Tuesday Topics: 2019 Assessment

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My Topic this week is: My Assessment of 2019

I’m a teacher at heart. (once a teacher, always a teacher.)

And you can’t grow in the future unless you assess the past. 

Yes, it was a good year meaning lots of bling, miles and races.  You’ve seen my pictures but do they really tell the story?

Here’s my story:

I ran 947 miles.

I didn’t have a goal of 1000 miles but it was a number than I wanted to meet and I have only done it twice.

2018 – 894.5 miles
2017 – 1041.5 miles
2016 – 1046 miles
2015 – 969 miles
2014 – 911 miles

not this year

I had a calf injury for 5 weeks in Feb-March.  I do think, though, that my marathon training long runs made up for the injury. Of course, minimal miles in December definitely ended any chance of reaching 1000.

My job and travel interferes greatly with getting in the weekday miles.  However, I’m not a runner who needs those high mileage weeks and I also think the lower mileage has helped keep me injury-free for the most part (until December that is.)

I ran 31 races. 6 Half Marathons, 3 15ks, 2 10ks and the rest were shorter distances. Eleven were new races. Five of the new ones were half marathons and of course, there was NYC, my first MARATHON!

Again fewer than previous years. I have run 40 or close to it in the past.

But it was a conscious choice, not because I was injured. Only the last two December races did I DNS.

I’m a social runner and racing to me is a way to run and meet up with other runners. But with the ability to run with runner friends on the weekends, I didn’t feel the need to sign up for as many races.

my weekend BRFs

The ones I did run, I enjoyed and I usually try to run different races each year. But this year, they tended to be halfs. I guess there were not many NEW local races that appealed to me.

I continued to win my age group in most of the races that I entered.

This happens when you are in an old lady’s age group. But still, it makes me happy.

I am most proud of winning in longer races such as Sacandaga Half and Surf Town Half and in NYC races (Brooklyn Speed Series 5k, Building Brooklyn 5k, and Grete Gallop 10K, Hot Chocolate 15k.)

Although I did not have a PR year (like last year), I completed my first FULL Marathon.

I know I am slowing down.  I’m not sure how much or how often.  It just feels harder every time I go out there.

Last year, I had many course PRs at races that I have run multiple times. Not this year.

But I think I am enjoying running more and PRs just don’t seem as important as they used to.

ran most of this race while chatting with Renee

It also helped that I focused on my marathon and I couldn’t be prouder of that achievement.

My Finish times were for the most part consistent (at least for the shorter distances).

Considering my lack of training, (I run but don’t follow a plan per se nor do I do any speed drills), I did ok.

I didn’t break any speed records. But I finished most of my 5ks under 29 minutes. That elusive sub 27 5K still stands (and may stand forever.)

one of my better showings

My half marathon finish times were meh:

Publix – 2:20:29
NYC – 2:16:01
H2H – 2:11:15
Sacandaga – 2:13:03
Surf town – 2:16:08
Hannaford – 2:22:05 (post 7 miles)
NYC Marathon – 2:26.56 (first 13.1)

Not close to my PR (2:06:52) but the important finish time (under 2:12:00) was met in the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon. It qualified me for NYC Half 2020 and NYC Marathon 2020.

I conquered my fear of trail running.

I ran this summer for the first time in many of the ARE Summer Trail Running Series. They are held weekly at different local trails.

Huyck Preserve

I enjoyed them immensely. I met new runners. I discovered new places to run. And I never fell.

Thacher Park

Someday, I may even sign up for a trail race.  But I’m not there yet.

Stay turned for Friday when I’ll post what I had planned for 2019 and next Friday’s post when I’ll look ahead to 2020.

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Happy Running!  Do you assess your year of running? If so, how did you do?

Weekly Run Down for 12.23.19-12.29.19: Holiday Week

Christmas and Chanukah…nice when they both fall during the same week … since I celebrate both holidays LOL

and I have two cats

And yes, I have been running. Yes, my foot still hurts but not worse and it was better than sitting on my butt eating holiday treats.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Finally a warmish sunny day but of course, it was a Rest Day.  A long awaited chiropractor appointment.  I was on only maintenance so I do not visit her often but I was interested in what she could do with my sore foot. She did some work but agreed with me that it may be a neuroma and then I would need an MRI. Afterward I headed to the gym for an hour on the bike.

my exciting view

  • Tuesday – Christmas Eve run…what else? Since I DNSed on the Last Run 5k through the lights in the park, I decided to run it on my own. The lights go on before they allow cars in…just enough time for me.

  • Wednesday – Day Off and I started it with a run… I knew I would be eating a lot later in the day and not able to run the following two days. Since it was daylight, I decided to see if the Corning Bike Path was clear…

and it was…

The run was followed by a big dinner with the family.

  • Thursday – Rest Day. Re-scheduled BFF birthday celebration. First we had dinner.

salmon topped latkes – yum!

And then we went to the movies.

one of my favorite childhood books

  • Friday – Another rest day as I had to rush home because I was hosting mah jongg at my home.
  • Saturday – Long run scheduled with the Sole Sisters. As usual, we all ran different distances but met afterward for brunch.

Rose Marie & I were French teachers at the same time…nice to reminisce. Helped keep my mind off my foot pain. Again bearable and got better the longer I ran.

Evening holiday tennis party. Lots of eating, gift giving, singing and laughing.

  • Sunday – With the upcoming weather forecast for the next few days, I considered another run but I didn’t want to press my luck with the foot so I rode the bike at the gym instead.

free gym…getting more use than usual

And then I went to a local museum.

I’ve been Hamilton-obsessed lately. This exhibit on the Schuyler sisters (the family spent a lot of time in Albany, NY) ended today. I also passed by the Schuyler mansion where they lived on my way to errands.

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? How did you spend your holiday? Have you seen Hamilton? Do you sometimes have to ignore injuries and run anyway? Please share.

Friday Five’s Runfessions for December

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

Can they be called RUNfessions if I didn’t run??


1. I runfess…

When I was working in NYC, I did not RUN due to a sore foot, but I did WALK…

I mean it was NYC during the holidays… I wanted to see the decorations…. Did I interfere with the healing of my foot???

Should I have just stayed in my hotel? 

2. I runfess…

I did not run one of my favorite (fun) races but I went anyway. I dressed up as if to race and even kept the race shirt.

And yes, I admit, I had serious FOMO.

Anyone else not race but go to cheer on their friends anyway?

3.I runfess…

I was hoping that the podiatrist would see a stress fracture on the xray.

At least then, you rest, it heals and you run again.

But seeing nothing and recommending rest does not make you feel satisfied.

Anyone else ever have one of those frustrating undiagnosed injuries?

4. I runfess…

Even though I was not running and didn’t know when I would run again, I still shopped for running-related items? Not sure why?

Anyone else buy running gear while they were injured?

5.I runfess…

My 2020 goal was 12 half marathons in 12 months. Well, that will not happen…but I’m having a hard time planning my running comeback.  (Yes, there will be one).

I may DNS the January Half in NYC but should I also downgrade the February one (in Bermuda) to a 10k or just slog it.

Image result for zooma bermuda"

Anyone else impatient when coming back from an injury?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


Tuesday Topics: Keeping Sane When You Cannot Run

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This is a topic that no runner wants to write about.

It’s so popular to say “Running is my Therapy.” But what if it is really true.

What can you do if you cannot run?

Find a new hobby.

It could be knitting, doing a puzzle or an adult coloring book.

It has to be something that you find enjoyable and that keeps you occupied during the time you would be running.

Stay Active.

Walk if you can. Ride a bike. Do yoga. Swim. Work out.

Find a physical activity to temporarily replace running.

Spend time with family and friends.

You have more time now that you do not have to run or have scheduled races.

Contact those people you haven’t spend time with lately and plan get togethers.

Stay positive.

No sense focusing on those DNSed races and missed runs.

Plan for the future. But new shoes or a new outfit. Pick a new race or running goal.

Happy Running! Any other tips? Share it here!

Weekly Run Down for 12.16.19-12.21.19: Back on the Road

Traveling for work and still nursing a sore foot…but taking it on the road as well.

Last Week –

  • Monday – After a drive to Westchester and set up, I headed to the hotel gym.

run/walked a mile on the tm followed by 45 min on the bike

  • Tuesday – Messy commute to work and home…snow, freezing, rain …UGH!! And standing all day made my foot ache. 😦
  • Wednesday – Back home but just for the day.

Cold and snowy but had to venture out on the Ualbany loop.

Holy wind, Batman!

  • Thursday – Back driving down to Westchester and back at the hotel gym.

exercising with the smell of chlorine

  • Friday – Very long day and long drive home. No miles, just long hours of standing and driving.
  • Saturday – Long run scheduled with the Sole Sisters. We woke up to single digits and only Barbara & I were game. We headed to The Crossings but it was too icy so we returned to my stomping grounds – UAlbany.  With no wind, it actually was rather comfortable out there.  Glad I didn’t wimp out.

Christmas dinner with my stepson and his wife.

  • Sunday – Slightly warmer temps this morning and since I was busy the next day, I decided to get a few more miles in before the end of the year. Luckily I had the company of two friends.

my cat didn’t come but he’s cute and loves the cold

I had to rush home for my Re-scheduled birthday painting with my mentee.

this year for a change, we painted wine glasses

First night of Chanukah…time to light the menorah and then out to whine..I mean wine with a friend.,

to all those who celebrate

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Have you started celebrating the holidays? Have you had to work off those holiday parties and/or cookies?  What about potential injury? Do you ignore it and run? Please share.

Friday Five: Motivation Tips

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My Topic this week is: Motivation to Run

There have been many days where I struggled to get out the door … so here are my recommendations.

Hopefully they will help you when you need that extra “motivation.”

1. Call a Friend

It’s harder to skip a run when someone is waiting for you.

2. Put it on your Calendar

It’s just as important as a work meeting or a dentist appointment. So schedule it.

3. Prep the Night Before

If I ran in the morning, my running stuff would be on the floor next to my bed. Since I run after work, I pack my running clothes the night before.  It’s so easy to skip the run when you are tired in the morning or wake up late.


4. Plan your post run Reward.

It may be coffee or ice cream or brunch if you need food gratification. Or maybe a shopping trip.

5. Register for a Race.

If you have a race on your schedule, you are more likely to get that run in.

Image result for fred lebow half

Jan 19 – my next one!! Well, maybe not… more like Feb 16.

Happy Running! Do you struggle with running motivation from time to time? Any other tips that you can share?

Tuesday Topics: This Year in Photos

Since today is Tuesday, I’m  linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

One of my most favorite things to do is look back at my photos.

They remind me why I love running and racing.

Here are the highlights month by month:


a bunch of free local races and runs with friends 

Winter Series race

cold run with friends


some cold weather runs, a warm race-cation and two races including my first half marathon of the year

Polar Cap Race with AJH

a very wet Publix Half Marathon


My stepson’s wedding, a new kitten, my second and bucket list half marathon and a wet local race

THE wedding


NYC Half Marathon

Shamrock Shuffle race (in the rain)


Spring racing has begun with three races including a fun group race-cation

Delmar Dash with Karen

Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon

Hot Chocolate 15k with some Sole Sisters


my birthday month, an annual tennis vacation in Florida and of course races, like FOUR of them

15th year in a row in Naples, FL

Tropicool 5k with an old friend

Summer Smith Memorial 5k with Dr. Tom

Workforce Challenge with co-workers

Great Sacandaga Half Marathon


the racing season escalates with five races, some volunteering, work travel, as boating on the lake begins

my 12th Freihofer’s Run for Women

Betar Byway 5k and Moreau Mile races

Building Brooklyn 5k

Lake George life

Sole Sisters man the water stop

running in Buffalo after work

Race to the Lakes 15k (and ice cream)


warmer temps mean less racing (just one race) but some trail runs and more boating

Silks and Satins 5k with a skirt sister

trailing running!

more boating


More trail runs and again just one race

more trails!!

Hudson Ramble 8 mile race


A visit to a college roommate, a half marathon and lots of long runs in addition to work travel 

first kayaking experience thanks to my college roommate

Surf Town Half Marathon and blogger meet-up

running along the Erie Canal (Rochester work)

more miles in NYC and friend connections

marathon training…


marathon training is heating up with a half marathon as part of the dreaded 20-miler and there was a bucket list 10k in NYC as well as a fun trail race.

Grete’s Great Gallop 10k (and a new friend)

post 7 mile Hannaford Half Marathon

Lawson Lake 5k for “fun”


The big day arrived – my first full marathon followed by a recovery 15k and two Thanksgiving races

I did it!!!!!

the Stocadeathon

Turkey Trotting


and so it ends… with a DNS 😦

I realized that after picking those pictures above that they had nothing to do with age group awards or finish times.

In fact, many of them were not stellar running/racing efforts yet they were memorable for many other reasons.

I ran a lot of races in 2019 and each was special in a different way.  Some were new experiences and some were races that I’ve run over and over again. Many were with friends but many were solo attempts. None were PRs and I’m sure a few were PWs.

But I think I had a smile on my face during each and every one.

I’m linking also up with Coaches Corner–Debbie and Marc.

and Wild Workout Wednesday with NicoleAnnmarieJen, and Michelle.

Happy Running!  What is memorable for you in your running?  Does it show up in your photos?