Weekly Run Down for 8.2.21-8.8.21: Runner Reunion

On Sunday, I ran an unplanned 5k race.  I was excited to run it only because I would be meeting up with runners that I ran an half marathon with in 2014 and haven’t run with since.

I can’t believe this rainy race was that long ago. Lisa (3rd from left) lives in Indiana and was in town. Andrea (far right) drove over from VT for today’s 5k.

What was really nice was that I could enjoy the race because I did on my long run on Friday.

Last Week:

  • Monday –  It had rained the night before but it appeared that we may have a dry week.  I got in a walk at lunch (in the neighborhood since I was working from home today).

❤ ❤ sunflowers

and as per usual, I went to my Freihofer group run. It is a training run for beginners and intermediates but as I have mentioned before, there is no advanced group so for me, it’s a chance to run with new and old running friends.

7:2 intervals, each faster

  • Tuesday – A busy work day (even though I was at home. After work, I had to skip my long walk because I had a hair appointment.

Afterwards, I did meet my BFF for walk around the outdoor mall.

  • Wednesday – Back in the office with my new look:

time for a change – cut about 5 inches off

and so the lunch/Starbucks walk happened:

love these colors!!

Today there was a choice for either the Ice Cream group run or the SOAR group run. I enjoy running with the runners in each group so I basically choose by location. Since the ice cream run was at The Crossings where I had run on Saturday and Monday, I chose SOAR.  It was at UAlbany and near my work.

as always, I met someone new and it made my run much more pleasant.

  • Thursday – I thought that I might get up early and run before work today because at the Trail Runs, I mostly walk. But I went to bed late the night before so that didn’t happen.  I even contemplated running at lunch but the wardrobe change is too complicated.

So being in the office again, I took my usual lunch walk:

always finding new pretty color combinations.

The trail run (or walk in my case), was held again at Tawasetha Park.  The course was different but it was still fun and there were so many familiar faces.

  • Friday – DAY OFF from work. Woo Hoo! A running friend was spending the week at a retreat house on Lake George. She invited me up for the day.


I ran some insanely hilly hot miles. It helped that the bike path was shady and it was nice to have a change of scenery:

Deirdre ran/walked the first 6 with me and then I ran 4 more solo.

and then we ate, cooled off in the lake, chatted and I read – all with views of the southern part of the lake (not where I boat.)

Georgia O’Keefe painted when staying here. The cold water was so refreshing and necessary!

  • Saturday – Normally this is my long run day but since I had a race the next day, I was planning on meeting my running friends for a walk. However, my hubby wanted to go on our boat (since I had a race the next day.) I had no problem changing my plans. And it was another lovely day on the water.

  • Sunday – Run for the Roses 5K. This was a race that I had never run and a park I had never run in. But it was so fun to meet-up with old running friends (3 states represented). I almost didn’t mind ALL the hills. lol

definitely a hard course and of course, hot and humid but even with all that walking, I came in 2nd in my AG.

I decided afterward to stop to hike at a nearby waterfall.

worth it!!

Afterward on my way to do some grocery shopping, I turned down a road that I hadn’t been down in over 20 years. I was reminiscing about how my teacher friend and I used to meet and walk here every night until I moved. And then I looked up and there she was walking!!!! Very weird. But it gets weirder. She hasn’t walked here since we stopped meeting.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday –  FTC run
  • Tuesday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – Ice Cream run
  • Thursday – Day at the Race track, ARE Trail Run
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – Whipple City 10k (+ more miles)
  • Sunday –rest day, walk/hike, boating?

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Run for the Roses 5k Race Recap
  • Friday – Returning to Peleton

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any in-person races planned? Have you ever participated in a reunion with runners? Ever run a race just because others are running it? Please share.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 8.2.21-8.8.21: Runner Reunion

  1. Another race! Your Run for the Roses sounds a lot like a race I did (Oct. 2019), with a similar name and we all got roses at the finish line. Anxious to hear more about it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, that is an extremely weird coincidence about the teacher friend!!! Sounds like you had a great week- a hilly 10 miler, a 5k, and a day out on the boat. Oh, and I love your hair! It’s fun to get a bunch cut off, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m only back for 3 months since 2 months are free. I just don’t make time for it.

      Andy that’s why I can’t wait to run on LI and in NYc at the end of the month.


  3. First, your hair looks great! Second, how crazy that you bumped into your friend like that! So weird, but pleasantly so! Congrats on your AG place! That’s so fabulous! Especially for a race you didn’t plan to run!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Between the colonoscopy, the heat, and my mom getting released next week, running is going to be very sparse for the next couple of weeks — then we (hopefully} go on vacation!

    My haircut cut off about the same amount of hair, maybe a bit less, but of course you know how long it’s been since I had it cut. I don’t like it too short, especially in summer, because then it’s harder to put up. I hate having my hair on my neck in summer.


  5. Wow, those were some crazy coincidences. Sure makes you think fate wanted to bring you together again! I love the sunflower but the other flowers (zinnia?) are so pretty too.

    Yay on that race!

    Liked by 1 person

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