Weekly Run Down for 4.16.23-4.23.23: My Last Hurrah

The title refers to after two months of almost weekly visits to NYC for work, this week was the last one…

So I had to squeeze it all in.. parks, Broadway, runs, friends

Last Week:

  • Sunday – After volunteering instead of running the H2H Half Marathon the previous day, I was wondering if I made the right decision.

emotionally rewarding…

I had sold my bib to my running friend Barbara and I decided to try accompanying her today on 10 of her 13.1 miles as she had to run the race virtually.

I ran with her for the first 5 miles (uphillish) using her intervals (90:30) and then finished using my own run and walk when you can’t run anymore.

I got it done but yes, I’m not ready for the big time yet… (5 weeks until Brooklyn!!)

what happened to the clouds and cool temps??

We finished early enough to I could do some yardwork before the rain came…

finally some trees are starting to bloom

  • Monday – Day off!  I started with a visit to the gym. And it was pouring!!!!

The plan was to go hiking with friends, out to lunch, hike some more and then stop for ice cream.

We drove west in hopes that the forecast was correct for that area.

Nope.  We had a delicious lunch and then drove around waiting for the rain to stop… It did not

We resorted to getting our steps in at the mall.

Happily, the skies cleared and I was able to do my mentor assignment.

  • Tuesday – Another morning at the gym…

The temps really cooled down but I decided on a rest day with a walk at lunch and then another longer one with my BFF after work.

  • Wednesday – An exciting morning…

Before I got on the train to NYC, I got to see my 20 week old granddaughter (in the uterus, that is).

As soon as I checked into my hotel, I hopped on a subway to Brooklyn to catch the cherry blossoms in Prospect Park (before they were past peak.)

so so beautiful there and the tulips were in bloom as well.

Then I rushed back to Manhattan to meet up with Cari in Central Park.

I had changed into my running clothes and walked to the park. By the time I met Cari, I was too tired to run and so we walked through the park to get a cookie at Crumbl.

there might have been a mango martini or two at my hotel bar after…

  • Thursday – Working in Jamaica, Queens for the day and as soon as I returned to Manhattan, I changed my clothes and got in a run. I ran from my hotel to Madison Square Park and then back.

It had to be a short run because I had gotten tix to a Broadway show.

and the show was great!!

  • Friday – Nothing exciting happened besides work followed by the train home in the evening.

one sock done… one to go

  • Saturday – Long Run Day!! 11 miles was planned. I am so lucky to have friends to pull me along to achieve my goals.

Brunch was light because I had dinner plans with an old friend.

  • Sunday – I plan to start the day at the gym and then get my Bivalent vaccine (HOORAY for more protection against COVID) …

Depending on the weather and how I feel, there will be a hike or walk later in the day.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – GYM, FTC run
  • Tuesday, GYM, rest day, dinner with stepson
  • Wednesday – run, tennis team anniversary party
  • Thursday – run, tennis dinner and tix to Fiddler on the Roof
  • Friday – GYM, rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – Long Run (12 miles)
  • Sunday – GYM, rest day, hike

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – 2023 Goals Check-in and the #13 Jinx 
  • Friday –  Runfessions

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any big races?  Do you prefer to do long runs alone or with friends? Everyone follow the Boston Marathon? Are you excited to get the new vaccine? Please share.






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31 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.16.23-4.23.23: My Last Hurrah

    • The show was fantastic. I do prefer live theater.

      The cherry blossoms were my favorite. But yes tulips were nice too.

      It’s been a long time since I ran 11 miles. So it was a mental victory.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I definitely know how hard it is to start again after injury! The run/walk intervals are perfect though- you’ll get there. Sounds like you had a fun and eventful week. And, an 11 mile run! You’ll be ready for your half.
    Hope you’re feeling okay after your vaccine- the ones I got knocked me out for a day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I adore that knitted sock! And yay for the bivalent vaccine. I got mine in January. I’ll happily accept all the protection I’m offered. Hope you had a good day and only mild vaccine effects.
    It certainly sounds like you’re back on track with your running!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Your pictures of the trees in NYC are so gorgeous! I’m glad you were able to make the most of your “last” visit — I am sure there will be more.

    So is this the new additional booster they recently authorized or had you not had the bivalent booster yet? (Sorry if I’m being nosy, just wonder what the options are now)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. As always, I love when you meet up with Cari!
    So pleased at how far you’ve come after your injury. You’re pulling of some big distances now, well done!
    Although I do enjoy solo running, running with friends really helps to get through those long runs even if they just join for part of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a busy week! I imagine it will be nice to not have to travel to the city but can now choose when you want to go. I like to do both, run some on my own but also with friends. Having a friend by your side is definitely helpful for hard runs like hilly ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. How was Funny Girl? I’ve heard mixed reviews. Love all those cherry blossoms, but the tulips are even better. Yay for walks and Crumbl cookies! And mango martinis!

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. Sending love.

    Liked by 1 person

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