TT: My Word for 2022

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Well, it’s that time of year.

Time to pick ONE WORD to focus on for the entire year.

(If you’ve never heard about the My One Word approach, here is a summary:

Lose the long the list of changes you want to make this year and instead pick one word. This process forces clarity by taking all of your big plans for life change and narrowing them down into a single thing. Your one word focuses on your character and creates a vision for your future.)

Below is a list of the words, I’ve chosen so far:

So how resilient was I in 2021?

On the whole, 2021 was not as difficult as 2020.  Since I was still working from home, there was no work travel to some of my favorite running locales (i.e. NYC, Rochester, Liverpool, Buffalo). We were wearing masks indoors but with having gotten both vaccines, I was able to connect with friends. Even though there were COVID restrictions (and many inconvenient ones), in person races were scheduled. And I felt safe participating in them. I even traveled for two race-cations.

IOW, I felt that I was resilient in 2021 and hope to continue to be so in the coming years.

What helped me the most was realizing that friendships, both virtual and face to face, were more important than running pace and race finish times. And having a mileage goal of 1000 miles was more motivating than a PR.  It meant that I was running consistently and healthy. Many of my runs were solo but I also made the effort to be flexible and run with others.  And even if there were sucky things going on in my personal (non-running) life, I tried to focus on the positives (at least I hope I did). And running was definitely one of the positives of 2021.

What will my word be in 2022?

When you are intentional, you choose to make decisions and take action on what’s really important to you. You do things that brings you joy.

I think that I am often too impulsive. That can be good. I do not procrastinate. I make a decision and take action (almost immediately) ….

But sometimes it is important to think things through and focus on your “why.”

IOW, what you do decide to do should have meaning and be important (not a whim.)

When I was thinking about ways to become more intentional, I found these suggestions:

1. Keep your goals in mind.

2. Be present in the moment.

3. Look after your health.

4. Declutter your life.

5. Assess your priorities.

6. Practice gratitude.

7. Mind your money.

8. Make time for the simple things.

9. Stop comparing yourself to others.

10. Practice forgiveness.

11. Disconnect from social media.

12. Meditate at night.

And yes, most of these can apply to Running!! And to Blogging. And to Life, in general …

I think they are doable for me in 2022 (except for maybe #11 & #12 lol).

So far:

  • To celebrate the start of 2022 and stay safe yet connected and active, I ran a local race on a balmy January day.

  • I didn’t win an award but didn’t care because I had fun.
  • In order to keep with my training plan for my January 23 half marathon, I completed 7.25 more solo miles.

  • Then re-arranged my plans for the next day: Cancelled long run plans, cleaned the house, went shopping, baked “healthy” muffins, read my book club book (The Maidens)

Happy Running! Do you choose a Word each year? If so, have you chosen one for 2022?  Do you need to be more intentional? Please share.


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39 thoughts on “TT: My Word for 2022

  1. I definitely could be more intentional, so I’m intrigued with your list of suggestions.
    The one about assessing one’s priorities is a good one. I’m easily distracted and jump into a new adventure without thinking it through first.
    I’m excited to see how you continue to apply “intentional”, Darlene. It will be a good reminder for me, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great choice of words, Darlene! I agree that 2021 wasn’t as difficult as 2020, but then again, that was a choice I made. I focused on all the good around me instead of dwelling on all the ugliness still out there. I know you did the same 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I wish more people focused on the positive. But we’re all different and we have different challenges. Things will get better. We have to believe that.


  3. I think that’s a good word! I can sometimes get excited and run out and do something without really taking the time to plan. Being spontaneous is good sometimes but it can have its drawbacks. Can’t wait to see how you’ll do in 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. As you know, I’m a very intentional person. I usually put a great deal of thought into doing the things I do, and almost always have a reason. Which isn’t to say I never make an off the cuff decision, because I do.

    Intentional is a a good way to live life.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yes, this is a great word! Be intentional instead of “reactive.” Your suggestions on how to implement it are great (I love how you eliminated the last two, ha ha.). I did choose a word, but every time I hear someone else’s word I wish I had chosen that one. Well, i can still be intentional even if that’s not “my” word.


    • Ha ha. Same. I think I should remember that word and choice it next year. But I’ll forget by then.

      I think we all should be intentional and most of us are already. But it’s good to focus on it if you are one of those impulsive types lol.


  6. You definitely were resilient this past year. I really like intentional as a goal. Appreciating the simple and everyday are things I have become aware of more the past 2 years. Good luck!

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    • I am a mediation kind of a person. But I will try all the other suggestions. I prefer running with others… I run better that way but it’s not always possible. If alone, I just turn up the music or podcasts.


  7. Intentional is a great word for the year! I haven’t picked a word or really thought much about any goals. I like the word resilient though. Only 5 days into the year and my family has already faced too many challenges. But we have to stay positive, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Intentional, I like that! The word I’m focusing on this year is growth, which really has to do with how I move forward navigating life than I had previously. You had a great year and were very resilient, so kudos to you and Happy New Year!

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  9. That’s a great word! Definitely a word that most of us could us to revisit from time to time; I bet dedicating a year to intentionality will be fruitful.

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