Runfessions March

It’s that time again.  Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I runfess…

I STILL can’t seem to motivate myself to run in the morning before work.  It’s not that I sleep in but I am lazy.  I sit around watching the Today show, eating breakfast and reading email/blogs. Then all of a sudden, it’s time to go to work.


When I am busy after work and I need to run, I have to run at lunch.  It’s ok now because it is still cool out.  That will change when it gets warm and I will be too sweaty to go back to work.

How do you early morning runners do it?

I runfess…

Last month, I couldn’t go to yoga or the gym because I had tennis elbow.  Good excuse, right?

Now, my elbow feel fine…but I still haven’t gone… no time, no ambition, too lazy.

I need an intervention!!

I runfess…

I din’t taper for my last half marathon.

I usually run 8 miles the weekend before but I ran 11 miles on Sunday.

11 miles

11 miles

Then I ran 4 miles on Monday, 5 miles on Wednesday, 2 miles on Thursday….


I ran my second fastest half so I guess it was okay and if it weren’t so f##in hilly, I might have PRed.

I runfess…

I also did not recover after my last half marathon.

half recover

My bad!

I ran 3 miles the next day and also on Wed & Thurs.  Plus I have 10k on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday.


my legs were TIRED!!

I runfess…

I still have my Starbucks addiction.  I stop on the way to the park. And I walk to the park everyday at lunch.  (Darn, I wish they would close that store!!!)


I even walked there in the rain

However, I have discovered their Chocolate Banana Smoothie.  Tell me it’s healthier than a frappuccino!


I runfess…

I don’t like hills. I walk rather than run up them.  And I don’t train on hills.

So why do I sign up for hilly races?


May 8 – HILLY!!!!!

May 29 – Hilly


I haven’t signed up yet but I probably will…

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month?



January Recap


Weekday Runs:

The weather got colder, windier and snowier (no big storms) but I still was able to run 2-3 times each week.





Long Runs:

In preparation for my upcoming half marathon, I completed higher mileage each weekend.





Total Mileage:


101!! The most monthly miles in years or maybe ever!



I ran three races (& DNSed on one). All were part of the the HMRRC Winter Series (and were free.)


35:00 (Gun time)


1:33:13 (course PR)



Cross Training:

I continued to play tennis one night a week.


indoors until June.

I actually went to a yoga class several times.


I started to walk a little more at work (indoors around the building.)


pretty boring walking in circles but better than sitting all day

I also discovered that I can knit while riding the exercise bike so I did that every now and then.

It’s done but I started a new one – maybe too complicated to do on the bike


scarf #2

Other News:

I am a SkirtSports Ambassador Captain for another year. So thrilled to be part of this organization. Love the product and being associated with a great bunch of women.

ss ambassador

I am also a Running on the Wall Ambassador – they sponsor virtual races.


Challenge Yourself Virtual 10K

I am Half Fanatic #13812. You qualify if you run 3 halfs in 90 days.  I did that in 2011 but never applied and did it again in 2015.

I celebrated 17 years being married to this guy:





Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Looking Ahead:

I am taking race-cation in Florida for 6 days. During that time, I will be running a half marathon and visiting friends.


Feb 7, 2016

I am hoping for a mild winter so I can painlessly train for another half marathon in March.


March 13, 2016

I love racing and unfortunately I miss one of my favorite races while I’m in Florida so I am searching for a replacement.


I hope to be back in 2017, AJH!


maybe on Feb 14???

I signed up for a September Half Marathon. I will be running it with Andrea and Lisa (my roomies from the Love Run.)


having fun in Philly… plan to make more memories in Cape Cod (hopefully without torrential rain.)

The Vermont City Marathon Relay is no longer a lottery. 


But WE got in! Woot! Woot!



The “Age Groups Rock” team will be back. This time AJH will be running the 1st leg and I the second.

No monthly goals.

my motto for 2016

Happy Running! How did you January turn out?  Anything exciting planned for February?


HMRRC Winter Series #4 (15K) Race Report

This same race in 2015

Once again the Hudson Mohawk Runners Club sponsored a FREE race for its members and this weekend, they offered distances of 3M, 15K and 30K.

I was hoping for better weather than last weekend so that I could run one of these races. Remember, I don’t like rain or snow of ice….

Well, it was great – in the 30’s with just a little wind.

Since I have a half marathon in 3 weeks, I chose to run the 15K and then add on more miles after.

I have run several 15Ks (including 3 on this same course) and as you can see my times are all over the place:

HMRRC #4 – 1:34:29 -same course
Stockade-athon 15K – 1:31:35 PR
Stockeadeathon – 1:33:23
HMRRC #1 – 1:34:55 – same course
HMRRC #4 – 1:42:40 -same course

Stockeadeathon – 1:42:22
Stockeadeathon – 1:36:08

As I said previously, I am NOT stating any goals for my races. I just wanted to enjoy the race, not have any pain and get my training miles in for my upcoming half marathon.

Without all that pressure, I felt relaxed for the race.

These races start at 10 am so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I always leave early to get parking since these races are crowded and there are other events going on at UAlbany.

Because this race was organized by ARE, I thought that they would have bibs & chip timing like last year so I wore my race belt but they didn’t.

And since it was a holiday weekend, the attendance seemed to be down from 2 weeks ago so I was there earlier than I needed to be.

What I love about this local race is that you get to see a lot of people that you know. And I immediately bumped into running friends, Judy & Barbara again.


We stayed indoors until the last minute and then made out way outside.

I lined up with Barbara who was also running the 15K.  I hoped that she would run slower than the 3.5 mile race a few weeks ago and we could run the race together.


basically a few loops around parking lots

With all the races that I have run (about 175?), I have never raced with anyone.  My friends are either slower or faster so I always run solo.

Well, I did stay with Barbara for about 3 miles.  We were running in the 9s and I had wanted to run this race around 10. It was a training run and I was afraid of straining something.


As you can see, Barbara is getting ahead of me

So I let her run ahead and as she did last time, she seemed to maintain her pace and I did not.  I could only keep her in my sight for a few miles and then she disappeared from view.

For most of the race, I felt fine.  I was warm so I unzipped my jacket and took off my gloves but by the end, I felt chilled.

I walked through the water stop around mile 3 and then several times after mile 6 including to take a Gu (Orange – gag!) and another water stop around mile 7. I ran up most of the hills until the last one (I was pooped by mile 9.)


love this pic!

I was very happy with how I ran this race as a training run – I pushed myself just enough but not too much. It wasn’t a PR 15K but it turned out to be a course PR and my 2nd fast 15k.

Race splits:

mile 1 – 9:28
mile 2 – 9:53
mile 3 – 9:41
mile 4 – 10:16 (water)
mile 5 – 10:07
mile 6 – 9:58
mile 7 – 10:50 (gu & water)
mile 8 – 10:07
mile 9 – 10:26 (walks)
.3 – 8:38

Finish Time – 1:33:13


only prizes for 1st & 2nd

Barbara whose time was 1:29:xx was waiting for me at the finish line. (Judy had run the 3 miler and was long gone.)

We chatted and had some refreshments. There was pumpkin bisque and vegetable curry soups – I had both and some bread and hot cocoa.


After Barbara left,  I dragged myself out the door to run some more miles. It was tough. My legs had stiffened and I was cold & sweaty but I ran the scenic part of the campus.




2.2 miles more to bring my total up to 11.5 for the day.


my new bargain smartwool socks & Nike shoes = no blisters (happy feet)

My hubby won his tennis match so we are off to celebrate that, my race and our wedding anniversary.

l&d  12038287_10154200672714428_4679287681227959390_n

Happy Running! How you are enduring the winter?  Did you run this weekend?


Monday Running Update

mon r u
Last Week: 

  • Monday –  First day back at work after 11 days off.  And it was freezing!! No running for me, just 1 1/2 hours of doubles tennis after work
  • Tuesday – Another freezing day (the coldest of the winter so far) but I bundled up and ran outside after work.

  • Wednesday – A lot warmer today (30 vs 10). I took a quick run after work before going to a yoga class.

my legs felt great yesterday but today, very sluggish!!


  • Thursday – Rode the exercise bike at work during lunch.  I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it (and I was able to KNIT while on it 🙂 ).  Went out to dinner with an old friend.
  • Friday – I had planned to run today but the iffy weekend weather made me skip it. I actually walked for 15 min in the morning and rode the exercise bike for 1/2 hr (while knitting) at lunch.

just walked in circle around the lst floor with a co-worker

  • Saturday – I had hoped for a relaxing day but since rain was forecast for Sunday, I needed to do my long run instead. I ran 5 by myself and then Judy arrived to run the last 6. Thanks Judy.


The rest of the day was filled with housework and taking doing those holiday decorations finally.

  • Sunday – Another free race – I had planned to run the 10K and follow it with 3.8 more miles to complete my 10 mile long run.  But I had done my long run on Saturday and since it was pouring, I DNSed.


17 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days. (9 miles less than last weeks. Oops)

This Week:  (3 weeks until Half Marathon #17) 

  • Monday – 4 mile run after work
  • Tuesday – rest, holiday brunch at work, tennis
  • Wednesday – holiday lunch at work, 4 mile run after work
  • Thursday –  rest
  • Friday –  3 mile run, mah jongg chez moi
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – HMRRC Winter Series #4  – 15K race + 1.7 more miles
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Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


My Year in Racing: 2015

I’m linking up with Montana from Pretty Lil Mudder and bunch of other bloggers to give out some awards to the races I ran this year.  Since I ran 38 races, I had no problem finding a race for each category but it was difficult to just pick ONE race.

Most Scenic Course – 

I loved the views of the Hudson River while running across the bridge during the Walkway Half Marathon.

Photo By: Martin Weiner

Photo By: Martin Weiner

It was also awesome to run with views of the ocean during the beginning and end of the West Palm Half Marathon.



Most Challenging Course

I didn’t run any super hard races but I guess since it had hills, I’d say the most challenging was Vermont City Marathon Relay.

– from Burlington Free Press

There were quite a few hills in the Stockade-athon 15K too.


Best Course Support (aid stations, volunteers, people cheering you on, etc)

Again, the crowds come out in mass to support the Vermont City Marathon runners.  People were out there cheering the whole race and there was an abundance of water stations and volunteers.

Another popular local race is the Freihofer’s Run for Women. Lots of support here too.

Best Expo

Vermont City Marathon hands down had the best expo. In fact, of the 7 half marathons, this was the only big expo that I attended.


it was so cool to meet Deena Kastor.

Technically the NYC Marathon had the best expo but I didn’t run that race but went to it to pick up my bib for the 5k.


I bought this awesome sweatshirt on sale

Best Swag

In addition to the normal race shirt, at the Apple Run 5k, you got a zippered tote bag, sunglasses, water bottle, and other goodies.


Most Unique Medal/Award

I get tons of medals for age group awards so I was excited to get something different. I loved the bridge award from the Walkway Half Marathon.


I also like to get practical things. So winning this hat at the Polar Cap Race was great. I’ve already worn it several times.


Best Post-Race Food/Beverages

Definitely one of the reasons I run the Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k is the food.  They have chocolate milk (from a nearby farm), homemade cookies & muffins, chili, pizza, vegetarian rice dish, etc.




The Asbury Park Half Marathon also had amazing food.

potato, macaroni & pasta salads and more…

Best Race Shirt-

On the whole, I didn’t love most of my race shirts. But I guess my favorite would be the one from the Bacon Hill Bonanza. It doesn’t have sponsors on the back and it is very light and comfy.  I have even worn it several times even to play tennis.


I also like the long sleeve tech shirt from the Great Pumpkin Challenge – love its bright yellow color.


And the shirt from the Walkway Half Marathon is also very light and comfy plus it is made from all natural materials.


Favorite Overall Race

That’s a tough one. I enjoyed so many of my races this year.  I’d have to say the Dash the Finish 5k because I got to run in NYC and cross the NYC Marathon finish line.


Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing

I am proud of completing ALL my races.  None ever seem easy.  I am especially proud that I can run 13.1 miles!!

So I would have to say the Asbury Park Half Marathon because of how painful my feet were the whole race

ap hm

and the EAU Palm Beach Half Marathon due to the heat and humidity that I was not acclimated to.


(Maybe I should wear different colors LOL)


Click HERE.

Happy Running! What awards would you give to the races you ran in 2015?


Monday Running Update

spring 2015 monday
Last Week: 

  • Monday– I squeezed in a short walk at work and then after work, went to my 7th Troy Turkey Trot training group run. We changed our meeting spot from hilly Prospect to the State Office Campus because it was getting too dark to run in the park. But only 3 people showed up for my group.  Nowhere to hide, my coach made me run fast (so fast, I almost puked LOL).  I cooled down with a walk around the mall with my BFF.



4 intervals of 4 min fast X 2 min jog- at the State Office Campus so no hills

  • Tuesday – Just a normal work day with a lunchtime walk and since I wasn’t schedule for my usual tennis after work, I did a nice easy 3 mile run. Had to take advantage of this nice weather (70 degrees in Nov?)



soo dark!

  • Wednesday The weather has been so nice. I took a walk during work and after work, I ran 3 miles with my STEM client.  We ran at UAlbany this week since there were no lights at our other location. It was so warm that I ran in a tee shirt!!



at UAlbany

  • Thursday – Had a busy work day but sneaked out at lunch for a 3 mile run.  It was supposed to be a rest day but it  was so warm that I had to do it.  After work, I went to visit a friend that I haven’t seen in a while.


  • Friday – After 4 days in a row of running, I decided to take 2 days off. Besides, there was rain in the forecast. But between the raindrops, the sun came out and I took a Starbucks walk. I spent the evening playing maj jongg.


  • Saturday – I got up early to proctor the MPREs at work. Afterwards, I drove to pickup my race packet for the Stockade-athon. Frank Shorter was there and it was a thrill to meet him. The rest of the day was filled with errands and carb loading.



  • Sunday – I ran the Stockadeathon 15K race. It was my 2nd time running the new course. It was fun since I knew a lot of runners there. And I got a PR – so surprised!! That evening, we celebrated our 7th year of mah jongg with an anniversary dinner.

1:31:35 = 15K PR 🙂


mah jongg ladies minus 3

22.4 miles done with 5 runs and 2 rest days.

This Week:  (3 weeks until Half Marathon)

  • Monday-  3 mile run (with the Turkey Trot Training group)
  • Tuesday – tennis
  • Wednesday – DAY OFF. 3 mile run with my STEM client
  • Thursday –  4 mile run
  • Friday –  mah jongg
  • Saturday – 10 – 11 mile run
  • Sunday day in NYC (with the hubby to see Lord of the Dance on Broadway)
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Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


Stockade-athon 15K Race Recap


This is my fourth time running this 15k race. In 2011, my first time, I finished in 1:36:08.  I was injured in 2012 and then I ran it in 2013 and finished with a disappointing 142:22.


fake happy

With over 2000 runners in this race, they were forced to make some changes to the course last year.

It no longer starts and ends in Central Park. It also starts earlier – 8:30 am

This is a description of the new course:

It starts near Veterans Park in downtown Schenectady. The course travels west on State Street for 1K before entering the historic Stockade District and proceeding on a scenic bike path in Riverside Park along the Mohawk River. The course exits the Stockade District via Front Street after crossing Erie Blvd. The course then proceeds east on Nott Street past Union College before entering the historic GE Plot residential neighborhood via Lenox Ave, Douglas Rd and Rugby Rd. The course exits Rugby Road and proceeds north on Waverly Place near the 5K mark. The course turns east off Waverly and follows Grand Blvd to the city boundary with Niskayuna, then proceeds south on Dean Street to Central Parkway past 8k. After a 1K residential loop on Central Parkway, the course enters beautiful Central Park and follows a bike path around Iroquois Lake and Duck Pond before reaching its highest elevation near 12K. The final 3k is mostly downhill or flat as the course exits Central Park and proceeds west through historic Vale Cemetery and Vale Park before a final downhill section on Franklin Street to the finish at City Hall.

Well, I loved the new course and finished the race with a new PR – 1:33:23

This year, they decided to stay with the same course. YAY!

However, there has been a big difference in the my training – slower (long) runs due to a half marathon in October and an upcoming one in December.

So I didn’t expect to PR but just wanted a decent long run (and not get INJURED!!)

To save time, I picked up my race packet on Saturday at Fleet Feet in Albany.


I met Frank Shorter there and he was soooo nice!


a cotton shirt (ugh!) but I got my bib signed (as a good luck charm)

As usual, I didn’t sleep much the night before the race. I had decided what to wear but still wasn’t sure about how cold it would be. It was in the 30s when I got up and it was forecast to warm up to the high 40s. I hate this time of year.  But at least there was a bag check and I could bring extra clothes for after.

Even though, I went last year, I still left extra early not knowing where exactly to park. I got there around 7:15 am and found a spot on the street a few blocks from the start of the race.

I walked to the YMCA to use the restroom and check my extra clothes. There I bumped into a few familiar faces. I also met someone new (Linda, a 70 yr old) and we spent a lot of time chatting.


I used the restroom right away and was glad that I did since the line got very very long later on.  It was so nice to have some place to stay warm before the race.  They even had water, coffee, donuts, fruit, etc.  I didn’t eat anything since I ate breakfast before I left but did take a GU.

Soon, it was time for Linda & I to walk a few blocks and head to the starting line.

The course map:


As with any big race, it was very slow going at first.

from Daily Gazette

As the map above shows, we headed west along the Mohawk River into the Stockade section of town.

photo by David Giacalone

After the bike path and the Stockade area, we ran past Union College and around various residential neighborhoods.

photo by David Giacalone

I knew a lot a runners in this race. They kept catching up to me, we’d chat and then they would go on ahead.  That was ok with me.  I was determined to run at my own pace and have a pain-free race.


I was trying to keep my pace under 10 but at this point I was starting to slow down.  The hills were relentless. I remember last year being able to run up them.  Not this year but I gave myself permission to walk if I needed to.

And I was HOT!! Yes, with the sun out, I was dying but there was nothing I could do.  There were times, I felt nauseated due to being overdressed.


Around mile 6, we entered Central Park with its rolling hills, lake, and pretty foliage.

photo by David Giacalone

I had at this point walked through both water stops and a few other times (including one long bout to take a GU).

I wasn’t concerned about my time but when I crossed the 10k mark at 1:00:xx, those PR thoughts came into my head. I tried to think about something else because I knew what was coming.

Between mile 7 and 8 is where the BIG hills were.  I walked up the first one.  Then I decided to run up the second because it was the last one.  It was so steep that when I got to the top, my legs were jelly and I could hardly run.

At least the hills were over and I got a second wind. We proceeded to run through the cemetery and then through a park before heading DOWNHILL to the finish line at city hall.


Stockadeathon-1049 unedited

Of course, the wind picked up and we were running INTO the run!!


Stockadeathon 15k


But when I saw the clock in the distance, I ran as fast as I could.


I finished at 1:31:35!!

Yes, a PR by almost 2 minutes …without even trying!


10 of 20 in my AG 1st 5k=29:44; 2nd 5k=31:02; 3rd 5K =30:56

I was happy with the results. There was no chance of an age group award. All the speedy old ladies run this race.

I really liked this course.  It was so varied that it also took your mind off the hills. With the large number of runners, I felt like I was always running with others and it kept me going.

Yes, it was hilly.  The first half had a lot more hills but they were manageable. The second half had fewer hills but they were steeper.

The best part of the race was that NOTHING HURT!! Not my feet, not my back…nada.  I didn’t put it all out there and I just enjoyed myself.

This was a confidence booster for me. When I was done, I felt like I could still run more…

I waited around to see Judy finish.


As I was waiting, someone came over and said “I like your skirt.”


love the wind blown hair!

She was a SkirtSports ambassador too! She has since emailed me and maybe we will see each other again.

Then Judy & I walked to the YMCA.  I changed into warmer clothes and then went to Proctors to get something to eat. There was vegetable soup, pizza, bagels, cider donuts, fruit, chocolate milk, yogurt, and lots more.


Then I wandered over to the indoors Farmers Market — 2 floors of local baked goods, fruits, vegetables.  I just sampled the food and walked around.

I stayed around for the awards since Linda was probably getting one (there were 20 in my AG and only 1 in hers).

she was last but has such a great attitude (photo by David Giacalone)

I will definitely add this race to my must-do list. It was very well organized and I was thrilled with my time.  The hills slowed me down but next year, I’ll be ready for them…maybe gun for a sub 1:30.

Splits: (2014 – 2015)

mile 1 – 8:49 – 8:57
mile 2 – 9:29 – 9:36
mile 3 – 10:03 – 10:02
mile 4 – 10:04 – 9:59
mile 5 – 9:49 – 9:33
mile 6 – 10:30 – 10:16
mile 7 – 10:35 – 10:04
mile 8 – 10:58 – 10:21
mile 9 – 10:02 – 9:38
.4 –  8:26 – 8:14

The difference was starting slower which gave me more energy for the 2nd half.

and Frank signing my bib LOL.


Race Goals:

A: Finish under 1:35 – YES!! And a PR!!
B: All miles between 9 and 11 minutes. YES!
C: Finish happy and healthy. YES YES!

The day ended with a Chinese dinner with my Mah Jongg group to celebrate 7 years of playing together.


Happy Running! Did you run or race this past weekend? If so, how did it go?




Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Speedwork, Fall & Another Race

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…

  • Can I really get faster?

I’ll be honest, the only time, I sprint is if I am running through the finish line …. until this past Monday.

Last year, I joined the Turkey Trot Training group and the Freihofer’s Training group.  I ran with the group on Mondays.  But I never really did the drills correctly.  I ran with my friends and we chatted.  Most of the time, I was in the midst of training for a long race so speed work was not a good idea the day after a long run or the day after a half marathon. And when there is a large group of people, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  I do, however, think that running up the hills made me stronger last fall and even faster.

This fall, we just switched locations and there are no hills.  And on Monday, only 3 people showed up from my group.  Oh no!!

Our coach, Patrick’s plan was for a warm up and then 4 minutes fast, 2 minute jog, repeated 4 times followed by a cool down (4 miles total)

There was no room to hide.  But I tried.

The first 4 minutes, I ran kinda fast and was in the middle of the 3 runners. Patrick was running with the fastest runner.

The 2nd 4 minutes, I was slowing down and Patrick noticed. Oh shit!

He lectured me and told that I wasn’t even breathing hard and that I could do better. Of course, I complained that I was old & tired but he was hearing nothing of it.  We compromised and I said I would sprint for the last minute of the 4 minutes. And I did. I ran so fast that I thought I would puke (and 1 minute can sometimes seem like forever.)

Well, Patrick was impressed but that meant that he expected me to do it again.  And I did and I didn’t die.

He said that I was strong and could get faster if I put in the effort.

Probably true.

Would I do this if I were running alone? Probably not!

Will I run like this when the other runners show up next week? We’ll see.

Am I the only one who doesn’t do speed drills & just runs for fun??? (I guess that’s why coaches are important.)


  • Fall has been awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE summer!! But they said that because we had such as dry summer, the fall foliage would be disappointing.

They were wrong.



I’m not complaining but it’s been warm enough to wear skirts to run!!


This is how I dressed today…


72 degrees on November 5th.

The thing I don’t like is that now it gets dark so early!!! I have to find new places to run (with lights.)



  • Guess what? I have a race this weekend.  No surprise.  It’s a 15k so it even fits right in with my half marathon training.


This is my fourth time running this 15k race. It is the 40th anniversary of one of the oldest 15ks in the country and Frank Shorter will be there running it. So I am pretty excited. (It’s not NYC but cool for upstate NYS.)

My first time running this race was in 2011. I was injured in 2012 and didn’t run it.  I ran it in 2013 and was disappointed with my finish time.


my fake happy face

Last year, they changed the course.  It started and ended in downtown Schenectady rather than in Central Park.

Well, I loved the new course and finished the race with a new PR!!

However, this year, I have been either training for my half marathon in October or the upcoming one in December. My long runs have been slooooow! I don’t even feel ready to run 9.3 hilly miles but I need to be since I’ll be running 13.1 in 3 weeks!!!!

So I do not expect a PR but I just want a decent long run (and not get INJURED!!)

Race Goals:

A: Finish under 1:35 (my PR is 133:23)
B: All miles between 9 and 11 minutes.
C: Finish happy and healthy.

Happy Running! What are thinking about today?


October Recap & Runfessions


  • Run 3-4 times each week. YES!

I continue to run 3-4 miles during the week trying to vary my running courses.




near work


on the new rail trail

  • Continue the long runs on the weekend. YES!

But not as long since I was tapering and then just beginning to train for next one.


10/3 – 9.2 miles


10/17 – 6.2 miles (10K race)


10/25 – 7 miles


109/31 – 5 miles post 5K race

  • Run a 5k race under 29 minutes. YES 

It wasn’t a PR but it was faster than my last few 5ks.  



I just ran this one for fun and it was.

28:59 (28:37 – Garmin time)

  • Run a 10K race under 60 minutes. YES!

59:19 – 3rd in AG

  • Finish a half marathon under 2:25:00 NOPE! But close.

2:25:47 – stupid lower back pain

  • Do some yoga. NO! 😦
  • Start doing planks again. Not really. 😦
  • Continue running with a group. YES!

every Monday (I skip the Saturday runs though)

  • Walk 70,000 steps each week. YES!

Oct 10 – new record high

My FitBit has motivated me to take the stairs at work and walk at lunch most days.




park is beautiful this time of year

  • Pick a spring half marathon. NO!

But I did register for another winter one (EAU Palm Beach on Dec 6).

I registered for NYC on March 20 but I don’t know if I’ll get in.  

I will also try to get into Brooklyn on May 14 (registration doesn’t open until Jan) as well as VCM (if AJH wants to run the relay again.)

  • Run at least 85 miles. Nope! But close.


  • Start a knitting project. Nope not yet.

What else?

  • Went to NYC with my tennis friends.

We walked the High Line and saw the Carole King musical Beautiful.


  • Had a nice time touring Brooklyn before and after my race.

I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and visited Prospect Park on Saturday.


After the race, I spent the afternoon on Coney Island.


  • Volunteered with the STEM program again.

I run with Kelly after work on Wednesdays.  She is going to do great in her first 5K.


  • Spectated at a Duathlon.

I was my 4th time watching AJH compete in this race and I enjoyed it.  If it were warmer, I would have enjoyed it even more 🙂


  • Walked over the Walkway Bridge with my college BFF.

After meeting at the Clark Institute in September, we decided to get together more often.  Unfortunately, my other college friend fell and broke her ribs & collar bone biking and couldn’t come. I’m glad we chose to walk instead of bike.  The day turned out great.


  • Saw my Mentee’s son.

We went to Ellms Family Farm which has become an annual fall tradition for us. (Unfortunately his mom had to work.)


  • Ran a race in NYC…finally!

Dash to the Finish 5k

It started at the UN and 3.1 miles later, I crossed the NYC Marathon finish line. What a great experience.


Took a Food Tour of Little Italy the day before the race.

And got to run around Central Park on a beautiful fall day after the race.


November Goals:

  • Run 3-4 times each week.
  • Continue long runs on the weekend.
  • Run a 5k race under 29 minutes.
  • Run a 10K race under 60 minutes.
  • Run a 15K race under 1:35.
  • Start going to the gym once a week.
  • Do those planks!
  • Continue running with a group.
  • Walk 70,000 steps each week.
  • Run at least 80 miles.
This month I’m linking up again with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions.
I think I may have to make these yearly Runfessions rather monthly because they repeat.
I runfess..,.
I am still in weight la la land.  I have no idea how much I weigh since my scale STILL has no battery.
I runfess…
I have not gone to the gym or signed up for a yoga class.
I want to but things get in the way (mostly running.)
I runfess…
I have only run once with my STEM client (victim of Domestic violence.)  She has cancelled and I haven’t been able to reschedule .  Each time, I am secretly happy because that means I can run on my own nearby.
I hope it works out for the next few Wednesdays because she is very sweet and a good runner.
I runfess…
On my training group runs, I walk up the hills and I do not run fast on the speed drills.
I am either too tired after work or did my long run the day before.  I better get it together or my Turkey Trot 10k will suck.
I runfess…
I love taking pictures when I run.  This means that I stop and walk … A LOT.  I should leave my phone home but fall is so pretty.
I runfess…
My fitbit excitement is wearing off already (after one month.)
I am sitting more at work and now it doesn’t bother me when I don’t hit 10,000 steps.
I runfess…
I don’t drink anything caffeinated. I drink herbal tea in the morning.  But I think I use sweets for energy.
Yup, cider donuts, pumpkin poptarts, etc …  If I am tired, I eat.
I runfess..
I jump into things without thinking them through.
So I signed up for a half marathon on Dec 6 in Florida.  It’s on a Sunday and I arrive on Friday.  Though I have friends to stay with on Friday & on Sunday, it’s going to be inconvenient.  The Race is in West Palm, one lives 1/2 hour north and one lives 1/2 hour south.  Last time, I arrived the day before the race and stayed for a few days after.  It worked out well but this time, I was afraid of transportation snafus.

Happy Running! How was your October?  Anything interesting planned for November? Do you have something to Runfess?



Tuesdays on the Run: Fall Race Schedule

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week, the theme is Fall Race Schedule

Here is my tentative list of races:

  • 9-5-15 – Run for the Horses 5k

I ran this once several years ago – another race in the Saratoga park

  • 9-12-15 – Malta 5k

this will be my 3rd time – a nice local race

  • 9-19-15 – Arc in the Park 5K

this will be my first time

  • 9-26-15 – Helper’s Fund 10K

I ran the 10k last year – hilly but scenic

  • 10-03-15 – Apple Run 5K


my first time was last year – it’s on my list now

Apple Run - October

  • 10-10-15 – Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon

This is an inaugural race and my first time too

  • 10-17-15 – Great Pumpkin Challenge 10K

I ran it last year and it was fun.


  • 11-08-15 – Stockade-athon 15K

this will be my 4th time but 2nd on the new improved 15k course


  • 11-21-15 – GOTR 5k

It’s an inaugural race – to raise $ for GOTR

  • 11-26-15 – Troy Turkey Trot 10k

my 2nd time – loved this race last year


Happy Running! What races are on your fall schedule?  Any of the ones above?