Racing by the Alphabet (Half Marathon Version)

Alphabet Challenge

I got this idea from running blogger, Donna, who posted her Alphabet Travel Adventures.

I wondered if I could name a Half Marathon that I’ve run for every letter of the alphabet.

Nope. I had to add in some other distances.

I linked to my race recap so I only added a few key memories from the race…

A is for Asbury Park Half Marathon (ran while visiting my college friend, loved the ocean views and delicious post-race food options)

B is  for Brooklyn Half Marathon  (poured the whole race, my friend DNFed but it time qualified me for 2019 NYC Half & full marathons).

C is for Celebrate Life Half Marathon (lots of hills but emotional as most runners ran it to celebrate the life of someone lost to cancer)

D is for Druthers Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon (first annual, downhill for the most part, time qualified me for 2020 NYC Half)

E is for EAU Palm Beach Half Marathon  (visiting friends to escape the cold, loved the course and the weather)

F is for Fred Lebow Half Marathon  (2 1/2 loops of Central Park… holy hills)

G is for Great Sacandaga Half Marathon (ran with local friends, lake views and won my first and only tophy)

H is for Hannaford Half Marathon (our local half & full marathon, ran it in 2013, then again in 2019 as part of my 20 mile training run)

I is for Ice Breaker Challenge (5k in Albany along the Hudson River where you race the college crew teams)

J is for Jailhouse Rock 5k (loved the downhill finish of this 5k in Ballston Spa)

K is for Kinderhook Bank OK 5K (a small local 5k that I have only run once)

L is for Love Run Half Marathon (a race-cation with new running friends, in Philly and it monsooned!)

M is for (RnR) Montreal Half Marathon  (my first out of the country race and a “sole sisters” race-cation)

N is for Naples News Half Marathon (on my wedding anniversary and my FIRST ever half marathon)

O is for Our Towne Bethlehem Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving 5k in the town where I live)

P is for Panama City Beach Half Marathon (a super fun blogger meet-up)

Q is for (Annie’s) Quest 5K  (another local 5k that doesn’t exist anymore)

R is for Ramblefest Half Marathon  (in Mass. and on the same course as my current half marathon PR so obviously a flat one)

S is for Steel Rail Half Marathon  (on the same course as Ramblefest which it replaced)

T is for Treasure Coast Half Marathon (another half marathon run while visiting friends who winter in Fla.)

U is for Upstate Classic Half Marathon (a local hilly half on country roads)

V is for Vermont City Marathon Relay (I ran both halfs of this marathon with AJH, my VT friend who died in 2020)

W is for Walkway Half Marathon  (ran over the longest pedestrian bridge in the world during this race)

X is for PubliX Florida Half Marathon (ran this race twice and it rained BOTH times)

Y is for (Bethlehem) Y Winter Wonderland 5K (a small 5k in my town, only scheduled once.)

Z is for ZOOMA Bermuda Half Marathon (a fun girls weekend and beautiful course)

Happy Running! How would you play the Alphabet Challenge?  Workouts, Runs, Travels, Races?  Please share.






22 thoughts on “Racing by the Alphabet (Half Marathon Version)

  1. Darlene, i’m pretty sure only you could complete this challenge! I was wondering what you were going to do for X- good thinking there. This was fun to read, and must have been a fun post to put together.

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  2. I have only run two of those races. 🙂 But am not at all surprised you could find something for every letter — I’m sure for some you had many choices. You could almost do this for just one year with the amount of races you run!


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