TOTR: Picking your races

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is: Racing. Are you a one-and done type? Or do you run the same ones over and over?

Well, both.

For half marathons, I have decided not to repeat.  There are so many to choose from.  I don’t feel the need even though I am tempted to re-do the ones I’ve loved.  There are still many local ones that I haven’t run.


my favorite destination race

Walkway Half Marathon

my favorite local race

For other distances, if I like a race, I do run it every year. I won’t list them all since as you know, I run a lot of races. The ones below, I try to put on my racing calendar every year.


I will be running the Freihofer’s 5k for the 9th time this year.


the Spring Run Off is my favorite 10k


I love the Stockadeathon 15K

delmar dash2

Delmar Dash wins for a 5 mile race


and the Polar Cap for 4 milers


My favorite 10 mile race is the Adirondack Distance Run

Happy Running! Do you repeat races?


17 thoughts on “TOTR: Picking your races

  1. I have run Boston 7 times. I have also run every BAA 10K since the inaugural race. I have to keep that one going as it’s probably the only race I’ll ever run all of them until I keel over! I don’t repeat too many 5Ks because there are so many of them, but I have run several of them multiple times.
    Cheers – Andy


  2. I always want to do what you- just go, but I cant stay healthy long enough to it!
    I do have a handful of local races I would have done multiple times by now, I hope next year goes better for me.


  3. I totally agree that there are so many half marathons out there that I’d rather try different ones than the same races year after year!


  4. We repeat some, but there aren’t as many to choose from around here…it just gets too hot too soon and the options drop off. We will be doing Houston (half marathon) for the third time this coming January, and that is just such a fun weekend that I can see us doing it for a long time. I don’t repeat races I don’t enjoy the first time, but that’s probably normal, right?


  5. Who takes all your running pictures ? They always come out so nicely. I have already said this but you are very lucky to have such a huge number of races to chose from.


  6. If I like the location and the course I definitely will repeat, in fact I just entered a marathon that if I get in will be my 7th time doing it.
    On the other hand there have been a few races in the past that I have run that while I enjoyed them at the time, i can’t see myself traveling for them specifically again.


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