Weekly Wrap for 3.26.18-4.1.18 – My Home is on the Road


I survived an extremely busy week- travel upstate for work, travel to NYC for work, Passover, Easter. And a race squeezed in there too.  OY!!

Last week – 

  • Monday – Today I drove to Liverpool for work. The weather was almost perfect for running (just a little windy) so I headed to my favorite running route.

After dinner, I returned for a sunset walk.

  • Tuesday – I might have run before my long drive home but it was raining and I was anxious to get home.
  • Wednesday – Back on the train to NYC. With rain predicted for the next two days, I knew I needed to run and I did. I took the subway to Riverside Park and ran along the Hudson River and then finished my run in Central Park.

  • Thursday – It was supposed to rain so I didn’t plan to run but then it didn’t so I decided to head to the High Line after work. It is crowded and hard to run on but always great views so worth it.

  • Friday – Another work day (and a rainy one) with no time to run since I had to catch a train home.
  • Saturday – Race Day. Ice Breaker Challenge, a local 5k. Several of my Wineglass friends had FOMO and signed up too. It was fun and afterward I ran some more miles with Barbara (and Alyssa for a bit).  We also met some of the others at our favorite spot for brunch.

sunny skies, course PR and age group winner = happy morning!

In the evening, I celebrated Passover at a Seder with my mah jongg friends.

  • Sunday – Rest day and Easter dinner with the family.

This Coming Week

  • Monday 4 miles with FTC group
  • Tuesday train to NYC, 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 3 miles
  • Thursday 3 miles in NYC
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday 8 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, train to NYC

Please link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and NEW host Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home 

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Has spring arrived where you live? Please share.


38 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 3.26.18-4.1.18 – My Home is on the Road

  1. A busy week for sure! Blech on all the rain. I know it comes with spring but still cold rain is no fun for running. We’re still so cold here. 25 degrees as I type and only supposed to be in the 30’s all week.

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  2. We’re having a snow sun shower! Such weird weather.

    I had to squeeze all of my runs into the “work” week last week because it’s really not safe to run where my parents live, unless you want to run back & forth on a half mile of road. Some day it may come to that, but thankfully no real need to push myself right now so I got in three runs & called it good.


  3. I think Spring was yesterday, and tomorrow will be Summer. Yay for seasons. :/

    Happy Passover to you! We celebrated a nice Easter at home.

    Love those High Line runs for you! What a great way to see the city and get your miles in!

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  4. oh my, I am not sure I would have been able to train as much + a 5K after a week traveling for work! how do you do it?? I guess you are more used to it? A successful week in any case! Glad you also had a nice Passover celebration!

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  5. You kept super busy but still had some really nice runs – Central Park looks so pretty!

    I thought spring was here but Mother Nature keeps playing games with us! I don’t want to see any more snow!

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