Monday Running Update


Last Week:

  • Monday – It was a holiday and I signed up at the last minute for a 5K race. Not my best nor my worst.  Scored 1st in my age group and met up with a lot of runners that I knew. But missed a day on the lake. Can’t have it all.

  • Tuesday – I took a trip to NYC because my friend Anna (from Russia) was going to be there (on her way back from a Maine wedding).  Unfortunately the early trains were sold out so I took the bus and arrived around 1:30 pm. We walked to Pier 81 and had lunch on the North River Lobster Boat. Then we walked on the  High Line and ended the day with drinks and crepes on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. The weather was windy, cloudy and drizzly but still a wonderful day.

 Since I saw her 3 years ago, she has taken up running. So proud!!

  • Wednesday -First day on the new job.  Took a walk to Starbucks at lunch. (Yes I work near Starbucks again!!) Both Alyssa and Barbara had to cancel so I had to go it alone after work at UAlbany. It seemed that summer’s humidity had returned. Ugh!!

  • Thursday – Today was even hotter and more humid than yesterday. Another solo run on the rail trail. 

  • Friday – a real rest day. I was supposed to meet a friend at the gym and I didn’t even do that. Mah jongg with my friends in the evening was fun.
  • Saturday –  5K race and then some miles afterward. The race was good. Actually one of my fastest this year and won 2nd in my age group. The run afterward was a struggle. I had to bribe myself with food.

won a bottle of champagne & a $50 gift card to the Recovery Room restaurant

it wasn’t pretty but got it done and my reward was delish

  • Sunday – Spent a perfect day on the lake. It was sunny, not too warm with a breeze.  None of our friends were around so we docked on an island, had champagne (the bottle that I won at my race the day before) with our lunch, I read a book and then went for a hike.

21 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:  

  • Monday 4 mile run, gym, dinner out
  • Tuesday –  rest, mall walk with BFF
  • Wednesday –  3 mile run with a friend+ volunteering with STEM group
  • Thursday –  4 mile run with a friend
  • Friday –  rest, mah jongg
  • Saturday – rest, boating
  • Sunday – Saratoga Palio Half Marathon!!
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races?


15 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. how is your new job going?

    I had a 10 mile race on Sunday. I used it as a training 🙂 Not my best nor my worst. Won nothing – hahahaha! Had a great day though 🙂

    I think you wrapped up the week perfectly at the lake!!


  2. Looks like a fun meet up with your friend Anna. Do you ever get used to the rooftop views overlooking NYC? So what would be the difference in price taking the bus vs the train?
    So honestly are you glad to be back working? You have had so much fun since you’ve been off!
    You got champagne for your award, now that is my kind of reason to run!


    • No. NYC views are awesome. The train is much more expensive. It is nice to not worry about finding a job. But I miss being able to run hike play tennis anytime. I wish more races gave good prizes. I have too many medals.

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  3. I’m definitely ready for another trip to NYC. It’s been 8 years, I think. Time flies. Congrats on your first place finish! How exciting –you have a half marathon this weekend. GOOD LUCK. I miss them so much! Champagne and the lake…couldn’t get any better. Thanks for linking, Darlene!


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