles on top of the ball. Work your way down the length of the side of your lower leg.

4.  To Loosen Your Hamstrings

To do this, you need to sit on the tennis ball while sitting on a chair.  Take the tennis ball and place it at the top of your hamstring right under the bottom of your butt and then rock side to side on the tennis ball and roll it from your inner thigh out toward the outside of your leg. Work your way down your hamstring toward your knee.

5. To Release Muscles Along the Spine and Lower Back

This is a big problem area for me. I think again it is caused by sitting too much (job-related)

The best tool to roll out your back is the peanut, which can easily be made by using some duck tape and two tennis balls (or put two tennis balls in a sock and tie the end as I did above.)

You need to lay on the ground with the peanut starting above your glutes. (One ball should be on each side of your spine.) Tuck your knees into your chest and then relax your feet back down to the ground. Touch your feet back down and crunch your lower body again, bringing your knees into your chest. Hold and release. Repeat that lower body knee tuck a few times then move the balls up higher, making your way all the way up your back along your spine.

Happy Running! Do you use any of these techniques? Any others to share?  Any free tools to suggest? Please share.


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TT: Best Things Viewed During a Race

The Tuesday Topic this week is: What are some of the best things you’ve seen at a race or a run?

Here are SIX of my Favorite Sightings During a Race:

1 The Finish Line

always a welcome sight!!

2 A Porta Potty during the race (especially when you need it)

When Nature Calls: 5 Reasons Not To Hate On Race Porta-Potties

Never had to use one (knock on wood) but a few almosts

3 Music Motivation

at the TOP of a huge Hill (Adirondack HM)

3. Crowd Support

mile 22 of the NYC Marathon

4. Scenic Views (esp. water, sunrises, mountains, etc.)

the bridge in Sarasota, FL

10 mile race in Palm Springs

5. Food or Drink

Running race: water station

 jello shots, beer, Girl Scout cookies, bags of ice, GU. In Paris, they handed out bottles of water

6. Friends or Family

It’s not often that I have friends or my hubby cheering me on during a race. But at mile 18, this sure was a welcome sight.

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Happy Running! What are some of your favorite sights during a race? Please share.


Weekly Run Down for 3.8.21-3.14.21: Races!! A Virtual and a Real One

We had spring-like weather for a few days.  I completed a virtual 5k. And I ran my second Pandemic race of 2021 – a five miler.  Another PW but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Last Week:

  • Monday – It was International Women’s Day and the weather cooperated with sunshine.  I was able to get my run in at UAlbany at lunch since I had to stop by my nearby office anyway.

my skirt had 261 on it.. you know what that means, right?

It was even more special since I ran this virtual race with Cari in NYC and Liz in the UK.  Truly “international.”

  • Tuesday – The temps were even warmer today and there was some sun… I managed to squeeze in another #weekofpi run to honor Kim. Unfortunately the wind was back.

starting to change my wardrobe – no beanie and no tights!!

  • Wednesday – So exciting that it actually felt like spring.  I had the day off due to some early morning appts and then a hiking date with two friends.  No running today (sigh) but a good day nonetheless. We decided on Plotterskill since my friends has not been there before. We were hoping to see some waterfalls and hopefully not too much ice or mud.

Well, it was not what we thought – very very icy steep slopes to scale up and down, endless uphill snowy climbs, dangerous rivers crossings….so 7.5 miles later (and 5 1/2 hours) I was very relived to be in one piece.  In fact, when we exited the last part of the trail, there was a sign “Trail closed due to dangerous conditions.” Yikes.

these pics were taken early on… for most of the hike, we were trying to stay upright.

so happy to see that wire to hold on to…

But the weather was beautiful – warm and sunny.  An afternoon off from work to spend with friends was wonderful. And though at many points, I yelled “I can’t do this,” I did it!!

  • Thursday – I wanted to get in a run since I skipped yesterday but a busy work day meant that the best time to run would be before work.  But I dawdled with my coffee and had to squeeze it in my neighborhood during lunch. However, I thought it a good idea to check out the water line trail….Note to self: mud is just as slippery as ice. It was sunny and a little breezy but it hit 50 degrees so no complaints here.

gone are the gloves, beanie and tights…soon the vest came off. I think I could have worn a tank and skirt.

After work, I quickly stopped by to pick up my bib for Saturday’s race

and then I met a friend to walk. Since the clocks get turned ahead on Sunday, next week, our walks will return to the rail trail after work 🙂

a little rain and then this… a lucky sign, right?

  • Friday – My plan was to rest up for my race the next day. It was sunny but not as warm as Thursday and a little windy and so I used my lunch hour to take a walk in town.
  • Saturday – A race. As with my other Pandemic races, I approached this with a relaxed attitude.  Connect with others and enjoy the experience. It is hard not to want to be competitive. But I know this is not the time for that. Unfortunately the warmish temps we had in previous days did not continue.  It was freezing. To make mattes worse, it was WINDY.  Seeing friends and participating in a “live” race was worth the discomfort.  I can’t wait to run another.

I didn’t thaw out until mile 3 lol

I was going to run again on Sunday but it was forecast to be even windier and cloudy so I sucked it up and stopped on the way home to run 5 more miles (although there may be have been more walking than running.) My 10 mile LSD streak continues!

I added a jacket and had to stop to eat my post-race lunch halfway.

You would think that he ran 10 miles!!

  • Sunday – With my run out of the way, that left the day for biking and hiking! I left early since it supposed to get windier and either snow or rain.

Well, you know my obsession with waterfalls so I went back to High Fall Conservation Area. I had been there last spring.  Boy, was I surprised to find zero ice and snow…dry as a bone.  That gave me plenty of safe places to explore.

3 waterfalls and marked and unmarked trails all to myself 🙂

On the the way I stopped at an apple orchard.

I mean it was “PI” day, right?

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run, walk
  • Tuesday – rest day, bike, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – run, walk
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

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FFF: Breaking Up With Peleton

When in January, Peleton offered a FREE two month trial, I jumped on it.  I used it almost every time I did a short run and every time I rode my stationary bike.  I tried almost all of the instructors.  However, I never got around to trying it for strength training, walking or yoga.

I enjoyed the playlists. I enjoyed the instructors’ energy. I enjoyed the variety of both. And it seemed that all the “cool runners” were using Peleton. LOL. FOMO

But I chose not to continue once my trial was over.

Here’s FIVE reasons why:

1.Length of Running Classes (& Data)

The classes seemed to run either 30 minutes or 45 minutes.  I usually run 3 miles during the week or 10 miles on the weekend. It’s annoying to start the class after I start running or it finishes before I’m done. Then I have to take more than one class. Also I don’t have unlimited data so I have download the class when I have wifi, start the class on my iPhone and then turn off the data when I’m running outside. (I don’t have a treadmill or access to gym to run inside.)

2. Music Interrupted by Chatter

I love the Broadway tunes and the Artist Series and listening to many of my favorite artists.

I know that the instructors are trying to motivate you.  But if I choose a particular music, I actually want to listen to the music.

3. I Don’t Own a Treadmill

Most of the running classes are designed for the treadmill.  I always run outside.  So when I run, I have to ignore the cues for increasing elevation and speed. There are a few just audio running classes, but not as many.

4. Many Free Options for Strength Training and Yoga classes

If I ever decide to go back to yoga and/or do some strength training, there are zillions of free online classes and/or YouTube videos for both. Thanks Marcia and others for posting them.

Samara, my favorite instructor

5. Cost

The Peleton membership is NOT expensive but I feel that this money could be better spent. I had the $$ at the time since I was not socializing or racing or doing much of anything.  But I hope that changes in the future.

6. Missing my Podcasts

Image result for ali on the run podcast

and lastly, I used to listen to Podcasts when I ran.  Once I signed up for Peleton, I rarely had time to listen to them. I am missing Sarah, Nicole, Ali, and my other virtual podcasting friends.

Happy Running! Do you use Peleton? Why do you like it? If not, why not? Please share.


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TT: Makeup On the Run?

The Tuesday Topic this week is: Makeup while running – yes or no?


Here’s the Makeup-related items that I wear when I run:

  • Foundation – because it hides flaws in your skin (bags under your eyes lol) but mostly since it’s contains SUNSCREEN.
  • Lipstick – I just always do wear it (for COLOR) but also because it contains sunscreen and prevents my lips from getting dry and cracked.
  • Earrings – Always, usually hoops.
  • Eyeliner & Mascara – rarely but sometimes. (Rarely because I wear sunglasses and no one sees my eyes)
  • Sunglasses – Almost Always – I wear Contacts and my eyes are sensitive to sun and wind.

I still follow the same above during the Pandemic because I run most days and I do have ZOOM meetings. (Can’t scare my co-workers and friends away!)

The only issue has been that when I wear a gaiter, it fogs up my sunglasses.  Sometimes I do wear my glasses instead of my contacts…SAME!! (Luckily I’m not blind without my glasses and I just shove them in my pocket.)

contactless run

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Happy Running! What about you? What do you wear on your face when you run? Or do you run au naturel? Please share.


Weekly Run Down for 3.1.21-3.7.21: Good Bye Snowy February. Hello Windy March!

February was a short month so not as many miles as I usually run but I am still on track for 1000 miles in 2021 (I think).

I completed a virtual 5k and 15k and an in-person half marathon.

I completed a local Fleet Feet February running challenge and am on track with the NYCRuns one.

It was free and now I have a $15 coupon to spend here – win. win

And I canceled my Peleton membership. I’ll explain why in a future post.

Seen on my most recent hike…I’m in love with micro spikes and frozen waterfalls.

I’ve continuing hiking and even ventured out on those icy trails.  So far in 2021, I’ve hiked on 15 different trails (7 of which were new to me).

I just discovered this very cool challenge.

Hoping for better weather in March but you never know.  If nothing else, I wish the snow would melt so my options for running routes increase. Some local races are happening. So far, I have only signed up for one.

Last Week:

  • Monday – A rainy windy day.  Due to my long run bring postponed, I declared today a rest day from running.  I rode the bike during lunch and went for a walk after work (inside the mall – the wind was insane.)

My last Peleton cycling class

Came home and the power went off…until 6 am the next morning!!

  • Tuesday – Another VERY windy COLD day but since it was dry, I went for a run at lunch. Brrrrrr.

holy cow! It was sunny but THAT wind!!! and my last Peleton run.

After work, I had a hair appt and that evening, I attended a ZOOM with some running friends.  A few have been wintering in Fla so it was nice to see them again.

  • Wednesday – I had more time today at lunch so I drove to do my lunch run. It was warmer and less windy than the day before (but still windy).

as you can see I ran on the school track to throw in a few fartleks into my run.

Getting my run done at lunch leaves me time to walk with a friend after work.

  • Thursday – Come on, what’s with the wind? Another windy day which always makes it feel colder and the run harder.  But I got it done again during an early lunch.

Drove to the rail trail. icy in some spots and clear in others. There’s hope for future runs here.

Another after work walk with a friend.  Glad to continue this daily habit.

too windy for outdoors and Pershia found her wings in the mall

  • Friday – After running 3 days in a row (even slow short ones), I needed a rest today. And though sunny, the wind was as fierce as ever. George to the rescue.
  • Saturday – Back on schedule for Saturday Long Run. We took a big risk and decided to see if the path was clear on the Nisky Bike Path. It was clear but sooo cold and windy.  Glad to have company on the whole ten miles.

the first 8 miles were much faster than I would normally run and thankfully this path had trees to shield us from most of the wind.

  • Sunday – Started the day with a bike ride and then the plan was, when it warmed up a little, to go off on a hike. I was thinking of maybe a winter fire tower climb (Dickinson Fire Tower)

The sun was so nice and I thought I was on the fire tower trail…but nope, I was not…still a nice 3 mile walk

It was such a nice day that I decided on another hike – Holly Hock Hollow Preserve.

some mud, some ice and lots of waterfalls

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  Virtual ZOOMA Women’s Day 5k, walk with BFF
  • Tuesday – run, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – DAY OFF – rest day, hike with a friend, walk
  • Thursday – run, race bib pick up, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday – Electric City Five Miler, Run 5 more? walk/hike?
  • Sunday – Long Run?, walk/hike? (depends on what I choose to do on Saturday)

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Doing any virtual races? Any in-person races planned? Any goals for March? Is it warming up where you live? What about those March winds? Please share.

FFF: Ultimate Coffee Date for March 2021

It’s that time of the month…

Starbucks Coffee City Mug Collection- Florida, 16 Oz Cup

time to join up with Coco & Deborah
for their ultimate coffee date.

I live in upstate NY so it’s HOT coffee in the morning before work and red wine in front of the fireplace at night.

Spring arrives later this month and the days are getting longer. And my quarantine has ended. 🙂

But I’m still trying to hold onto memories of my warm sunny days in Florida.

1. Over coffee/wine… 

I’d tell you that in addition to being relieved that I had gotten both of my COVID vaccines before I left for my Florida vacation, the CDC advised that you did not have to quarantine after 14 days post vaccine #2.  Many states have no quarantining requirements. Some states (like NY) have stricter ones. It’s all so confusing.

Image result for second covid vaccine

What are the travel requirements in the state where you live?

2.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that contrary to popular belief, I felt safe from COVID while I was recently in Florida.  As a result, I am in the midst of planning our annual tennis trip to Naples (April 28-May 5.)  The snag will be that some of my friends are not over 65 so may not have gotten both of their vaccines yet.  It just may be a smaller group this year. In times, like this, it pays to be older.

looking forward to more shenanigans with these ladies

If you traveled during the pandemic, how did you feel?  Do you have any future travel plans?

3.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that it was quite disheartening that both my feet still are painful when I run.  Obviously I can withstand the pain or I would not run and race half marathons but I definitely will NOT run another marathon (with foot pain.)  And yes, I’ve rested, gotten shots, new shoes, PT, etc.  And no, I do not plan to have surgery.

smiling through the pain

Any bunion/neuroma advice?  Do you run/race with non-injury-related pain?

4.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that that I am not running as fast as I used to.  I am planning to embrace my slowness.  But that seems easier if you run long races… Not a problem yet since most races for 2021 are still cancelled.  I used love my weekly 5ks.

in faster times

Long distance or short distance races, which is your preference? Does finish time matter? Only answer if you have been running at least 10 years. (If not, you can still get faster.)

5.Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that in spite of what I said about my snail’s pace, I signed up for a five mile race on March 13. What was I thinking?

Image result for electric city 5 miler

I guess I was thinking back to my favorite 5 miler, the Delmar Dash (which will not happen again this year.)

That’s how long most of my 3 milers take now. lol

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Happy Running! What’s new with you?  Any warm weather trips planned or in-person races? Any neuroma/bunion advise? Please share.

TT: What Did I Think About on my Last Run?

The Tuesday Topic this week is: What Did You Think About on Your Last Run

Usually I listen to a Podcast, Music or Peleton because I do NOT want to think.  LOL

Unfortunately my thoughts don’t always seem to be positive ones!!

Here’s how it went down during my recent run:

  • Work. My last training, My next training. A New training that I have to learn. (BTW: I teach online.) Stress.
  • Pandemic.  When will my friends got their vaccines? When will I be able to eat in a restaurant, go to a movie or have fun? Despair.
  • Running. Why do I have to walk so often? Why do I want to quit after one mile? Why does it feel hard? Is it like this for other runners? What is my pace, like14 m/m? Frustration.

And during the last 1/4 mile:

  • Work. Glad to be working from home. I can work wearing my running clothes and be out the door in minutes.  Relief.
  • Pandemic.  Being outside is the best thing right now.  I am so lucky that I get to do this. Gratitude.
  • Running. I did it. I didn’t quit. I didn’t die. Many others probably stayed inside.  Pride.

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Happy Running! What did you think about on your last run? Please share.