Racing By the Alphabet (Non-Half Marathon Version)

Alphabet Challenge

I got this idea from running blogger, Donna, who posted her Alphabet Travel Adventures. I wondered if I could name a Half Marathon that I’ve run for every letter of the alphabet.

Nope. I had to add in some other distances.

Then Judy commented that I could probably do it with just the races I run each year since I do so many.

Here goes nothing (I have linked to one of my race recaps so I just added a few memorable details);

A is for Apple Run (a local fall race with cider donuts available)

B is for Bacon Hill Bonanza (a spring country 5k or 10k where you can win a pie as an age group award)

C is for Cherry Blossom 5k (a spring 5k that took place at a local synagogue during cherry blossom season)

D is for Delmar Dash (a spring 5 mile race near my home)

E is for Electric City 5 Miler (a 5 mile loop along the Mohawk River in March)

F is for Freihofer Run for Women (a local all women’s 5k that I have never missed since I started running)

G is for Great Pumpkin Challenge (a fall 5k or 10k around a park in Saratoga)

H is for Helper’s Fund (a 5k or 10k held the day before the Adirondack Half Marathon/Marathon)

I is for Ice Breaker Challenge (a 5k in Albany along the Hudson River where you race the college crew teams)

J is for Jailhouse Rock  (great downhill finish at this 5k in Ballston Spa)

K is for Kinderhook Bank OK 5K (a small local 5k that I have only run years ago but plan to this year)

L is for Last Run  (a fun 5k through the holiday lights of Washington Park)

M is for Malta 5k (a flat race around the grounds of Global Foundries where my stepson works)

N is for New Visions 5K (a 5k that I ran my first year of running…  it was my first sub 30 min 5k)

O is for Our Towne Bethlehem Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving 5k in the town where I live)


P is for Polar Cap Run  (a winter 4 miler in Lake George the same day as the LG Winter Carnival)

Q is for (Annie’s) Quest 5K  (a local charity driven 5k that doesn’t exist anymore)

R is for Run for the Roses (a 5k in a park where you get a rose, shirt and a library book as swag)

S is for Silks & Satins 5k  (a summer race near the Saratoga Horse Race Track)

T is for Troy Turkey Trot  (a hugely popular Thanksgiving Day 5k and 10k)

U is for UAlbany Homecoming/Fall Festival 5k  (race that was held during the college reunion weekend)

V is for Valley Cats Father’s Day Home Run 5k  (finishes in the stadium of our local baseball team)

W is for Whipple City 5k or 10k (just a small race that I’ve run a few times with friends, the 10k is quite hilly)

X is for ???? HELP!!

Y is for (Bethlehem) Y Winter Wonderland 5K (a small 5k in my town, only scheduled once.)


Z is for ZOOMA Bermuda Lighthouse Run (a 2 mile race held the evening before the Bermuda half marathon)

Happy Running! How would you play the Alphabet Challenge?  Workouts, Runs, Travels, Races?  Please share.






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34 thoughts on “Racing By the Alphabet (Non-Half Marathon Version)

  1. You’ve got almost all of the alphabet covered! I’m still working on mine (I do have the Quad Cities Marathon, though!). It’s fun seeing all the versions on the Alphabet Challenge:-)

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  2. Great job! I think if I were a race director I would put on a race that begins with an X, just to help everyone out with the alphabet game! I’m trying to think of what I would call it but can’t come up with anything good- “X-tra fun 5K?” Hmmm.

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