Friday Five Runfessions for June

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I ran THREE races in ONE week.

I almost ran FOUR (I came to my senses and did a long run with friends instead).

Anyone else run more than one race in the same week?

2. I runfess…

I went to NYC for work and I DID NOT RUN in Central Park or along the East or Hudson Rivers.

I know. Can you believe it?

the rain even stopped and this route along the Hudson R. was very tempting…

I really wanted to run but instead I walked.  I knew that I should rest the legs.

walking the High Line and climbing to the top of the Vessel = rest??

Anyone skip your favorite run locales and REST instead?

3.I runfess…

I’ve been ignoring a hip issue since it doesn’t hurt while I run.

The pain started the first day that I played tennis in Florida (May 3). It has bothered me repeatedly when I play tennis, sit or stand for a long time and sometimes after a run.

I have several friends who have undergone hip replacements? Kinda makes me wonder…

As soon as I made an appt to see my chiro, the pain stopped…of course.

She said it was my SI joint, did some painful stuff to it and now it feels great!!

Anyone ignore pain when it doesn’t occur during a race or a run?

4. I runfess…

A co-worker (a really fast runner) said that her hubby ran NYC without training and really enjoyed it.

Not what I wanted to hear…

My NYC marathon training starts Monday…

I already have social plans being scheduled that will conflict with my weekend 14,12 & 15 mile long runs (Tennis weekend Aug 24-25, Mah Jongg weekend Sept 21-22, Broadway Oct 5-6).

Do you ever dread having a training plan to follow?

5.I runfess…

My healthy eating (if you can call it healthy) goes right out the window in the summertime.  Too many BBQs and outdoor restaurant dining



Good thing I don’t have a scale and can wear loose dresses to work.

Anyone else struggle with summer food temptations? 

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


22 thoughts on “Friday Five Runfessions for June

  1. Congrats on running three races in one week. I usually cant pass up a good running route even when my legs are telling me to. I’m not a fan of training plans that’s why I usually don’t follow them. With my work schedule always changing it’s hard to stick with one. I think I’d just feel defeated if I tried to follow one and couldn’t keep up with it.

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    • Same here. Work and weather are so unpredictable. I doubt I will really follow it but it will be a guide to some of the long runs that I should try to do.


  2. When we were in UT I skipped almost all my runs in favor of hiking. But I’m good about resting before a longer race. I’m just good about resting in general. Sort of. Or at least realizing I should rest.

    Summer treats can definitely be tempting. I indulge mindfully (works for me) — simply means I indulge, but not everything. That doesn’t work for me.


    • I would hiked in UT too. Sometimes I just like to walk but even when I do run if there’s something to take a photo of, I stop and take a pic. I don’t wear a watch so I usually just guess at the distance and pace doesn’t matter to me.

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  3. I ran three races the same week you did. I think. Or maybe it was the week before. Was the week leading up to the Mini
    How can you run a marathon without really training? I”ve heard it too, but I still don’t get it. What are you seeing 10/5? I know you’re here for Grete, but can’t remember the show.

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    • I think we may see Hadestown but haven’t gotten tix yet. I picked that day because of Grete but I need more pts for the hotel.


  4. No, I never dread a training plan. I love having someone tell me what to do! Then I don’t have to think. I just go.

    I have a lot of SI joint issues. So then I do more hip work and it gets better. The good thing is, you can run through it.

    Good luck on your marathon training!

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  5. I need to map out my MCM training plan. I totally respect the marathon and the distance AND the required miles, etc. needed…but after running eight of them, I also recognize that no plan has to be followed with perfection. Of course, I thrive on throwing races into the mix at opportune times…so,do stress (much) if you have racing conflicts popping up in your 26.2 plan. It’s always possible to add on extra miles before (or after), or shift the long runs to a different day (or split up the long run mileage, but not repeatedly). Good luck! This will be an exciting summer!

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  6. I runfess I don’t understand how some people are proud of running marathons they did not train for. I’d be embarrassed. I’ve raced 3x in two days and ran a half and full marathon 6 days apart but it’s been awhile. If something doesn’t bother me when I run I typically ignore it. Haha! Enjoy all the ice cream. It’s so good when it’s so hot!

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  7. Ice cream is the single most evil and wonderful thing on the planet! LOL

    I hope your SI joint pain doesn’t come back! Good luck with your NYC Marathon training – it does get tough having to schedule your life around training.

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