FFF: Tips for “Older Runners”

Recently I posted on Tips for Beginner Runners.

At the time, I got to thinking that many of these tips were still true for us “older” runners. By “older”, I mean OVER 50 years old.  (But “older” does NOT mean OLD lol).

I also realized that there may also be some other tips that only apply to those runners who are over 50.

So here you go:

1.Age Groups Rock.

I mean you should not be comparing your pace to someone younger than you.

I used to play competitive tennis and I hated that it seemed to only matter if you won or not and what your score was.

You may not win any awards because the numbers of those running in their later years have been increasing (and quite frankly many are faster than I ever was.)

But still, it’s good that you can see how you compare to someone your own age.

Love how Andrea  & I (who was my exact age) would compete with each other.

2. If you keep running, you will most likely get Slower.

I say “most likely” because I’m sure that there are runners who still improve as they age.

But as a rule, after 10 years of running, your finish times will be slower.

So if this bothers you, stop racing. LOL

I admit, it’s not easy to accept that my 5k and half marathon times have reverted to where they were when I first ran those distances.

slow but happy

3. Body Parts Will Hurt.

It’s part of the aging process. But it’s different for each runner.

For me, it’s my lower back. For others, it may be your feet or your hips.

Again, I say, if this bothers you, stop running.

and miss all the fun… !?

4. Misery Loves Company.

In other words, don’t go at it alone.  Run with others.  Find your tribe!

everyone in this group is over 50 and we know how to have a good time together.

5. Cross Training is even MORE Important as you get Older.

In addition to running, find another activity for those rest days – yoga, walking, weight lifting, spinning, etc.

I do a lot of walking and hiking but in those winter months, my stationary bike was my new best friend.

Happy Running! Are you an “older” runner? If so, any tips to add? Please share.







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18 thoughts on “FFF: Tips for “Older Runners”

  1. Interesting post, important for me, an old runner who has been running since 1985!
    I love the introduction of the age group awards, getting older I find less competitors and usually I get an ag award (but not in Rome where the runners are thousands).
    Of course I am getting slower but I don’t mind because there is always someone behind me.
    My back hurts but the cross training helps a lot.

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  2. Yes, I’m an “older” runner! I’ll agree that my favorite thing about it is being competitive in my age group- much easier than when I was younger. Yes, you might get slower and things will probably hurt, but don’t stop running! We might be older in years, but running keeps us youthful.

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  3. I’m only 49 and 3/4 so only some of this applies to me 😉 Kidding. I feel pretty good. My tip is not to compare masters you to new runner you – whenever that was. My running times have ebbed and flowed over time. My best years were 25, 34 and 40 – 43. So you never know. I’m banking on 50 for going fast(er) again!

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  4. These are great tips & reminders. Despite age, I think we all experience plateaus and “slower” finish times. I’m just grateful to be able to run…especially after having gone through two substantial setbacks.

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    • Same. After broken ankle, stress fracture, and broken foot, I was happy to run. I do have some friends who are are stressed about their finish times slowing down.


  5. This is such a great perspective. I’m in my mid-40s, but I started running in my late 30s, so I don’t have too many super young memories with which to compete.

    That said, some of the runners in the 60-70-80 age groups in my area are STILL laying out 6 and 7 minute miles! It’s amazing!

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  6. Who are you calling old lol? These are all great tips but I have to add the importance of strength training–heavy strength–for older runners. You lose muscle mass at a much faster rate than when you were younger and we need the muscle to support our aging joints. In addition, building muscle ramps up your metabolism and helps you burn fat. It is such a win!

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  7. Great post! I’m 49 and even though I started running half marathons in my 30’s my PR is from my late 40’s. I also dealt with anemia off and on for several years, though, so I think I’m an anomaly. I’m with you on AG awards. Although I haven’t won that many yet I know there’s usually a big drop-off for women in their 50’s at races.

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