TT: Running in a Group

My TT topic for today is: Running in a Group

This one was easy for me because that is my preference and I am lucky to live in an area where I have access to many different running groups.

So here’s why it’s beneficial to run in a group:

  • It’s fun and inclusive.

You’re never alone.  There’s always someone faster and slower than you. No one is ever left behind in group running.

  • You will be motivated to run faster.

My long runs with other runners are faster than when I run alone.

  • You will be less likely to cancel.

Especially if you’ve paid for the training.  Or people are waiting for you. And even if the weather is not ideal, you will most likely show up.

  • You will make new friends.

You will then bump into them at races or make plans to race together.

we met at the Turkey Trot Group runs

fellow Freihofer Challenge groupies

  • You may run at a location that you normally wouldn’t choose.

I’ve run at parks and in neighborhoods that I had never been to before.

path near Knickerbocker Area

Indian Ladder Farms

  • It will prepare you better for race conditions.

Yes, no one ever runs races solo.

  • Chatting with others will make the miles go faster.

The funny thing is while we run, we rarely talk about running.  But after…a different story.

  • You may learn something new.

You’ll learn about new races or new gear and even get running tips.

Now you may ask “How do I find a Running Group?”

  • Check out your local running store.

In fact that’s how I started running… through a group at our local Fleet Feet store.

  • Ask at a local race.

I’ve also met people at races and we’ve made plans to run together.

Some races even have training groups. We have several that do here and they are a great way to meet other runners.

  • People may ask you to join or start a group as result of reading your blog.

That’s exactly how I joined my first running group (Strong Running Mamas)

and my current one (Sole Sisters.)

Local runners read my blog and the rest is history.

  • Join a virtual group through FB.

Virtual groups can be just as fun fun and supportive.

You can join ones based on products you support (Skirt Sports, Zensah, NUUN, etc) or races you run (NYCM. ARE, MCM, etc. or even the type of running or workouts you do (Galloway, yoga, Peloton, etc.).

Happy Running! Do you often run with a group? If so, what benefit(s) does it offer you as a runner?  How did you find your group? Please share.


Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

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44 thoughts on “TT: Running in a Group

  1. A big yes to all these, Darlene! I also love running in a group. Mainly because I love to talk and listen to others about running. 🙂
    But the other point you mentioned is a good one: you get to run in neighbourhoods you normally wouldn’t run. I’ve been doing that a lot over the past few weeks and it is very enjoyable and interesting.

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  2. Agree with everything you mentioned! I’ve made a few local friends through different running groups which I consider to be a huge benefit. I’ve found it to be more difficult to make friends as I’ve gotten older so running has really helped with that.

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  3. I’ve never run with a group! Its just never really worked with my schedule and I really like being able to go at my own pace and at a time thats convenient to me. But it seems like there are so many benefits to running with a group!

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    • I’m right there with you Lisa. Plus, as far as I know, there aren’t any running groups close by me – the closest I know of is an hour away. I usually barely have time for my run, let alone drive for an hour to do it. LOL I do think it would be fun to do though, for all of the reasons that Darlene mentioned.

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      • When I traveled for work and at the beginning of the pandemic I did run alone. And often my schedule doesn’t allow it. But I do miss the group benefits.

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    • Every runner is different. I prefer running with others. But of course there are many times that it is better for me to run alone.


  4. I almost always run alone- every once in a while with my husband. I like being alone and setting my own pace and schedule, but I’m open to the fact that I might really like group runs if I tried it. Something to keep in mind for the future!

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    • Running is different for everyone. Sometimes running alone is the best option. If a group is available I would recommend trying it to see if it is beneficial to you.


  5. I disagree with number one. Because not all groups actually do account for those at the BOTP. Yes, many do, but on one of my first night runs with ARE (many years ago), my new friend and I quickly lost the rest of the runners.

    We were completely lost. Eventually someone from a different running group found us & guided us back. Which was just luck.


    • Based on my own experience with FTC, SOAR, ARE and several other groups that has never happened. And I can only speak from own experience. That’s a great reason not to run alone.

      I also am not only referring to official groups. I consider running with some friends also a “group.”

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  6. I primarily ran solo for many years until right before the pandemic started when I decided to join a running group. That was put on hold for a while but once they started back again, I started going to one of the group runs. Even though I’ve only been a few times I like it so far.

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  7. I used to run with my running club all the time (well on weekends at least) and I loved it. As time passed people moved on and now I usually run alone. Which I also love. I’m happy now that I’m running with a girlfriend once a week again (from that long ago running club). It’s been great.

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    • You do have your hubby as a running partner too.

      That’s great that you also have a friend to run with.

      Even within a group, runners usually pair up anyway.


  8. I love running in a group!
    Once I’m up and running again, I plan to do more group runs with my running club here in South Africa.
    They all know the area much better than I do and I can get many local tips from them. I’m also on their WhatsApp chat (100+ participants) and they share a lot of useful info there as well.

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  9. I tried running with a group several years ago and it never really clicked with me so I ran solo for many years. Then a couple of years ago I saw a brewing company had a group run so I tried it and I’ve loved it ever since. Many breweries where I live have running groups. Fleet Feet is also a great source for group runs.

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  10. I think you may be the Queen of running with friends, Darlene 😉 It’s always fun seeing all your pics with your friends, especially when you take those girl trips!

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  11. yes to all of these! You know how much I love running with my MRTT group. Starting my group 10 years ago has changed my life. I am so thankful for all of them!

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    • I think with a group would be fun and helpful in case you get lost or fall.

      It is easier to schedule solo runs. I do often. But for long runs I need company.


  12. I like to run alone, but it would be fun to have a group to run with once a week or so. I agree with all your points- it’s motivating, entertaining, and you get all sorts of good ideas from the other runners. Of course I feel like our blog community gives me a lot of these things!

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