Weekly Run Down for 10.18.21-10.24.21: Fall Temps, more Hikes and a 5K

Last week, I complained that although it looked like Fall, it felt like summer.

This week, thanks to weekend rain, the temps cooled down.  That didn’t make me happy but I am savoring the last minutes of afternoon daylight. And I did get some fall hiking in.

Though, I’m in the meddle of training for a half marathon, I participated in a 5k (for charity reasons).  Always feels good when you give back.

Last Week:

  • Monday – No time to run but after work, it’s still light enough and I decided on UAlbany (post rain shower). I did not realize how cold and windy it had gotten.

brrr! run shortened due to frozen ears and hands. (the purple line was from a recent race.)

And then after dinner, I met my BFF for a walk around the mall.

  • Tuesday  – My 3rd meeting with the TTTC group was scheduled for tonight.  I am debating about leaving the group. It involves waiting until 6 pm to run and running around a college campus and/or track in the dark. And not much coaching (which used to be the highlight for me) and fewer and different participants each week.

So instead I ran during lunch

chilly at first but with the sun, I warmed up quickly

and then was able to meet friends to walk after work.

chose a different place – Pine hollow arboretum

  • Wednesday – Rest Day!  I did take a walk at lunch but then met my tennis friends to visit a local museum and then out to dinner (at a restaurant on the Mohawk river).  Always a fun time getting together with these ladies.

3 left before the group photo

  • Thursday – A run squeezed in at lunch (in case my friend was unavailable after work).

crazy weather. it seemed that summer was back. the top left house has the skeletons in a different pose each week – beer pong, fencing, riding a tractor and today painting

It was the right move since my friend was indeed unable to run so instead I went for a hike,

Five Rivers was lovely and nearby.

  • Friday – Rest Day!  Not much activity…just mah jongg in the evening and getting ready my #flatme.

fingers crossed that it is not as chilly as predicted.

  • SaturdaySummer Smith Memorial 5k. This race used to be in May but due to COVID, it got changed to today.  Poor timing since I had a 10 mile long run planned for the day. As soon as I arrived, I didn’t regret my choice to run it one bit.

changed my outfit and sweat but connected with a lot of familiar faces and even won my age group.

I had the choice of running 7 more miles after the race or joining others for  brunch.

Yup, I chose brunch with my running friends and then did some errands.

  • Sunday – Plans are made to be broken. I decided to only run 7 miles and on a new path…

a great path to run on and the weather was perfect…but I HATE running alone!

and then go hiking after (in that area).

Hike #1: many trails…I could have stayed forever…

Hike #2: loved being outdoors on this beautiful day

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday –   run, walk with friends
  • Tuesday – TTTC group run, track workout
  • Wednesday – rest day, hair appt.
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday -rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday Long Run (11 miles)
  • Sunday – rest day, hiking

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Summer Smith Memorial 5K Race Recap
  • Friday – Runfessions

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 10.18.21-10.24.21: Fall Temps, more Hikes and a 5K

    • We don’t play together so now we have to make the effort to stay in touch.

      Yes the cause is often more important than the race.

      Heal those toe nails!!


    • The race was so fun. I think I may be done with that group and run closer to home and with others. I’m considering the track for Tuesdays.


  1. We “celebrated” Fall’s arrival this week, at least in terms of weather & changing leaves. Of course, some celebrated this change of seasons more than me LOL I fo appreciate the beautiful colors, though…just wish the temps didn’t have to be so cold to make it happen. I live a 5K that supports a good cause, no regrets on any of those.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Running in the dark is not so safe. I often ran in the dark before or after the work. Now that I’m retired I don’t run anymore in the evening.
    Here fall arrived but this morning I have run with a summer outfit!
    Glad you participated in a running event to support a good cause.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you’re enjoying some beautiful fall weather (well, except for the frozen ears and hands run on Monday.) Looking forward to the race recap!
    The photos from your hikes are beautiful as usual! i love seeing them so I can live vicariously- we don’t get fall colors down here.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Our run club used to meet at 6:15, and if I was done with work before that, it was hard to wait around to start. But that’s when I started transitioning to a morning runner just to get it done…though daylight lunch runs will always be my favorite, but just not possible now that I’m going back to the office.

    Great choice on brunch with friends instead of the extra miles, you got them in on Sunday! The pictures from the arboretum are gorgeous.


    • We agree. I love to run at lunch and I can only do that when I work from home.

      I did get the run in today and the weather was even nicer than yesterday.


  5. So glad that your race went well and you know I’m a sucker for photos of the leaves changing on the trees – it’s so pretty!

    It was pretty cold here on Saturday – in the 40s – but then today we were back up to the 60s with humidity. I think Mother Nature continues to be confused lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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