FFF: Five Running Superstitions

1.You need to look the part.

In other words, you have to wear the right clothes (or brands) to be a good runner.

I obviously like to match my clothes.  But I know that many runners do not.

I used to run pretty well in my Target and Walmart brand clothes.

2. You should eat the right food.

Sticking to the same pre-race food.  Using the same fuel during a race.  Even eating or drinking certain brands (that the professionals use).

I admit I am superstitious and always have coffee & oatmeal before a run and pizza the night before. And I fuel with a Gu every 3-5 miles.

But many runners can vary their foods and fuel with no adverse effects..

3. You must warm up or you will get injured.

For some runners, it may help to stretch or do a dynamic warm-up.

I rarely do…

4  If you’re not sore, you didn’t work hard enough.

Most likely you overworked your muscles.

5. Age matters.

Younger runners are faster?  Yes, most of the time.

But not always.

I know older runners that are faster than I am and I am faster than some younger runners.

+It’s bad luck to wear the race shirt on race day.

I usually do not but many runners do and run a great race.

Happy Running! Any other superstitions you have heard of or believe in? Please share.






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13 thoughts on “FFF: Five Running Superstitions

  1. Age matters… except that you run faster than most 20 year olds. Because most 20 year olds don’t run at all!
    My only running superstition is to never, ever say anything about how I haven’t been injured in a long time. Nope- I don’t think it, I don’t say it. I don’t want to tempt fate.

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  2. I think as long as someone isn’t running in cotton they’re probably fine. Fuel definitely matters to me because I have a finicky stomach but not everyone does. I say figure out what works for you and go with that. I would never wear the race shirt during the race unless I couldn’t wear what I had planned for some reason or forgot to pack it or something like that just because it goes with my belief to never wear something on race day that you haven’t run in before, in case it chafes or is uncomfortable.

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  3. I have worn the event shirt a few times (like in Las Vegas), but I usually prefer my own stuff. It’s kind of fun to “challenge” that superstition once in awhile 🙂

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  4. Last week my PT asked me if I had any running superstitions. I said no.
    I don’t wear the same pair of socks or shirt like a baseball player on a hitting streak does.
    Even what I eat has evolved over time and I switch up what I drink often.
    I’ve even broken the taboo of wearing the race shirt. Why not? Don’t the pictures look great with all those runners wearing the event shirt?
    Warming up before a race isn’t a superstition. It is a proven fact that warming up helps reduce the probability of getting injured. It won’t keep you from falling down or running too fast, but it is great for your muscles.
    Interesting post.

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