FFF: Ultimate Coffee Date for Jan. ’22

It’s that time of the month…

time to join up with Coco & Deborah
for their ultimate coffee date.

1. Over coffee… 

I’d tell you that I have 22 goals for 2022 (and I’m not usually a Goals person.) Who am I?

(You can read about them on Tuesday Topics January 18 post)

2.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I accidentally ran 21 races in 2021.  The race sign ups were not accidental but the number was. So of course, I plan to run at least 22 races in 2022.

3.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that my feet are blister prone. I have tried all kinds of shoes, socks and even taped my feet.

Several years ago, I stumbled up Karrimor socks on sale in EMS.  The were advertised to prevent blisters and they were very cheap (2 for $9).


I bought 3 pairs. And I always wear them for races.

I race a lot and so they are thread bare.  I’ve searched and search for replacements.

I found them on Amazon for $35 (from China).   And I love them so much that I was tempted to order them.

Recently I searched again and this time I found them on Ebay (and in the UK.)

I ordered 3 pairs!! Score! My feet are happy again!

4.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that my high school reunion was cancelled last year. And it is re-scheduled for this year – June 5, 2022 at 1 pm. It’s biggie and I guess I should go.  My class had 962 people of which I was friends with about 10.  I still keep in touch through FB and occasional meet-ups.

two years ago

 our last reunion – 11 years ago with my 5 closest friends

So what’s the problem? MY FAVORITE RACE IS THE SAME DAY!! (the one that I have run every year!!!!)

5.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that it’s only January but I have already registered for 13 races.

I’m cheap and I like to take advantage of the cheapest price.  I am also choosing the no shirt option (if there is one) in all my races.

Signing up early keeps me on track as far as mileage. I rarely if at all have to DNS any races.  Hopefully I will stay healthy next year as well.

    • 01-01-22 – Winter Series #2 (3.75m)
    • 01-09-22 – Winter Series #3 (3m)
    • 01-23-22 – Fred LeBow Half Marathon (NYC)
    • 02-13-22 – Florida Publix Half Marathon
    • 02-27-22 – Central Park Half Marathon (NYC)
    • 03-12-22 – Electric 5 Miler
    • 04-16-22 – Druthers Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon
    • 05-22-22 – Steel Rail Half Marathon
    • 05-29-22 – Miles Along the Mohawk 10 miler
    • 06-26-22 – Dodge the Deer 5k (trail race)
    • 07-04-22 – Firecracker 4
    • 09-10-22 – Malta 5k
    • 10-02-22 – Maine Half Marathon

There were even a few more that I almost registered for…

Happy Running! What’s new with you?  Would you pick a race or a high school reunion if they were on the same day? How much would you pay for your favorite brand of socks? Have you registered for any 2022 races? Please share.






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30 thoughts on “FFF: Ultimate Coffee Date for Jan. ’22

  1. Glad you found the elusive magic socks! If I ran the race every year, maybe I’d opt for the reunion…maybe. After our 10th reunion where the company that organized it went bankrupt and never paid the venue so it did not happen, there has not been another one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes,, love these socks!!

      The race is again offering a virtual option. If my friends don’t go to the reunion (due to COID), I won’t either. I’m an ambassador so I can wait to decide.


  2. Assuming the race and reunion were too far apart to do both, I’d choose the race. I was actually just thinking about my class reunion because we were supposed to have ours in 2020 but didn’t because of covid. No word yet if/when we’ll have our next.
    I’m only registered for one race so far but have been watching a few others to see what they’re going to do (some are still waiting because of covid numbers spiking again).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m hoping COVID will eventually calm down – trying to b optimistic.

      I was hoping the reunion would be at night but no, it’s at 1pm and a 3 1/2 hour drive. As I said to Judy, my friends will be mad if I don’t go and I can run the virtual option of the race.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. wow I love how organized you are with your races for the year. Always great to have something to look forward to. I am now very interested in that Maine race!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes so happy we can race again. It keeps be going.

      I would love to do both the race and the reunion but unfortunately it’s impossible.


  4. I have found that running socks are so personal, almost like a BFF. SmartWool socks are my go-to’s, and I recently bought a couple pair of their hiking socks. They’re thick (which is what I prefer), but also no-show, and they’re my new favorites. I might have to give them a shout-out! I love the option of not getting a race shirt…just don’t seem to see that as an option very often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Smart wool but I only care when running 13 miles or more.

      No race shirt is a recent thing. I wish it was always an option. I would rather save the money unless it is an awesome tank that fits.


  5. Tough choice on the race vs. reunion – I think I’d wait and see on whether my friends were attending and if so opt for the reunion. I’m guessing there’s no way to do both?

    I’m always amazed by how much racing you do! It’s great that you’ve registered for so many already. I only have 1 half marathon that’s a carry-over from last year. Still looking for a couple of fun fall races, but I figure I’ve got time.


    • No way to do both. I can wait and see as you said.

      I like to save $$ and it keeps me training.

      You have plenty of time.

      Stay healthy, my friend.


  6. You’re well on your way to 22- 13 races registered already. I would choose the race over the reunion, but that’s because I hated high school! If your friends are going to the reunion i have a feeling you’ll choose that one- there are other races but only one big reunion.
    Glad you found your socks! That must have felt like a huge victory.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. hehe, that’s a cool accident! I hope you get to your 22+ races this year!

    I didn’t particularly enjoy my high school experience so I’ve skipped them so far since I’m still in contact with the people I’d like to be in contact with. That’s hard to decide if you do actually want to go though — any chance of just catching up with your closest friends on a different day? (I know it’s not the same, but maybe a kinda-best-of-both-worlds-type situation?) Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I would go to the reunion. I love that you have your goals and races for this year. You are on top of it! I’ve never heard of those socks but happy that you found extra pairs. I use SmartWool and Balega socks for running and racing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You probably don’t have bunions or sweaty feet. or maybe your feet are used to warm climate. I don’t get blisters in the winter lol


  9. I am obsessed with Balega for the same blister reason
    21 races. Of course you did. LOL
    Race > reunion. To be honest I”d go to Albany for a race over my reunion. You had a huge class. WOW.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It all depends if my close friends go… I could care less about the other 900 or so lol

      I wear Balega or smart wool except for half marathons…


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