TT: Winter Bucket List

Winter is in full swing. In fact, it started in December and ends in March.

I’m finally getting around to writing about my Winter Bucket List:

  • Scenic Hikes (especially ones with frozen waterfalls)

  • Cold Weather Races

  • Warm Weather Sunrise/Beach Run

  • A Half Marathon or Three

  • NYC Visit

I’m happy to say that I have made significant progress with the list above.  Let’s hope so because it’s almost time to plan the Spring Bucket list!!

Happy Running!! What’s on your Winter Bucket List?  Have you been successful so far?  Are you looking forward to Spring like I am? Please share.






Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

I’m also linking up here:

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17 thoughts on “TT: Winter Bucket List

  1. I didn’t have a bucket list. Things have stabilized for now for my mom, which is nice, but the caretaking keeps rolling along.

    We actually do hope to take some trips (driving) this year, but can’t really plan ahead much.


  2. I didn’t have a winter bucket list since there’s not much to do around here in the winter. Glad you’ve been able to do so many of these things! Maybe I should come up with a spring/summer bucket list.

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  3. The only thing I did not get to do this winter is use my snowshoes. I missed our only real opportunity to use them before the plow came. Maybe we will get one more chance?

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  4. AH! You used the beach picture- it looks great!!!
    I never made a winter bucket list- maybe I’ll just move right along to spring.
    It was great to see you and run together! Hope you’re adjusting back to the chilly north : )

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