Ice Breaker Challenge 5K Race Recap

The Ice Breaker Challenge is a one of a kind Capital District running/walking road race challenging runners and walkers against rowers from the Albany Rowing Center. Runners/walkers will travel along the Corning Preserve Bicycle Path while rowers from the Albany Rowing Center will race along side in shells on the Hudson River.

This was my third time running this race. I ran it in 2013 and then again in 2016.  I often do my long runs on this bike path so I am very familiar with the course.

This year, I mentioned it to some of the Wineglass ladies and Barbara, Heidi and Sherry decided to sign up and join me for the race.  Alyssa say she would join us after to run more miles and Jeri and Chris (who were part of the Freihofer Training Challenge) planned to join us for brunch.

Barbara and I carpooled and arrived plenty early to pick up our bibs and race shirt.

We were lucky with the weather too.  Sunny, cold but not too cold and just a little breeze.


from 5 years ago

So we sat in Barbara’s car (with Heidi and Sherry) until it was time to line up.

rowers getting ready

rowers getting ready to race (again from 5 years ago)

Eventually we had to head to the start.  This week, I tried not to overdress and left my jacket behind. I had on 2 shirts and capris.  I was cold at first but in the end, my outfit was perfect.

It was a little confusing because the start was not in the same place as the finish and there was no start line.

Soon everyone figured things out and I tried unlike last week to stand in the front but runners at the last minute just shoved in in front of me.

What was my plan for the race?…the real plan.  I was tired from working in Liverpool and NYC all week,  I had gotten home late the night before. So I was just playing it by ear and would see what my legs had to give.  At least this was a flat course.

The first half of the race was running into the wind.  But it wasn’t as bad as it would get later in the day. I recognized one runner and again she was fast.  I couldn’t keep up and she got farther and farther ahead of me. (She wasn’t in my age group anyway LOL)

With the changing of my clothing layers, my Garmin was now too loose.  It was very annoying!!! I tried to fix it but it was hard to do while running. (I eventually did during the 2nd mile.)

There was someone calling out times at  each mile but either the markings were inaccurate or the times weren’t right. At mile 1, someone said 8:32 – NOT SO!!

There was a water stop near the turn around.  I wasn’t really thirsty but I was tired but like my last race, I decided to push myself and keep on going.


I tried to focus on the scenery and look at the rowers but they were so close to the opposite shore that I couldn’t really see them.

At least on the way back, the wind wasn’t a problem.  Although, it didn’t appear to be at our back either.  Being an out and back course, after the turn around, I was able to see Barbara, Sherry and Heidi.  They were all running well. (For Sherry and Heidi, this was their first race of the year!!)

At mile 2, someone held up a tablet and it said 19:XX – also not accurate.

I did glance at my Garmin several times and it appeared that my splits were under 9 minutes.  (PR?? Nah… Course PR?  I forgot to look at my 2016 time before the race)

heading home…

I crossed the finish line at 27:XX.


I got a text with 27:52 and it was posted with that finish time (Later they changed it to 27:48)


mile 1:  8:45
mile 2:  9:00
mile 3:  8:50
.16:      7:21

Garmin time: 27:46

Not a PR but I was very happy because it was indeed a 7 sec. course PR (2016 – 27:55).

I waited at the finish line for the others to finish.

Then I had some food – There were cookies, bagels, fruit, etc.

Having another half marathon to train for, I was pleased that Barbara agreed to run more miles with me. (Alyssa did, as well.)


We ran in the other direction since the race was still happening.


And then we turned around.

I knew that I had won FIRST in my age group and arrived just as they were calling my name.

We continued onto the race route and ran for awhile and turned around.


We had to stop to meet everyone for brunch but at least I was able to add almost 4 miles to my 5k.  7 miles for the day. Long Run accomplished.

Brunch was fun, as usual.  Racing (and eating) with friends is the best way to start a weekend.

I ended the day with a Passover seder. (#holottaeating)

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Happy Running! Did you run or race Easter/Passover weekend? Are you training for anything?


29 thoughts on “Ice Breaker Challenge 5K Race Recap

  1. Excellent job! I think a course PR is a more accurate victory than a generic PR because your race experience will mimic the previous race more closely than a PR from a different course (which could be easier/more difficult). Of course, the weather will always add a variable 😉

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