Weekly Run Down for 6.17.19-6.23.19: Lake Time


A very busy week but luckily we had the best weather of the week on the weekend and I was lucky enough to spend both days at the lake – one racing and one boating.

Last Week

  • Monday – After a rainy Sunday, I was happy to see some sunshine.  I was supposed to run with a friend at the Crossings but I had a re-scheduled chiro appt. Instead I ran earlier at UAlbany and I talked my friend into joining me. After my run, I talked to my chiro about my wonky hip (but of course, it has stopped bothering me?) She said it was my SI joint and she worked some painful magic on it.

a lot of walking and talking but we got it done

  • Tuesday Rest day because I had a long overdue and re-scheduled dinner date with an old friend.  Sometimes running cannot take precedent over life.
  • Wednesday – Rest Day #2 due my annual monthly tennis gathering.

seen on my pre-work walk

It was my turn to choose the locale and I picked a farm (I had to go, right?)

what an interesting place…the food was great and the company even better. They also sponsor goat yoga and trail runs.

  • Thursday – I needed to run after work today because of all that eating out and I did have a 15k in two days. I headed after work to the Corning Bike Path. There was a concert scheduled so I headed in the opposite direction.

it started to rain so I wimped out. Good thing because then it really poured.

  • Friday – Long work day and a rest day to carb load for my race the next day.
  • Saturday – Today I ran the 2nd annual Race to the Lakes 15K.  You ran from Glen Lake to Lake George and then took the bus back. I ran it last year. I knew about all the crazy hills (though not prepared for them… AGAIN). And gee they were a lot harder than I remember (18 of them my friend said).) Still it was fun. I had a course PR and came in 2nd in my age group.

oh and there was ice cream (and watermelon) at the end

I took advantage of being at the lake to visit with a friend who lives there. We went to a craft fair, out to lunch and then hit the outlets.

lunch (and drinks) with a view

  • Sunday – A rest day and perfect weather for boating on the lake.

finished reading Marathon Woman…loved it!

Got antsy and went for a short hike as well.

there are lots of trails along the lake

22 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 6.17.19-6.23.19: Lake Time

  1. Great week for you! I just registered for a 15K tonight…it’s a race I’ve done before and takes place in the evening hours. And, I persuaded the hubby to join me this year (he’s doing he 5K).Congrats on YOUR 15K!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Obviously I am fine going on my own — it’s just been a really long time since I didn’t know someone at a race (going in).

    I probably wouldn’t want to be driving that far on the weekends if I were driving for work, but OTOH, if I had a boat to relax on — maybe! Too bad my hubby isn’t really into boats or lakes.


  3. Awesome work! I love that you do monthly outings. I need to rally my friends a bit more. It’s hard to organize with schedules and sitters (at this stage), but maybe we can make something happen.

    I ran teh BAA 10K on Sunday and am looking forward to the Peachtree Road Race on July 4. Then it’s time to look at the calendar and see where I go from there.


  4. I totally agree that seeing friends is sometimes more important than running! you had a good FUN week it seems! Congrats on your race – I always forget about the hills until I get to the start line of some races and then think “wait, why am I here?” hahaha!

    my running is … going. it’s not great. I’ve already decided that Chicago is just to be run and finished rather than try to PR. In fact I don’t see any PR in my future with the way my body is behaving after only 2 months of running break. Who knows though, right?

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