FFF: Things I’m Looking for in a Coach

maybe Judith pictured here…?

I have never had a coach nor am I sure that I will ever hire one.

But if I did, here’s what would be important for ME:

1. Experience

I know a certified coach has to start somewhere but I would prefer not to be her his/her first client.

They need to have coached before and maybe even have coached someone else with needs similar to mine or who was training for the same distance.

Also he/she needs to be experienced as a runner and one who is faster than I am (No offense…)


I’m not a professional nor do I have unlimited funds to spend on running. So the cost would have to reasonable and paid monthly.

3. Accessibility

In-person would be ideal but at least through email, text and social networking.  I would expect prompt and thoughtful responses to my questions.

4. Flexibility

I would want to be given a training plan but not one that I could not adapt to my changing needs or life schedule.

5. Presence at my goal race 

Obviously this may not be possible. But it would be incredibility supportive and helpful.

Patrick was my coach at past Freihofer & Turkey Trot Challenge groups. I saw him recently when I was volunteering as he was running in the marathoner that he coached

Remember that every runner is different.  My needs or preferences may not be the same as yours.

Many of you who are reading this post may be certified running coaches.  Many of the bloggers that I know are also certified coaches and based on what I have read, they would be great coaches… so maybe someday we will work together???

And if any of my readers are looking to hire a coach. here are some helpful links:

Happy Running! Do you have a coach or have you ever had one? What was important when choosing him/her? Please share.







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17 thoughts on “FFF: Things I’m Looking for in a Coach

  1. I’ve only worked with a coach once (six years ago), and it wasn’t an ideal fit for me, at least at the time. Looking back, I should have been more assertive when the workouts and mileage seemed a bit “too much,” but I went with what was on the plan…and wound up injured at the start line. That said, it was a good experience trying something different, having someone else guide me, and stepping outside of my comfort bubble 😉

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  2. I’ve never had a coach. I’m sure it would benefit my running greatly, but I’m stubborn and like to figure things out for myself. But I haven’t ruled out working with a coach at some point in the future. I wouldn’t need to see him/her in person- other than that I agree with your points.

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  3. I hired a coach for the first time for a goal I have this year. She’s remote but very flexible. She works with athletes my age and checks in weekly (or more if I have questions). For me a key was also having credentials in addition to running experience. My coach is a PT and exercise physiologist. I have so much running experience myself that most coaches can’t compete with me there 😉

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  4. As you know, i loved having a coach. If money were no object I’d probably still have one — maybe even while not training for anything. Having your own personal cheerleader is priceless.

    Jan & Judy hired that coach who was very experienced, and was absolutely useless. You get what you pay for sometimes (usually).

    Don’t worry, I[m not looking to coach. There are great coaches in our blogging group though!

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    • Money is a concern. Although a coach would be wonderful, I’d prefer to spend my $ on other things at this point in my life.

      Maybe if I were a more serious runner. For me it’s now social.

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  5. I have had two coaches – the first, years ago who coached me to one of my most successful years of running (multiple PRs and no injuries!); and, the second coach who got me to the starting line for Chicago. I especially enjoyed working with the second coach because he’s local to me and we could meet up for runs. Overall I loved both experiences and appreciated how much they tailored everything to my needs and lifestyle. They were both very responsive and great sounding boards.

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