FFF: What I Cannot Race Without

Everyone has their quirks.

What can’t you race without? (Not counting the obvious – running shoes & socks)

Here are my must haves:

1.Baseball Cap

It keeps my unruly hair out of my face. It also shields my face from the sun, wind and rain. Not a fan of headbands and visors – anyway you can get melanoma on your scalp.)

Brooks Run Happy ones are my favorites but I can wear most brands (even race ones).


I wear contacts and the wind, sun and glare bother my eyes.  I’m pretty partial to Goodrs. And they have so many colors, they can match my outfit.

3. Skirt

In the spring and summer, it’s just a skirt but in the fall and winter, I have ones that have capris and tights attached.

I love the pockets that it hides (and my thighs, of course).

4. Race Belt

I don’t like to put pins in my clothes.  I also like to have the ability to take off an outer layer.  I can carry my phone in it. That leaves room in my pockets for GUs and car keys.

5. Garmin

Yes, I have raced without it and I don’t rely on it during a race. But I like to look at the stats after.

** Compression Calf Sleeves

Not a necessity but maybe my security blanket.  Once I race without them (in Florida), I ended up with a calf injury. Now I wear them all the time.  I wear the calf sleeves so I can wear any socks I choose.

Happy Running! What are your race necessities? Please share.







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14 thoughts on “FFF: What I Cannot Race Without

    • I do carry my own fuel but it depends on the length of the race if it is necessary. I never carry water and use the water stops (and yes, I know that can be a problem.)

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  1. Sunglasses for sure!!! Even when it’s a cloudy day in Florida, the sun is bright somehow. I always race with my garmin, but one of these days I should do a race without it just to see how it goes.

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    • yes on the glasses even on a cloudy day. I have only raced without my Garmin on a few occasions. It’s my Half PR…still I like those stats after.


  2. We’re in agreement with most everything, except I’m not a fan of belts. I know it’s my waist that’s the issue (and not the belts), but I have yet to find a belt that will stay put…they ALL bounce, slide around or ride up to my natural waist. That said, I still sometimes wear them, if I don’t have the proper pockets, but it’s not pleasant.

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