TT: What’s New This Year?

The topic for today is: Share your favorite running item(s) you’ve tried this year 

I am a creature of habit so I have not tried anything new that I can think of except for new shoes and new races.


I pretty much only wear Topos ever since I was diagnosed with a neuroma because of their wide toe box. (I already have Magnifly, Ultrafly and Flylyte.) But I did try two new styles:

  • Topos Phantom – These have a 5mm drop and more support and cushioning than the other Topos.  I like to wear them for long runs and long races.
  • Topos Cyclone – These also have a 5mm drop. But they are much lighter and less supportive.  I like to wear them for short races.

As with many of the Topos, I struggle with the lacing. It is often hard to get them tight enough and to get them to stay tied. 

Magnifly Topos are my favorites but still Thumbs Up for both of these.


I love to race and love to try new races and routes.  Many of my go-to races were not happening due to COVID.
These are the races that I have never run before:

  • A1A Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon – 13.1 miles (in Fort Lauderdale) along the eastern coast of Florida (recap)
  • Electric City 5 Miler – a new race along the Mohawk River in Schenectady, NY (recap)
  • Prospect Mountain Road Race – a challenging 5.6 miles to the top of a mountain ending with beautiful views of Lake George (recap)
  • Miles on the Mohawk 10 Miler – a point-to-point race along the Mohawk (recap)
  • Rabbit Ramble 4 Miler – a new location on the rolling hills of Altamont, NY (recap)
  • Firecracker 4 – a very popular race on July 4th in Saratoga, NY (recap)
  • FASNY 5k – a new race in Saratoga State Park (recap)
  • Run for the Roses 5K – a hilly race in Grafton Lake State Park (recap)
  • Whipple City 10k – even hillier race in the countryside of Greenwich, NY (recap)

I would give them all up THUMBS UP!!

Happy Running! What’s new with you? What items (or races) have you tried this year? Please share. 


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26 thoughts on “TT: What’s New This Year?

  1. I love all of the races you have run. I’ve not run any this year! I am a creature of habit with my shoes too. I tried a different model of Brooks and had to send them back – my knees were killing me when wearing them. I switched back to my old pair and no issues and was able to finish my scheduled run that day.

    The only thing I have tried that is new is fueling during my longer runs. So far, my favorite is the Honey Stinger Chews. Later this week I hope to be able to try the hydration vest I ordered.

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  2. I have only heard of the Topos through you. I know of a friend who is looking for running shoes with wide toe boxes so that might be a good solution for her, too.
    This year, I haven’t bought anything new – the only new running thing is that I’m making my own electrolyte drink.
    You’ve run so many races this year already. I find that very cool – excellent training, too!

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  3. wow you have already run so many races this year! I have not tried any new shoe brands but have tried different Brooks shoe models that I really like. Good to mix it up

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  4. You’ve done alot of new races this year! The race I’m doing in October will be a new one for me. I’ve tried some new Brooks shoes this year and I like them all!


  5. That’s a lot of new races! (Actually, it’s a lot of races, in general LOL). I think I’ve only done one new-to-me race this year (a month ago, near Des Moines).


  6. Hmmm! I want to try Topos. I need a wide toe box and it’s so hard to find.
    I would say the best new thing I’ve tried this year is my hydration vest- I love it!!! Can’t believe I ran in Florida so long without one.

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  7. This is a hard question for me because I don’t think I’ve tried anything new this year! Oh wait, there’s one thing – I’ve tried new music ear buds – and although they don’t look comfortable, they feel okay and have a very long battery life so have survived some of my long runs!

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