I’m Baaack

Yes, for the fourth year, I have been selected as a Skirt Sport Ambassador.

Let me tell you why I choose to represent this company:

  1. Their clothes are made for women of ALL sizes from XS to XXL and they fit ALL women.
  2. They offer a variety of active wear items in addition to skirts – capris, tights, dresses, jackets, and more.
  3. Let’s face it, we all want to look good and their clothes, in addition to being comfortable, make us look good.

4. Their clothes are practical...Can we say “Pockets?”  I mean lots of pockets!!


5. They sponsor challenges, programs, podcasts and retreats that promote healthy living and fitness for women of ALL ages.

that’s me 2nd from left

Image result for run this world podcast

awesome weekly podcast

6. They empower women to follow their dreams.  I mean, what is more empowering that a company founded by a woman (Nicole DeBoom) and managed by another women (Noelle Wilson.)

Noelle & Nicole at a retreat – photo by Jenn Allen

7. The community of women who wear Skirt Sports is the most inspiring and supportive group of women I  have met. Although most I have only met virtually, I feel a strong bond with all of them.

I met Elenora at a local race because I was wearing a Skirt Sports skirt.

You read more about Skirt Sports on these other blog posts:

So if you are still not convinced, you should order one to try Skirt Sports out for yourself. Use my code 128Card for 15% off.

Happy Running! Do you wear Skirt Sports? If so, what is your favorite product?

Friday Five: What I Did This Summer


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mar at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is What I Did This Summer

Here are my 5 favorites things:

1. Boating on the lake 





2. Running in scenic places





3. Weekend on the Schroon River



4. Trip to NYC


5. 5K Races





Happy Running? What did you do this summer?


GuestInstagrammer & SkirtSports

As an Ambassador Captain for SkirtSports, I was asked to be a GuestInstagrammer for July 14 as part of their July Challenge.

I was a little intimidated but it was actually fun and it motivated me to be active ALL day!


  • I started my day in my SkirtSports Ambassador tank


  • Then I went for a before work run in a Gym Girl Ultra skirt


  • Unfortunately, I had to do to work but I did wear a SkirtSports bra


  • I was able to sneak out for an afternoon break with Starbucks and a walk in the park in my Eclipse top

ig starbux IMG_6207

  • After work, I played tennis in another Eclipse top


  • And after tennis, we all went out for dinner & drinks (I wore a SkirtSports headband.)

ig headband

  • After long, active day, I read & watched TV in another Ambassador tank.


I love all the SkirtSports clothes that I have.  They are super comfortable and stylish.

I would wear them even if I weren’t an Ambassador.

And wait until you see the new fall colors:

new SS

I can’t wait!! .

If you want to buy any SkirtSports items, please use this code SSMFK20 to get 20% off the regular price.

Happy Running! Do you wear SkirtSports?




Today, July 1, 2015 kicks off a fun month with Skirt Sports and Instagram:


I don’t have 31 outfits but I plan to be as active as I can every day this month and wear SkirtSports as often as I can.

Join us on Instagram for the fun! (And make sure to check out Skirt Sports’ account on July 14 when I take it over for a day!)

Want to add to your collection? Use code SSMFK20 to get 20% off!

Happy Running!  How will you be moving this month?  Do you wear SkirtSports?



Go to http://www.skirtsports.com/ambassadors/ to read about the awesome ambassador captains

Part of my responsibility of being a Skirts Sports Ambassador Captain is posting every month on a different topic.

Last month, the topic was: (You can click on the links to read my posts.)

This month, the topic is what REALwomenmove means to me:


  • REALwomenmove women are Real bodies.

When I was almost 55, I decided to join a running club and run my first 5K.  I had never done anything athletic until I was in my 40s when I learned to play tennis. Many people may have thought that I was too old and most of the runners in the group were indeed younger. But I quickly got addicted to racing and here I am, 62, and wearing running skirts (even if it shows the cellulite on my thighs.)


  • REALwomenmove women are Real inspiration.

Through reading running blogs, I have met some inspiring women.  Women who in their 60s are competing in triathlons and women who smile while going through their cancer treatments….

before the race

  • A REALwomenmove woman is proud of who she is.

Sometimes when I race, I win an award because I am the only one in my age group.  That’s ok.  I am still proud of my accomplishment.


  • A REALwomenmove woman is confident.

When I first started running, I only ran 5ks. I did that for several years. Then when I had a serious health scare, I decided that life was short and I needed a challenge.  I decided to run a half marathon and I was confident that I could do it (despite my hubby’s fears.)

Half in Naples, Florida

  • A REALwomenmove woman do not judge other women.

Though my running years, I have run with many diverse groups of women – beginning runners, older runners, runners with young kids, slow runners, fast runners… No matter what, we are women and we are runners.  We support each other!!


  • A REALwomenmove woman is comfortable in her own body.

My body has enabled to play tennis and even compete at state and national levels.

Now running has taken precedence over tennis and I have run over 100 races including 12 half marathons.


  • A REALwomenmove woman accepts and loves herself as she is.

Yes, I am still uncoordinated and clumsy.  Hence, a broken ankle and a broken foot.  But I focus on my strengths and accept my weaknesses.


  • To a REALwomenmove woman, an active life is important to her health and happiness.

Every time, I get injured, people ask “are you going to stop running now?”  I say “Hell, no!”

Register for The Biggest Loser RunWalk at www.biggestloser.com/runwalk

Being active is who I am.  It is important to my life. It makes me happy and it makes me feel healthy.

Be sure to drop by the Skirt Sports website to see how the Ambassadors move!

Happy Running! How do you move?


#REALwomenmove Campaign


are launching the #REALwomenmove campaign TODAY

Who are SkirtSports?

We are the only women’s fitness brand that showcases the REAL side of women. We inspire and motivate real women of all body types, activity levels, backgrounds, ages, and with a wide range of challenges and goals. We celebrate her accomplishments, no matter how big or small. It’s not just about women of all sizes, but about women in all stages of life, using running and fitness as a way to help herself be … better. It’s about knowing that you are not alone and you are perfect the way you are.

Who is #REALwomenmove Real women?

  • Real bodies
  • Real inspiration
  • She is proud of who she is
  • She is confident
  • She does not judge other women
  • She is comfortable in her own body
  • She accepts and loves herself as she is
  • An active life is important to her health and happiness

What does #REALwomenmove do?

  1. SETS AN EXAMPLE that women of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, ages, lifestyle choices and abilities can be active.
  2. EMPOWERS WOMEN to make fitness a priority despite their busy, demanding lives and daily challenges.
  3. GIVES BACK to women who are breaking their own barriers in their quest to live an active life.
  • For every 5000 #REALwomenmove hashtags, Skirt Sports will donate a “Get Started Kit” to a deserving woman.
  • Nominations: Women will submit their stories or nominate their friends by submitting their friends’ stories through a “Submit your #REALwomenmove story” link on ss.com.
  • “Get Started Kit” will include: Bra, Top, Bottom, socks, headwear and possibly 3rd party products.


I hope ALL my readers will take part in this campaign.

For more information, visit the SkirtSports web site.

Happy Running! What does “real women move” mean to you?


April Recap

April Goals:

  • Run 3-4 times each week. Yes!




on the treadmill


  • Get some strength training or yoga done. I have gone to the gym twice. (It’s a start.)
  • Continue running with a training group. Yes! On Mondays.


  • Do long runs on the weekend to train for half marathon on April 18. One.


  • Complete a 5K race. Yes! Two!
28:01 - 1st in my AG

Bacon Hil 5K – 28:01 – 1st in my AG


Cherry Blossom 5K – 27:56 – 2nd in my AG

  • Complete Half Marathon #12. Yes!

very painful feet made this not my best attempt but finished – 2:20:18

  • Run my 5k races under 10 min. mile pace. Yes both!

Bacon Hill 5K – 9 min pace


Cherry Blossom 5K – 9 min pace

  • Win an age group award. YES! 2!



2nd place

  • Run with my GOTR running buddy. Yes! And she’s FAST!


  • Run at least 85 miles. Yes.


I had a nice visit with my college buddy.

image   image

We started a walking challenge at work.  We are on teams and we track our steps weekly.

May Goals:

  • Run 3-4 times each week.
  • Get some strength training or yoga done.
  • Go for a walk everyday at work.
  • Continue running with a training group.
  • Do long runs on the weekend to train for half marathon on May 24
  • Complete a 15K race.
  • Win an age group award for a 15k.
  • Run a 5K with my GOTR running buddy.
  • Run while on my tennis vacation in Florida.
  • Complete Half Marathon #13.
  • Complete a 5K race.
  • Run my 5k race under 10 min. mile pace.
  • Run at least 85 miles.

May is my favorite month! The tulips are in bloom and my birthday is in this month!!!


Happy Running! How was your April?  Anything special planned for May?


Tuesdays on the Run: Why I Run

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Why I Run


  • because it makes me feel good
  • because it makes me feel healthy
  • because it makes me feel active
  • because it gives me time to be alone
  • because it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • because it makes me feel young
  • because it makes my day start better
  • because it makes a bad day end better
  • because it helps me enjoy the fresh air and the scenery
  • because I have met awesome people who are runners
  • to inspire others to become runners
  • so that I can eat more ice cream and desserts
  • so I can listen to music I like as loud as I like
  • as fast or slow as I want
  • until I feel like stopping
  • wherever I choose
  • alone or with thousands of others
  • to support a cause
  • to get a medal
  • to a get a tech shirt
  • because I can

Washington Pk jog   20140111-205831.jpg

IMG_3640  jhr12


Happy Running?  Why do you run?


Half Marathon #12

In case you are a new reader of my blog, here is a summary of my previous 11 half marathons:

1. My first and BEST was the Naples Half Marathon in January of 2011.  My goal was just to finish and I did in 2:28:27  (gun time, no chip timing).

2. I immediately registered for the 1st annual Lake George Half Marathon in April of that year.  Unfortunately, I had to run in sleet & freezing rain for 13.1 miles & without my Garmin. My time was 2:22:39 (gun time, no chip timing) and a PR until this year.

3. Out with strained Achilles for 6 weeks during the summer of 2011 delayed my training for the Adirondack Half Marathon  (so I walked the 2nd half of the race.) I finished in 2:44:59. It was still fun because I was running it with lots of friends.

I see the finish line!

4. Again impulsively, I decided to sign up for the inaugural Fall Foliage Half Marathon as a training run.  This was my hilliest half but I finished in 2:32:50.

my 4th Half Marathon 10-23-11

5. My goal race of that year was the Santa Clarita Half Marathon that I was running with a friend in California.  This time it only poured for half the race and I finished with a disappointing 2:30:12.

After 5 half marathons in 2011, there were NONE in 2012.

6. My next Half Marathon, the First Watch Half Marathon in Sarasota, Fla came in 2013 16 months after serious ankle surgery and 5 months after a foot stress fracture.  I was just glad to be running again. The course was beautiful, my friends were waiting at the end and I was happy with my 2:33:59 time.

Sarasota Half Marathon

7. The Mohawk-Hudson Half Marathon in the fall of 2013 was supposed to be the one where I would be seriously training and hopefully get a PR. Then I broke my foot. With a late start to my training and my weekly miles not what I would have liked, again this half marathon was just “I’ll be happy to finish.” So I did in 2:24:14. I enjoyed it since it was my first half where I slept in my own bed the night before.

Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon

8. For the Love Run Half Marathon in the Spring of 2014, I was injury-free for the whole training but I trained during an awfully cold, snowy winter.  Despite running in monsoon rains, I managed to PR at 2:22:35. I made new running friends and we had fun during our weekend in “wet” Philly.


9. Last summer, after running a 10 mile race, I impulsively registered for the Saratoga Springs Half Marathon.  This taught me to never run one in the summer.  It was very humid & I felt sick so I struggled to a 2:26:00 finish.


10. Impromptu and free. I registered for the Hangover Half Marathon and ran it as a training run on a cold, windy, lonely, boring course. And it was my fastest at 2:18:33.  Go figure?


11.  Training in frigid temps and running in Florida I thought would give me problems but the stars were aligned and I had the BEST.HALF.EVER in West Palm Beach. Beautiful weather, awesome scenery, a big PR and age group win. I sprinted to a 2:09:40 finish.


Now for #12. This winter was the coldest I’ve ever run in…sub-zero day after sub-zero day. Not ideal for training in addition to quite a few short March races and a trip to California which interfered with my long runs.

Nevertheless, I am super excited for this race.


here we are in October when I visited her for a race..

I will be visiting my college buddy, Andrea who lives about an hour north. (This time unfortunately she will have just had shoulder surgery so it won’t the best time to visit.)

The Daily Burn, an online fitness training web site just named the best half marathons across the country. In New Jersey that designation goes to the Asbury Park Half Marathon.

According to Emily Faherty, the article’s author describing the Asbury Park Half, “This flat and fast race is in the land of Bruce Springsteen, with local icon Tillie as its funny-faced mascot. You’ll run through the small area beach towns, along the historic boardwalk and finish with the “RunAPalooza” post-race party.”

view during most of the race

This race should be scenic and a good time. Fingers crossed for NO rain!

Here are my lofty goals:


A. PR (finish under 2:09:40)

B. Win an Age Group Award 

C. Finish Faster than my previous PR (under 2:18:33 )

D. Finish under 2 1/2 hours

E. Finish happy & uninjured 🙂 and wearing this medal:

And what will I wear?


SkirtSports skirt, the top will either be a tank, short or long sleeve (depending on the temps), procompression socks, Mizuno shoes

Happy Running! Anyone else running this race?


Monday Running Update

IMG_4595 Last Week: (AP Half Marathon Training week #11 – TAPER TIME )

  • Monday – 4 3 mile group run with FRW training group + a few more miles


  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 4 mile run

chilly & rainy

  • Thursday – 4 mile run 


  • Friday- rest, gym, mah jongg
  • Saturday –  5K race + 5 more miles (too cold & windy)
28:01 - 1st in my AG

28:01 – 1st in my AG

  • Sunday –  rest 5.5 miles


This Week:  (AP Half Marathon Training week #12 – RACE WEEK)

  • Monday – 4 mile group run with FRW training group + a few more miles
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run at lunch, movie
  • Thursday -rest
  • Friday- rest, drive to NJ
  • Saturday –  13.1 miles!!
  • Sunday –  rest, Broadway show in NYC

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?