I’m Baaack

Yes, for the fourth year, I have been selected as a Skirt Sport Ambassador.

Let me tell you why I choose to represent this company:

  1. Their clothes are made for women of ALL sizes from XS to XXL and they fit ALL women.
  2. They offer a variety of active wear items in addition to skirts – capris, tights, dresses, jackets, and more.
  3. Let’s face it, we all want to look good and their clothes, in addition to being comfortable, make us look good.

4. Their clothes are practical...Can we say “Pockets?”  I mean lots of pockets!!


5. They sponsor challenges, programs, podcasts and retreats that promote healthy living and fitness for women of ALL ages.

that’s me 2nd from left

Image result for run this world podcast

awesome weekly podcast

6. They empower women to follow their dreams.  I mean, what is more empowering that a company founded by a woman (Nicole DeBoom) and managed by another women (Noelle Wilson.)

Noelle & Nicole at a retreat – photo by Jenn Allen

7. The community of women who wear Skirt Sports is the most inspiring and supportive group of women I  have met. Although most I have only met virtually, I feel a strong bond with all of them.

I met Elenora at a local race because I was wearing a Skirt Sports skirt.

You read more about Skirt Sports on these other blog posts:

So if you are still not convinced, you should order one to try Skirt Sports out for yourself. Use my code 128Card for 15% off.

Happy Running! Do you wear Skirt Sports? If so, what is your favorite product?

2 thoughts on “I’m Baaack

  1. I’m so glad they chose you again! You represent Skirt Sports so well. 🙂

    I wear their Lioness skirts over my own capris – all black, as I channel Johnny Cash when I dress my bottom half for running, LOL. Love them, I’ve owned five skirts for years and they seem to last forever!

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