Weekly Run Down for 3.12.23-3.19.23: NYC Bound

Today I was supposed to run the NYC Half Marathon (for the 2nd time)… with two local running friends.

And also to meet up with some awesome bloggers who ran it as well.

Instead of sitting home brooding, I decided to go to NYC anyway and cheer on my friends.

I cancelled my 2023 race entry and so I now have a non-complimentary guaranteed entry for:

in 2024

I also have to return to NYC for work on Tuesday (and stay there until Friday night).

Last Week:

  • Sunday – I started the day with a stationary bike ride.

That podcast made to realize that a broken foot is pretty minor compared to what other runners deal with. (https://anothermotherrunner.com/runners-dont-let-cancer-steal-your-joy/)

It was beautiful day – perfect for running or hiking.  So I drove to some nearby trails.  Unfortunately it was too snowy/icy for someone with a broken foot so I just walked on the roads…

  • Monday – It was the calm before the storm so I took advantage and went for a lunch walk.

I had to go into the office and it was raining so I walked at the nearby outdoor mall… this sign made me smile..

  • Tuesday – Nor’easter in March?  Sure why not?… even my hair appt. got cancelled.

it snowed ALL day…we got close to a foot of snow

  • Wednesday – Getting unburied… The snow stopped but it was insanely windy.

I was working remotely (and the power stayed on) and then I went for a long mall walk with my BFF after work.

  • Thursday – As I did last Thursday, I met some running friends after work at UAlbany.

they ran… I walked (but I admit I did do a little running and it felt good!!)

  • Friday – The usual remote work from 8-4 followed by an evening of mah jongg.  In between I packed for the weekend and bought a new iPhone.
  • Saturday – I took the train to NYC with my 2 friends who were running for NYC Half Marathon. Our rooms weren’t ready yet so we got a bite to eat and then headed to the expo (so they could pick up their shirts/bibs).

The highlight of the day was meeting up with some bloggers who were in NYC to run the race.

For dinner, my local friends and I took the subway to Brooklyn so they could carb load on pizza.

bagels n lox is a must when in NYC..

  • SundayRace Day as a spectator!

Sherry had to get up early to catch a bus to Brooklyn… I tried to sleep but decided to get up and RUN to catch the elites in Times Square. I was freezing so I ran back to my hotel and dressed in spectator layers.

It was still early so I took the subway to Central Park and strolled among the cherry blossoms, then took the subway back to Times Square to watch the runners and try to spot my friends.

Did I mention that it was COLD and WINDY!!!

Eventually I did spot Sherry and Stan and then Cari (None of them saw me!!)

Then I RAN along 8th to Columbus Circle to meet them when they finished.

We were all too cold to walk back to the hotel so we hopped a subway.

upper left is the winner (1:01!)

After a very long HOT shower, we relaxed and then walked to a restaurant to have an early dinner.

refueling (spectating is hard work LOL)

My original plans were to stay another day and do some things in the city but I changed my train and headed hone that evening.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – ortho appt and hopefully a run
  • Tuesday-Friday – working in Jamaica, Queens

As time allows, some hotel biking, walks, meet-up with friends and hopefully, some runs after work

  • Saturday – Brunch with running friends, re-scheduled hair appt.

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Spring Racing Plans
  • Friday –  5 Sources of Mental Clutter

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any big races?  Do you enjoy spectating races? Please share.






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14 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 3.12.23-3.19.23: NYC Bound

  1. Ooh, I see some running in there! I’ll be eagerly awaiting news from your ortho appointment. I’m also excited to hear about spring racing plans- you’ll be back out there soon.

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