TT: Spring Racing Plans

Most of the races that I planned on running this spring were ones that I ran last year and all but one are local.

Of course, I wrote this post before my injury.

  • 03-26-23 – Shamrock Shuffle (5m) – 2022 recap

  • 04-15-23 – Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon – 2022 recap

  • 04-30-23 – Sasha’s Super Hero 5k – 2022 recap

  • 05-07-23 – Tropicool 5k (in Naples, FL) – 2022 recap

  • 05-13-23 – Prospect Mountain Road Race (5.7m up a mountain) – 2022 recap

  • 05-18-23 – CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge (3.5m) 2022 recap

  • 05-28-23 – Miles on the Mohawk 10 miler – 2022 recap

  • 06-03-23 – Freihofer Run for Women (5k) 2022 recap

  • 06-18-23 – Valley Cats Father’s Day 5k – 2022 recap

I’ve only added new one (of course, that could change):

  • 05-20-23 – Brooklyn Half Marathon 2018 recap

Due to a date change, I could not run this race but planned to volunteer:

So what are my updated plans?  Which races will I run this spring?

  • Possibly Delmar Dash instead of H2H half marathon.
  • Optimistically Brooklyn Half Marathon and Miles On the Mohawk
  • Probably the Freihofer Run for Women 5k and Valley Cats 5k

Time will tell…

Big Goal:

  • Finger Lakes Half Marathon in September!
  • NYC Marathon in November!

Happy Running! What races do you have on your spring schedule? Please share.







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10 thoughts on “TT: Spring Racing Plans

  1. Well, one thing is for sure: your injury will have healed by the NYC Marathon!
    These were all great plans, so sorry that you are missing so many good races. But I’m sure that at least some of them might be possible.
    How is your foot doing this week?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What about Naples? Are you still going? It’s a bummer to miss out on all those races, BUT you still have some exciting ones coming up. We’re all eagerly waiting to hear an update on your foot and have our fingers
    crossed for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know it was a bummer to miss some races, but you still have a great season ahead 😉 I’m glad to hear the foot is ready for some action!

    Liked by 1 person

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