My Word for 2023

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Well, it’s that time of year. Time to pick ONE WORD to focus on for the entire year. (If you’ve never heard about the My One Word approach, here is a summary:

Lose the long the list of changes you want to make this year and instead pick one word. This process forces clarity by taking all of your big plans for life change and narrowing them down into a single thing. Your one word focuses on your character and creates a vision for your future.)

Below is a list of the words, I’ve chosen so far:

So how intentional was I in 2022?

At least with my running, I think I was…

  • I scheduled my runs both on my blog and on my phone calendar.
  • For accountability, I tried if possible to enlist the help of a friend especially for long runs
  • I often joined established group runs.
  • I set goals for my long race training runs (by working backwards from race day (13, 8, 12, 11, 10, etc.)
  • I rewarded myself for finishing a difficult run (new shoes or FOOD).
  • I laid out my running clothes the night before (or packed them & brought to work) so there would be no excuse NOT to run.
  • I signed up for races and ran them (no matter the weather.)
  • I blogged several times a week (I have to run in order to write about it.)

What about 2023?

Rejuvenate Meaning, Rejuvenate Definition and Rejuvenate Spelling - YouTube

So what does “Rejuvenate” mean?
  • to make feel or seem young again; bring back to youthful strength, appearance, etc.
  • to make seem new or fresh again

Why “Rejuvenate“?

Of course, it may be related to entering a new age group this year…

Although I don’t feel OLD, I want to make sure I don’t act “old” and I think we can always use a refresher.

How does that translate into running?

Not sure exactly…

New races? New goals? Run trails? Join a gym? Ride a bike?

Any suggestions?

Happy Running! Do you choose a Word each year? If so, what have you chosen one for 2023?  Please share.


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18 thoughts on “My Word for 2023

  1. When I think of rejuvenate, some of the first things that come to mind are ones involving things like massages, facials, and other things some people think of as spa-related (but you wouldn’t have to go to a spa for a massage). That could also include things like meditation and yoga or even on a more basic level getting more sleep. I guess to relate it all to running would be to focus more on rest and recovery after running.

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  2. This is a great word for a new age group!
    I have the same associations with “rejuvenate” as Cari does.
    Sleep, rest, massages, regular stretching and foam rolling are all good goals, especially since you are already running and racing a lot.
    Personally, I love to sleep! It’s free and very effective! 🙂

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  3. I LOVE this word! As we get older, we really need to have this mindset. It’s interesting that so many commenters interpreted it as self-care. That wasn’t my first thought (I was thinking more like strength training and some different races, maybe that marathon you were thinking about?) but yes- more sleep would help. My word is “nourish” but I’m going to use “rejuvenate” as my alternate word. “Nourish” and “rejuvenate” go together well!

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  4. When my mum was around 55/65 she said she didn’t want to be like my grandmother (her mother-in-law) who had started acting old when she was 50! And she really embraced everything new, even starting her own business after she retired from formal work! So, when you say you don’t want to act old, I remembered her vision! In the fitness/running area, I would definitely say try something new – a new race or a challenge you never would have thought of doing before (something that even scares you a bit!) Plus what everyone else have said – self-care and love!

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