TT: Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

The Topic this week is: Holiday Gifts

When your spouse, family members or friends ask what you want for the holidays, here are a few things that you could tell them:

  • A Gift card for Running Shoes

Even if you are not racing a lot, it doesn’t mean that new shoes won’t spice up your runs.

  • Sunglasses

If you’re like me, you always either lose them or break them.

Image result for goodr

Love Goodr glasses

  • Socks

Yes, I often lose one and only my good ones.

Image result for balega socks

  • Entry fee to a big race 

Now that live races ae happening again, any runner would be excited to get a free entry to a big race of their choice.

  • A Massage Gun

You don’t need a name brand (like Theragun).  There are many out there that are inexpensive.  I have a cheap one and it works great!

addsfit MAX massage gun

  • A new GPS Watch

I still prefer my Garmin 205 LOL but I caved a few years ago and got the 230.

Introducing the Garmin Forerunner 645 and 645 Music. (Photo: Business Wire)

  • A Cute Shirt

Who doesn’t love a running shirt with a crazy saying?

  • A Buff/Gaiter/Head Band

To be used for the cold weather and/or COVID protection (if needed)

Camouflage Skiing Headwear Mask Cycling Neck Buffs Tubular Cycling Bandana Outdoor Sports Turban Magic Scarves Multifunctional Scarf Hooded Scarf Scarves For Men From Allen520hannah, $89.45| DHgate.Com

  • A Cool Coffee Mug

Shop Our Coffee Mugs for Runners

  • A Running Book 

There are so many running-related books to choose from…. It’s impossible to have read them all.

Your Pace or Mine?: What Running Taught Me About Life, Laughter and Coming Last by [Lisa Jackson]

or what about a cookbook?

  • Bluetooth Headphones

for listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts on the run.  I love my AfterShoks but there are many other brands as well.

Solar Red

  • Items for Night or Early Morning Running

I’m sure you do one of the two and you need to be seen and safe

NOXGEAR Tracer 360 Running Vest Lighted - M/L

Noxgear Tracer is the most popular

LED Performance Beanie - Sunrise

keeps you warm in the winter too

Knuckle Lights COLORS

these really light your way

Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

I’m also linking up here:

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Happy Running!  Are any of these on your list? What else would you like? Please share.

39 thoughts on “TT: Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

  1. That hat with the integrated light looks interesting, I’ve never seen that before!
    Balega socks are my favourite too, so comfy.
    I would like to have a gift voucher for a massage. It’s something I wouldn’t indulge in myself, but if I’d get it as a present, I would certainly use it!

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  2. I’ve never seen that hat with the light before! I have a headlamp, but it would be great to have an all-in-one item. I predict that a lot of runners will be receiving massage guns this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My hubby is not great with gifts. So I tell him never mind. I buy what I want. Works out much better.

      I actually prefer to run on lit routes (like UAlbany or n town) so I don’t use them much. But I have them just in case, I run with someone else who wants to run on the roads

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  3. I love gift guides! All these ideas are great. I love the hat with the light (headlamps can be so annoying) but it’s too warm here to wear it most days. Also like the “I run to burn off the crazy” shirt, ha ha. Great (and thorough) guide!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That hat is great for dark winter runs. I don’t like head lights but when it’s warm, it’s light outside. No need.

      I agree. Those shirts are cute.


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