Weekly Run Down – 5.13.19-5.19.19: Home Sweet Home


Back to my normal schedule…plus a weekday race and a weekend Half Marathon. Maybe not so normal to most.. lol

Last Week –

  • Monday – Since my run got rained out the day before, rain was predicted for the afternoon and the day after, I felt compelled to drag myself out of bed at 5:30 am to run before work.  It has been years since I have done a pre-work run.  Besides being tired, hungry and over-dressed, it wasn’t too bad.

neighborhood views

I felt guilty but I skipped my FTC group run… I am sure my die hard friends did the workout in the rain. (yup they did!)

  • Tuesday A rest day, only because it was raining and I had a chiro appt. I did stop off for a few minutes at the gym on my way home.

after 3 days of rain, only flowers from Trader Joes could cheer me up (and my cat photobomber)

  • Wednesday – I skipped the SOAR run two weeks ago but I decided to go today. It’s a new group of women runners that run in different locations every two weeks at 6 pm (perfect for those who work!) I chatted with some old friends and even made some new ones.

They asked us to pair up so I ran with Colleen (whom I had worked with for 10 years at my last job) and we chatted the whole time.

After the run, I rushed off to the mall where I met my BFF. We did some walking and gabbing.

  • Thursday – For the third year in a row, I participated with some of my co-workers (and 10,000 others) in the Workforce Challenge Race. This year, at least they had corrals but it was still so congested for the entire 3.5 miles. Again, I ran just for fun and it was fun.

survived the heat (and a stiff neck) and had a course PR.

  • Friday – More rain but a scheduled rest day. Just worked, went for a lunch walk (when the rain stopped)

lunch walk view

Then stopped by the STEM celebration after and played mah jongg in the evening.

  • Saturday – Catch up day on the home front. Laundry, cleaning, weeding.  Then we decided to take a trip up to Lake George.

We didn’t take the boat out for a ride but we walked to the Sagamore Hotel and had my belated birthday dinner out.  I had to carb load for the race the next day anyway.

great view and great food (which was followed by a root beer float on the way home)

  • Sunday – Today with some running buddies, I ran the inaugural Great Sacandaga Half Marathon. It was a little too warm (but no rain) and my long runs in preparation have been 3 miles so it turned out to be a struggle but in a good way. The course was challenging but I won my first trophy ever (even though my time was 2 minutes slower than my last half.) Afterwards, we all went out to lunch on the lake to celebrate.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down – 5.13.19-5.19.19: Home Sweet Home

  1. Congrats on the trophy! Do you have a nice place to display it? 😉 Although our rain wasn’t as bad as forecast this week, ugh. There still was more rain than I wanted, and we got even more this afternoon….I just want warm weather and sunshine. Thanks for linking with us!

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  2. Congrats on the AG award (as usual): you are an inspiration!
    Lake George looks beautiful. I have a little house near a lake 60 km far from here and I enjoy the atmosphere of the place.


  3. Wow, a 1st place on a half where you only have been running 3 mile long runs? Nice!! Congrats 🙂 I will be joining my friends for a pre-work run tomorrow morning at 5:30am. The only bad thing is that I have to drive to meet them instead of just leaving from my house. Precious time spent in the wee hours of the morning!

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  4. bummer about all the rain but WAY TO GO on the trophy! do you think you’ll be doing more of those morning runs? I’m trying to figure out my schedule already but my brain keeps exploding and I keep doing something else to avoid it. I don’t know why, it’s not like I don’t LIKE to have a plan. I do, I guess I would just rather someone else plan it for me! ha! I would like to trying morning running again myself.

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