FFF: 5 Struggles to Meeting Your Fitness Goals

Whether it’s running, walking, biking or working out, we often are faced with struggles that prevent us from reaching our fitness goals.

Here are FIVE of mine.  They all relate to a goal of working out:


I do not own a treadmill or any exercise equipment besides a stationary bike.

I could, of course, join a gym or subscribe to Peleton.

Both cost $$$.  Affordable but sometimes we need to make choices on how to spend our salary.


I work from 8-4.  Sometimes I have to travel which means even more hours spent at work.

Again, I could get up earlier or skip after work social activities.

It’s a matter of priorities (as in $$) – sleep/friends vs fitness


I’m pretty sure that if I had a partner in crime, I would go to a gym.

For some things I just need that extra push of a friend doing it too.

4.Too Many Options

  • A gym?  Which one: Planet Fitness, YMCA, etc?
  • App Subscriptions? Which one: Peleton, Les Mills, etc?
  • Free Online Videos?
  • Do your own thing?

5.A Reason

As they say “If it ain’t broke…”

IOW, I only run and yet I do not have any aches or pains or injuries. (knock on wood.)

Happy Running! Which struggles do you face, if any? Please share.







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17 thoughts on “FFF: 5 Struggles to Meeting Your Fitness Goals

  1. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. If I could run as much as I wanted and not get injured, I would never do a day of strength training in my life. It’s not like I’m incredibly dedicated, but I go to the gym because i know
    the alternative- an endless string of injuries. So I do it! Sigh.
    Going to the gym with my son was great, but I will say there’s a drawback to having a gym buddy- it can give you another excuse not to go. If your buddy can’t go, you probably won’t either.
    Considering that you live up north, have no treadmill and a busy work schedule, you are INCREDIBLY consistent!

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  2. My biggest struggle is time. I don’t work from home and my job isn’t that flexible but I do get a ton of vacation days and holidays so that helps. I’m not willing to sacrifice sleep for exercise so I do what I can.


  3. you know, one of the biggest things I miss from pre-corona times? my gym buddy. my friend Vincent and I used to go 2 – 3 a week (sometimes we could convince Ron as well) to the gym and I actually loved it. Vincent was also a running coach and we met through our running club 9 years ago now I think. Unfortunately Vincent has long-covid and has been struggling massively. But yeah, since the gyms closed in 2020 and then finally going back in June last year (in which I got covid after my first time back), I just don’t have the same motivation. I do have an awesome spin instructor so that does help a bit, but I really, really, really miss my gym buddy.

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