Weekly Wrap for 9.24.18-9.30.18 – Recovery Week


Post Race depression with a trip to Liverpool for work and another trip to NYC for a re-scheduled 5k.

  • Monday – I was surprised that my legs were not tired but my back was real achy.  Took a slow run after arriving in Liverpool.

the sun was nice but boy was it windy

  • Tuesday – It rained all  day but stopped by the time I was done with work.  My lingering cold made me want to skip my run but again rain was predicted the next day too so I decided to seek out a new route.  I entered Onondaga Lake State Park at a different entrance and ran from the opposite direction.

saw a red-tailed hawk and Christmas decorations but didn’t have enough energy to get my my planned 4 miles in (even with walking)

  • Wednesday – I decided on a rest day because it was raining but then it stopped so I decided to finish yesterday’s run and then drive home…in the rain (it started to rain again once I finished my short run.)

  • Thursday – Today was a rest day. Still hadn’t had time to unpack from trip to Montreal or my trip to Liverpool and then I had to re-pack for my short trip to NYC the following day…. Oy!
  • Friday – Rest day again since I had to hop the bus after work to get to NYC.  I headed right to my hotel (I still had my bib from when the race was cancelled.)
  • Saturday – Race Day.  Governors Island 5K –This time thunderstorms were not predicted and my hotel was close enough to walk to the ferry. It turned out to be a beautiful day to run and the race was so much fun. I got to spend a lot time in the island (in the sunshine) and even place FIRST in my age group.

might have had a 5K PR if I tried – tied my Gun time one with this Chip timed one – a big surprise!!!!

After the race, I headed back to Manhattan, checked out of my hotel and met Cari to stroll around the Village. We spent a few hours together and it was so nice to have the company.

met at Union Sq, walked around Washington Sq, visited Jefferson Market Library, AIDS Memorial and more…

Still had a few hours to kill before my bus home so I took in a movie (Crazy Rich Asians 🙂 )

  • Sunday – Still needed a long run for the weekend (another big race in 2 weeks!) so three of my running friends agreed to meet me.

Only had enough time for 7.. .it was nice catching up with Barbara & running part of the miles with Sherry. First time in capris – 40s at the start!! Is Fall here to stay?

Of course, It was also Boating Sunday.  Sadly, since I am away the next two weekends, this was our LAST time on the lake.  We went for a ride and then had lunch with friends.

By Bye Lake George. See you next May!

This Coming Week –

  • Monday – rest day (probably skipping my Training Group run)
  • Tuesday   drive to Liverpool for work, 4 miles
  • Wednesday – 2 miles (in Liverpool), drive home
  • Thursday -rest day, hair appt
  • Friday –  3 miles, PACK
  • Saturday 8 miles, drive to JFK and fly to Paris
  • Sunday – rest day, arrive in Paris, recover from jet lag

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


33 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 9.24.18-9.30.18 – Recovery Week

  1. Congrats on age group! Did you know that when we were meandering, or did I forget? I’d have given you more than a Gu 🙂
    Love your sun clouds on Wednesday!


  2. I sometimes get an achy back after races from the pounding but also if I am dehydrated.Way to go with your first place finish.


  3. The long sleeves! The hoodies! What is even happening? I’m over here in hysterics because my gym has just instituted a no tank tops rule and it’s just too hot for that!

    Ah, Paris! So excited for you! You are going to have such an incredible time!

    Congratulations on your AG win!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on your first place 5k award! You know, it’s fun to get together with running friends and do something not related to running! I know you’ll miss boating season, but it will come back around before you know it. Thanks for linking!


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