TT: Tips for Beginner Runners

I’m skipping ahead to next Tuesday’s topic: Tips for Beginner Runners It’s been awhile since I started running (like 2008). I’ve learned a lot since then. And although I am not a certified coach, I have mentored and run with many beginner running groups.

So here are my favorite tips:

  • Join a group or a class.

It’s much easier than going at it alone.  You will make friends and a coach/mentor will help avoid form and training mistakes.

a fun 10 week program

  • If there is no class or group available to you, use the Couch25k app.

This app will guide through walk/run intervals and prepare you to complete a 5k.

The STEM group also used this app even though in a group

  • Sign up for a 5k race.

This will motivate you to do your runs and give you a goal.

if possible, one with a medal!

  • Buy good running shoes.

Go to a running store, if possible, try on a few shoes. Return the shoes if they are not comfortable (most stores will allow you to return your shoes.)

How to Buy the Best Running Shoes | GQ

so many choices…

  •  Even a bad run is better then no run at all.

Runs that suck will happen. Forget and move on.

oh well

  • Buy running clothes you look good in and that are comfortable.

I recommend breathable shirts and shorts/skirts with pockets.

  • Running is not an excuse to triple your intake of doughnuts.

Yes, runners gain weight too.  Try to eat a healthy snack (such as a banana) before you run and something with protein after (bagel, chocolate milk).

  • Add other forms of exercise to your routine on days that you do not run.

This could be walking, biking, hiking, yoga, strength training,

or going to the gym!

  • Don’t neglect and irritate your family and friends by spending all your time talking about running.

It’s only a small part of your life…though it may be one of the BEST parts.

Happy Running! What tips can you add to this list?  Please share.  runner-sig

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32 thoughts on “TT: Tips for Beginner Runners

  1. Excellent tips, Darlene!
    I had to smile at your last one – goodness, I had to learn the hard way that not everyone is interested in my running stories! I’m so glad I have a blog where I can blether about running to my heart’s content, haha!
    I would only add that a new runner should avoid doing too much too fast. I’ve seen a few beginners fall into that trap and end up injured.

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  2. Those are great tips! The shoes and comfortable clothing are HUGE ones for me. I HATED running at the beginning because my shoes sucked. Once I got fitted, it was a complete life changer for me!

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  3. Great tips! I think running in a group was so motivating for me as a beginner, and it definitely served me well! And going to a running store is so important!

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  4. Loved all the tips. Another beginning app is N2R. None to Run was a bitter fit for me than C25K. I tried both and N2R was set up a bit different and made me more successful.

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    • Same. I didn’t know about the app. I didn’t even have a smart phone yet. The group did help. Not sure I could have done as well on my own.


  5. All good tips! I would add that people should really commit to running for three months before deciding if they like it or not. Running can feel really uncomfortable at first and it can take a while before you start enjoying it.
    Love the last tip- yes, sadly most of my friends are not runners! Even though it’s endlessly fascinating to me, I get that it bores them.

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    • Same. Most of my friends are not runners. They try to be interested but they don’t understand it.

      I was one of those who loved running right away and signed up for a race.


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