RnR Montreal Runfessions

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest about my most recent race-cation in Montreal with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I signed up for the 5k only because if I ran both the 5k and the Half Marathon, I got THREE medals rather than ONE.

2. I runfess…

Even though I was planning to walk the 5k, I still carb loaded the night before the race…manicotti and an apple crepe. I ate more than before the half marathon.

This is Sunday’s dessert but Sat’s was similar

3. I runfess…

And after that 5k, I ate lunch as if I had just run an ultra -marathon….squash soup, bread and bagel & lox and salad.

This is Sunday’s soup too but you get the idea.

4. I runfess…

So as I said, I planned to walk that 5k.  I didn’t wear even wear my Garmin but… I DID NOT walk the race.  No surprise there.

I didn’t actually race the 5k.  I ran it slowly non-stop taking in every bit of the scenery.  Boy, is that the best way to race.

My pace was actually slower than for the half. (6:19 vs 6:16  – that’s kilometers).

5. I runfess…

During my half marathon, I planned to take a GU at one of the water stops but I ran past the water and there was only Gatorade. I hate Gatorade and I can’t take a GU without water.  So I saw a guy holding two cups of waters.  So I said “Are you going to drink both of those?” And he replied “No, take it.”

good but only with water!!!!

Yup, I drank someone else’s water.  I didn’t even care if he drank out of the cup first.  Don’t judge. LOL

And one more for good measure:

6. I runfess…

You know how I love getting age group awards.  I mean it validates that “old ladies can still fun fast.” Well, I saw on the big screen that they were giving out awards to the older folks but decided that I was too tired to walk all the way to the stage to see if I got one.

And of course, I did place 2nd!

I hope the award wasn’t anything good.

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


22 thoughts on “RnR Montreal Runfessions

  1. I’ve taken an unopened GU that another runner offered me during a half marathon once – hey, you do what you gotta do, right? I love that you won an AG award, but am sad you didn’t get it. And of course, I am looking forward to your race recap to see why it was such a bad race.


  2. ha ha…I have to laugh at the water of a fellow runner. In my first marathon, it was near the 14-mile mark and I had to blow my nose something terrible. They had given out wet wash cloths at the 13-mile mark, and I spotted someone else’s washcloth on the ground. You guessed it–that became my emergency tissue LOL


  3. Man, I wish I had your metabolism. I probably gained weight just looking at your photos.

    I have had more than one hot race, before I started to carry my own water, where I gave serious consideration to stealing someone’s water bottle.

    That’s amazing to place in your AG in such a large race.


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