Building Brooklyn 5k Race Recap

June 11, 2019 7 pm

Another trip to NYC for work and a 5k in Brooklyn. This was my first one this year. Usually I run the cheap ones organized but the Prospect Park Track Club (Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series).

But this week, NYCRuns offered a 5k on a similar course and you know how I feel about racing.

Ice Cream Social 5k

This race was the first annual Building Brooklyn 5K. I raced their first annual Ice Cream Social 5k here last June.  The course map seemed to indicate that this race was on the SAME course.

Again I had to work all day in Queens (getting up at 5:30 am and being on my feet until 4 pm). I would have to rush to take the subway, then the LIRR, walk to my hotel and change my clothes and then take a LONG subway ride (standing) to Brooklyn.

I was familiar with the route and knew that I would make the race on time (unless there were snafus with the transportation.) So I got off at the same subway stop in Brooklyn as usual (which was not the closest one but one that I knew) and made my way through the park looking for signs indicating a race.

No signs but I bumped into a fellow runner from SC and we chatted about our work travel and racing obsession.

We asked volunteers and found the gathering area and bib pick up.  It was a different location than the Al Goldstein 5ks. There were port-a-potties instead of real restrooms (but actually real ones were not too far away, if needed.)

I got my bib and race shirt and hung out at one of the many picnic tables.

NYC seems to like green. My 3rd one.

It was warm – in the 70s and humid. I checked a bag with a jacket (not sure why?) and the race shirt at bag check.

tables organized by the last # on your bib

It was still fairly early. As in my other Brooklyn races, I did not know a single person. So I ate a banana and some cookies and chatted with my hubby on my phone.

Then they had a yoga session. It was pretty fun.

Soon it was time for everyone to walk down to the start. There were corrals set up according to pace. I lined up in the 8-8:59 min group. But it didn’t really matter since this race was also chip-timed.  There were serious runners as in the PPTC-sponsored 5ks but there seemed to be many more “regular” runners in this “team” race. About 500 in total.

This race was like a mini Workforce Challenge. The goal being having teams from Brooklyn and NYC businesses out there running or walking together. I just love this idea. I bet they will have even more participants next year. And all the proceeds go to charity.

Since I had run the course before, I knew about the big LONG hill during mile 1.  In fact, I ran up that hill THREE times during the Hot Chocolate 15k in April.

I was beat from a long day’s work on my feet. Otherwise I felt fine, was not hungry and the weather was warm and humid but I’ve run in much worse conditions. So I decided that I would try to RUN up the whole hill. In fact, if possible RUN the whole race.  I know it is only a 5k, but I often walk even during my shorter races.  I find that often finish faster if I do than when I don’t walk at all.

So how did that work???

Mile 1 was hard.  My legs felt like lead.  (Probably should have warmed up before the race.) I tried to not walk. But that stupid hill won. I caved and walked/ran up it.

my new SC friend…he finished in 18:XX

Mile 2 was better and I wanted to skip the water stop. But I was really thirsty and decided I’d better stop. This walk was briefer than the first. I then tried to make the time lost during mile 1. And I did.

I tried to keep with that old guy…never could

As a result, I was crashing during mile 3. I willed myself not to walk until the mile 3 marker. Then I decided to just finish…

I tried to sprint and finish under 28 minutes. I did NOT!! But I was close and was actually winded when I finished. So I promptly grabbed some water. Pretty rare since I never put it all out there unless I am trying for a PR.

I walked back to bag check to get my jacket and race shirt (which I put on). On the way, I grabbed some refreshments (banana and Chex mix) and then headed immediately to get my free ice cream.

Delish! Perfect on a a warm night.

They don’t post the results. But I did get an email with my time and it indicated that I won my age group (see above).  I was not surprised this time since I did not see many older racers.

not much competition…but a win is a win!

As in all NYCRUNS races, there is no awards ceremony. They just mail you your award in about six weeks.

This is what they normally look like — pretty sweet?

So runners just hung out eating food from the food trucks and listening to the DJ.

I left and followed runners to subway. A long ride back to Manhattan but still glad I chose to run this 5k.

I was exhausted when I arrived at the race but energized after. Which is what I love about racing.

If I am around during this race next year, I plan to run it again.

Race Splits
mile 1- 9:29
mile 2 – 8:39
mile 3 – 9:06
.14 – 8:10


My negative split streak has been broken.

And it was slower than my previous race on the same course (27:30) Exactly a year ago.

I’ll have another opportunity in August to try and conquer that hill with one of the Al Goldstein 5ks.

I was still happy with how the race turned out. I love these mid-week races. It’s a great way to pass the evening in NYC.

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m linking up with these wonderful ladies:

 Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

I’m linking also up with Coaches Corner–Debbie and Marc.

Happy Running! Ever run a race while traveling for work? Do you ever run mid-week races?

18 thoughts on “Building Brooklyn 5k Race Recap

  1. Almost never run a mid week race. Except for Firecracker, LOL.

    I am always disappointed with myself when I set a goal not to walk — and I do. I know it’s usually a mental thing, not a physical thing.

    Sometimes negative splits are really, really hard on a hilly course. Looks like you did great.


  2. Congrats on the AG win, Darlene! Way to go! And after spending all day on your feet, no less! I am loving running 5Ks lately. This one seems like a good one, and the race shirt is cool. Gotta love ice cream after a race!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how so many of your races have that same hill! I’d be a worried freak relying on the subway to get me to the race site in a timely fashion. That’s ALWAYS the most stressful part of a race for me..getting there LOL Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mmm ooey gooey
    It’s funny the role perception plays. I’m always warned about that Hill but never seem to notice it.
    I need to do one of these with you one day


    • Some races it bothers me more than others. Not so bad for Hot Chocolate but I think the weather factors in and the time of day.


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